10 Positive Parenting Tips for You!

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Positive Parenting

After being a mama, these days I have more of mamas surrounding me. I interact with more mothers than what I had ever done in the past life. And these interactions, observations gives me so many opportunities to quote of on my blog. One such topic, rather a very vast one and super close to my heart is of “Positive Parenting”. I believe I shall take many posts to cover this topic, but here, I wanted to focus on Part I 0f Positive Parenting tips which I have been following.

10 Positive Parenting Hacks (Part I) for Parents :


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Best Biotin rich shampoo to prevent Hair fall and thinning

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Hair adds to the beauty of a woman and yes more to the mother. Being a mother and suffering from severe hair loss after my baby birth left me in lot of stress which rather aggravated my situation. There was a lot I had to do to control my hair fall and reduce their excessive thinning. Read out some 10 best tips I used, which helped me reduce the hair fall and thinning here.

To address this hair loss problem, apart from Nutrition, and lifestyle, what comes as a major set back is the unawareness of Shampoo’s and Essential Continue Reading

Essential Hair oils for hair loss and thinning hair

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Hair growth Oils

Continuing the series on preventing Postpartum hair loss, this post features on some of the best Essential Oils for Hair growth.

5 Best oils for hair growth :

1.Rosemary Pure Oil –

It has ample antioxidants inducing hair regrowth or at the most reducing the hair loss. Few drops of Rosemary oil can be added to one table spoon of carrier oil, mainly coconut oil [with its ample self benefits] to rub onto the scalp. It can also be added to your shampoo or conditioner and left for a longer time to get to the hair roots. One can also … Continue Reading

Postpartum Hair loss : 10 Best Tips to prevent hair fall and Thinning

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Postpartum Hair loss : Hair fall after Pregnancy

Controlling hair fall after baby birth

For me, it was too much, the reason was not just the hormones trying to settle but the over stressed out life made it more cumbersome. Handling the work, baby and house all together single handedly took a lot of toll to my health. To me, the hair loss after baby birth was for more than a year. Though now it has stabilised, I really feel lot of hair thinning has already done disaster to my personality. I’m sure many mama’s would have similar problems of hair loss and thinning after baby Continue Reading

The dilemma of One child or more?

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Dilemma of one child or more

It’s difficult, really very challenging to decide..one kid or more kids? The perspective varies so much. Me being a working mother, staying away from the family due to our work commitments feel this so debatable. It’s all on me and my husband to look after the house, work, our kid. This makes the ride tough and day by day it is getting tougher to decide.

This subject has diverse opinions, with as many people you speak to, you get varied thoughts but all seems convincing. And hence the queue of confusion begins. The final binding opinion is for sure a … Continue Reading

10 tricks to help children relieve Ear pain while in airplane

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How to lessen the ear pain while in aeroplane

Airplanes and the mystery of ear pain

Hey friends, I’m back with  some amazing travel memories which shall be posted on our Travel blog . One thing which pinched me some times before with my 3year old kid was the “Ear Pain” he suffered for small duration while the airplane takes off and while landing. There were some tricks I applied, which for sure reduced the pain to some level and he did not create a panic for those moments this time. I’m sure everyone of us have been experiencing these ear pains, but handling small kids while ascend and Continue Reading

Parenting and Womanhood Podcasts

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Best podcasts for mama and daddy

The world has moved way ahead in conversing with the rest of the world & one such mode I’ve loved from quite some time are Podcasts. So simple to learn, enhance knowledge, or just to have a good laugh, while cooking or cleaning or travelling. All you need is a pair of earphones! No extra time to be spared, pick your favourite when you are for a walk and you’re done! Get refreshed, get to know that the world has the same struggles & still is an inspiring place to live in.

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Motherhood Memories!

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Last day was when I had minimal interaction with my lil munchkin due to full day commitments. And the evening went by looking at his innocence in the sleep. My heart wanted to hug him, but my mind refrained from doing it. And so, I went into the nostalgic lanes of nearly 3 years of Motherhood. And so, I thought to share some lovely moments of Mom & child with my beautiful readers:).

Mum and baby
Innocent love – when he was 4months:)
6 month Birthday celebration
mama and baby
On our trip
Something bustling;)
Mama and baby
Macho man, a mini Chacha Chowdhary?
mama and baby
No Clicks, Ice cream only
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SEAMO : Maths Olympiad, Comes to India

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SEAMO Maths Olympiad in india

My childhood was full of giving fun Olympiad exams, which were the only ones, wherein I did not had the pressure to perform as my school exams. But those days Olympiads lacked ample things, as in separate levels to check the true child aptitude, detailed online analysis, common rankings. So when I got the chance to attend the “SEAMO – SOUTHEAST ASIAN MATHEMATICAL OLYMPIAD” launch, I was lot nostalgic. This was one of the launch event I wanted to attend & write all of SEAMO for my readers & parents who are not yet aware of it.

What is SEAMO

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Stepmom’s love can be great too!

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[This is a TRUE story, not mine, but of a very close friend of mine]


It was a beautiful day, life seemed to be so happy in the arms of mom and dad. I was barely 12 then, but life was such a joy, with the only motto of play with dad and get delicious meals by mom. It was complete fun getting to learn the practical world which mom taught to we 3 siblings, me being the oldest. We used to quickly get our family time & run for short weekends as a picnic & enjoy in the lap Continue Reading