Can love overpower Negative Forces?

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It was again a dull day, similar to the old days when she heard her parents yelling & screaming. She saw her friends making mockery out of her, neighbours pointing and laughing all around. She just couldn’t hold on to the ugly forces running within. Did “Love” had no space in the hearts of these people? Highly confused & tortured, she ran out of her home. She ran & ran until stumbling upon a rock, a huge rock besides a lovely stream passing by…So calm, so serene. She wondered, how could it happen, why it didn’t have the force, why it didn’t thundered? Soon, she saw the pebbles getting washed with the force of the stream post hitting the rocks. She continuously saw how they got washed away & returned back to the river bank, getting smaller with every force but becoming more smoother & more prettier in this cruel world !

Does Life & pebbles relate?

Why didn’t they shout on the stream, why didn’t they hold on to the sand? Why did they allow themselves to fall prey to the nature? She felt as if sky had fallen, earth beneath her had drifted miles apart. Crying, she wailed in pain & finally sat besides the rock. Just to observe that with every wash that pebble became all the more so beautiful. It had a brilliant shine & colors came across with every wash. Her wailing converted to a beautiful lovely smile to see so many multicoloured shiny pebbles.

Stones shine with Love
Shiny colorful Pebbles

That’s the force of nature & that’s the beauty showered upon by GOD. Everyone on this planet has been bestowed with a special gift & that’s what we need to explore from within. With every smash, every dismissal, we need to challenge our soul, we need to sparkle with every ray of sun touching us. Thinking, she gleamed with joy!

But that was not the moment of returning back to that house. That was a moment to be poised, to be self assured & self dependent. She playfully swore the shiny pebbles in her hand assuring them to follow their path & return once she sparkled in front of this world. With Love in her heart, Hope in her eyes & a Charismatic aura she had made her way. These pebbles & the stream were muse for her, just similar to the personified women who actually inspired her!

Exploring the Interests!

Exploration became her “Mantra” of life. Finding support in the hands of an old couple, she moved on the other side of the stream to find passion, to understand what all life is about. Not just wailing but dealing with the hardships, finding your true love:). She quit studies & found a new love in painting, sketching the nature, human emotions. She adored the old couple & sketched the way their togetherness rose time & bound. Her life was becoming more Red & Green. It gave her more meaning to connect with the “Love” in life. Her every painting used to find its place beneath her bed, one above another!

She loved helping her “Parents” in the farm, a beautiful natural place she loved to be at. Weeks at farm with the couple she couldn’t stop clapping to see the tiny sapling grow into a little tree in the fresh air & a few weeks later to see the mangoes on it. How rich that tree was, it gave so much of sweetness to this world. She used to sit besides the tree & paint on her emotions & thoughts for months. Her optimism became more rock strong.

Interests need Nurturing!

Gradually, she moved to the town to take professional painting classes. She taught drawing & painting to many such drop outs & as time passed by, her paintings found a new home. From beneath her bed to huge walls of the Art galleries!

Yes, that was the 1st day when her art was getting showcased in the city of Delhi in an exhibition,

This was a day when she shouted again, she cried. But the tears were merrier:). She was stunned to see people applauding her work, yes her art.  They spoke of the constructive thoughts getting showered from her art!! Her motive had become successful. She had kept her promise to the shiny pebbles. Yes that was the day she shone herself & proved to the world that no matter she was a child with mental disability, she grew & rose to be a women with a strong head. Her new love was found in the form of art, no matter she quit her studies. She quit her family only to love children similar to her giving hopes to their lives..She bid a good bye to her parents only to find compassion of life in the old couple!

Love for nature

A day well Learnt!

Well that was not the end, rather a day when she went back only to find a dry stream but with the pebbles still lying beside it. She rushed to the house on the other side of the stream, to her house she had left years ago. Hugging her parents & friends, she wished them all happiness of the life! She didn’t stay back but returned to the ones who were exhilarated to see her shining in Delhi. She returned to the old couple, who were distributing the mangoes from the same tree to the village. Their happiness knew no words to see her ecstasy by making all her dreams come true. They were the ones, who had actually made an impact in her life by acknowledging her with the word “LOVE”!

To her the old couple were a synonym of Hope, who made her rise above the hindrances of life & nurtured her thoughts through the corridors of life. It was certainly their unconditional support that turned around her life into a peppy note, the one which she rejoiced for her soul & for others as well.

From that day till today, her journey continues, to bring smiles to the unwanted lives. She ensures that the talent hidden inside every child gets explored. With every conversion, she digs out a pebble holding firmly for being besides her:).

Have faith in yourself, Be strong Girls & women. Find your ways & yes give wings to your dreams. Let them not just hide underneath the pillows!

Love is what we want!
Love is what we want!

41 thoughts on “Can love overpower Negative Forces?

  1. I believe that my love for ALLAH and trusting in him to guide and protect me is all I need to combat any negative forces. If it is ALLAH’s will than let it be regardless if it’s good or bad… sometimes bad things are meant to happen because there are lessons that need to be learned… just saying! Great post

    1. yea, failure, bad times makes us learn & more positive to live in this world. They happen for some reason we don’t get to know immediately. You are absolutely right!

  2. Yes, I do believe love helps things. I always try to stay positive than dwell on the negativity. If you’re there for a person and love them, it helps!

  3. So is this a story about you ;)? It’s a beautiful story about someone overcoming the negative forces in her life and the world to find her true self and calling. I love your use of metaphor, and I’d love to see some of the paintings. You said you didn’t have a post that would fit with my Off-Fridays “Art of Recovery” blog share, but I think THIS one would actually! If you’d like to add it, it’s a wonderful story about recovering from negativity in order to fulfill your true potential <3

  4. this is a heartwarming tory. Inspiration can come from anywhere. All you can do when people show hate to you is to offer your suffering to God and let him give you strength to move on.

  5. This post is such a great read. All inspiring and indeed, Love can over power all negative forces as it conquers all!

    Pammy –

  6. I have always been a believer that love can conquer all. And having been in negative spots in my life many times, the thing that always got me through was the love that I received in so many forms. This is a beautifully written blog.

  7. Love is unconditional. It conquers all things to include negativity. When we recognize negativity we should immediately seek the positive to overpower whatever that negative force may be.

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