Importance of Proteins : The Protein Week

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The Protein week by IDA and PFNDAIRecently I got a chance to attend an event which aimed to create an awareness on the Importance of Protein for the development. It laid special emphasis on the protein requirements of a pregnant women, growing child and even we adults. This made such an impact that I’m attuned to share a series of posts stating the “Protein importance” and why we need to change our dietary patterns to have a healthy body in coming weeks.

Reason to announce,

“The Protein week” by IDA (Indian Dietetic Association) supported by Protein Foods Nutrition Development Association of India (PFNDAI) was :

  • Observance
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Baby starts Sitting – Connecting the First Milestone

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When does baby starts sitting ?

Every parent, just like me is super enthusiastic to see their baby achieve the developmental milestones. The first being able to sit. That’s a very curious question I’ve heard and rather asked experienced moms post my baby birth. When does a baby starts sitting ? And the answers vary from 4-6months usually. Although this is a common range, few babies sit up by as long as 8-9months and that’s completely fine. It’s a very common phrase that “ All babies develop differently”. It matters a lot on the surroundings in which they grow. It Continue Reading

Why Newborn baby should not drink water

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Can Newborn baby drink water? I would say NO!!

Do you feel thirsty after sipping Orange juice or a milk shake? Hopefully I get all No’s as answers. But do we feel thirsty after having food or something solid? I believe, I’ll get a Yes. And that’s all the logic behind why newborn baby should not drink water or juices till 5-6months.

Newborn baby should not drink water
          NO to water for Newborn Baby!

Reasons why Newborn baby should not drink water :

1. Newborn baby should not drink water for the simple reason that their tummies are too small. If fed with water even on Continue Reading

Bathing a Newborn

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Bathing a Newborn

God damn, you’ve not even been able to hold the delicate baby properly in your hands and you have been entrusted to bathe baby? That’s what happened with me when just after a month of baby birth, I had to got to my in-laws house. After having a benefit of mom explicitly doing all chores of my baby, it came as a rock-challenge for me. My hands trembled, I feared that my hand support would just slip and hurt my baby. I was not confident of the water temperature. I panicked how to clean baby with just Continue Reading

Guide on Diapers for Baby

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Getting over those curiosities

For first time mommies, “How, When and What” become the most loved words; courtesy, Little darling:). Amongst all the curiosity & emotions, lies an important factor of liberating the kid. Pee and Poo’s, become an inherent part of the life every few minutes and there comes the entry of “Diapers”. Introducing the baby to diapers involves a gamut full of questions.

There is a whole bouquet of craziness a newborn baby brings along. Motherhood ,is definitely a lovely phase of one’s life. A phase involving ample joys, cheers, tears of happiness as well as pain. It … Continue Reading

6 Best Baby Oils for Massage

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Best Oils for Baby massage

Congratulations! So you’ve decided upon to massage your bunny bee. It indeed is a great decision in making your baby strong and healthy. But now are you confused from the plenty of  Baby massage oils available in the market? Not yet aware of the goodness of Oils and suitability to Baby’s sensitive skin?

Then, read the post to know some of the best Baby Oils for Massage.

6 best baby oils for Baby Massage:

1. Olive Oil :

It has immense goodness of olives which not just moisturises the skin but also helps in reducing the stress and stiffness if Continue Reading

Baby Massage

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 Baby Massage and Massage techniques

The tenderness, love a child brings in one’s life is certainly a bliss in our life .To see them grow & nurture healthily is again a big challenge which takes most of our time & brings out the best from us ,be it from feeding them with best organic foods or giving them a hygienic environment or showering them with best toys of the world. Amongst all this lies a very important part of a child’s growth, Massage. It is a wonderful way to express our love ,care & give baby a healthy and strong Continue Reading

10 reasons of Crying baby

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Decoding Crying baby

That stands true for almost every mom : Decoding the mystery as to why babies cry and how to make baby stop crying? None of the moms and dads have ever mastered this art or rather decoding a crying baby. After all crying is the only way for the child to communicate & ask for what they desire. Dealing with a crying baby is damn painful for the parents & triggers lots of hormonal secretions in moms .

So, lets accept this challenge and do some guess work (that’s the best option) on the probable reasons & Continue Reading

Is Baby Colic

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Colic baby?

With much happiness the newborn is welcomed home , the joys are doubled and the emotions are quadrupled. Then suddenly in close to 2-weeks time, a messy situation is confronted; Crying baby, rather excessive crying baby . All at home seems to be jittered, unaware of the reason. Elders term is being Colic or call infant as Colic baby when they see baby crying for long stretches daily. But doesn’t that “Colic” term sound association with some “pain or disease”, although the crying baby might not suffer from any such painful colic?

Baby colic
Baby Crying

What is Colic in

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