15 amazing kids story books !

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Stories for kids

Hey friends! Remember those beautiful days, when we used to sit in the summer sun soaking the Vitamin D or in a well lit room reading stories for kids? For me, some of them were so gripping that it took me all over into my fascinating dreamworld. I loved the fantasy, the attractive hard cut outs, compelling characters of the story books which used to swirl me on my cozy bed. I was immensely in love with these short story books, specially Rudyard Kipling’s hard imaginative story books. And so my love for fiction & thrill has continued till today.Continue Reading

Popsicle stick Craft : Pen or colour stand

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Making a simple Popsicle stick Pen stand or pencil/colour stand by preschoolers!

Hey friends, looking out to engage your preschooler or nursery child in these summer vacations? Get on to read my creative crafts ideas on popsicle stick, Cardboard crafts. Sharing here with you a very simple & easy to make pen stand or colour/pencil stand by your lil bundle of joy.  This simple craft is suitable for 2-5year old children & you’ll be surprised to see them contented at the end. It’s easy, fun with a sense of belongingness! 

Materials Required :

1. 30-32 Popsicle stick – Continue Reading

Moms characters : A funny laugh ride

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This morning got me in a lighter mode and I thought to share some hilarious one liners, which will bring  a smile on the face of  fellow mommies:). Coz, that’s what we need for being Great Moms!

Furious MOM

 Furious MOMS!  If a woman speaks & no one is listening, her name is probably MOM!

Badass Mom

BADASS MOMS!  I may look quiet and reserved but if you mess with my kids, I will show you One BADASS MOMMA!

Sobbing moms

Sobbing MOMS! I used to have functional brain cells but I traded them in for children;)

curious moms

Curious MOMS!  Kids are full of energy even without Continue Reading

12 easy ways to develop Reading habit in Kids

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12 Tips to develop reading in kids

Reading is the backbone of education, but sadly, many of today’s kids prefer to watch TV or play a video game rather than read a book. The reason – modern parents don’t focus much on how to encourage “Good reads” in kids daily routine. Nurturing a love of reading in children can be an insurmountable task for anyone, but with the proper use of right techniques, one can easily turn their reluctant child into a little bookworm. Inculcating reading habit in kids is of utmost importance & should not be missed from the early stage. Here is how you can Continue Reading

Being Dad – Dad’s day out

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Being Dad: A dad’s perspective

Current corporate world with the prevailing tag of “Greed is Good” has replaced the motto of fair business. Stress levels have increased substantially and cut-throat competition has made it difficult to differentiate between friends and foes. Being an integral part of this world where 75% of my day time is spent with professional people, wear-tear of body/mind/soul is bound to happen. When it reaches dangerous levels where the power of understanding turns zero, it clearly indicates that we, Dads need rest. Although, avoiding such situations are impossible but taking a break from this for a … Continue Reading

10 tips to lose baby weight post Pregnancy

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Weight gain while Pregnancy(Baby Weight)

That’s very Normal! During and after Pregnancy, body changes are expected. Forget the aspiration to continue with that figure and cut on the diet as suggested by the doctors.Weight gain is one of the prime important factor during and after pregnancy(for initial 1month) . Keep in mind that the extra weight is important for a healthy baby and it will go off soon. If you gained normal 12-15Kgs during your pregnancy, you can be happy to know that you can easily shed off those extra kilos. Pregnancy or Baby weight loss is no “Book Continue Reading

10 reasons to get family time

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Story Began : Family Time is Important!

[Once upon a time….there were no mobiles, no tables, no laptops, no apps, no E-Commerce, no crèches…What was then?] Was there just a “Family Time”? No, there was a whole bunch of time zones to usher the creativity with the joy of being with Family.

No Family Time!
Gone alone!

Well, then was the big “Play time”..

No no not those “Wild Wild Taxi’s or Dune Buggy’s” but yes going out with neighbourhood friends in the parks to catch on games as “Frozen T-Shirts race, Bean Bag ladder toss ,water balloons ,fishing for marbles or shells … Continue Reading

Cesarean or Normal Delivery – Baby Birth

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Debatable : Cesarean or Normal Delivery

This post might be an arguable one, even from the ones who willingly chose cesarean or C-Section over Normal birth for “self -comfort”.

Yes, Cesarean is often termed as a modern way of birthing entailing full comfort to mother. Many health practitioners have made their pastures turn greener than ever by convincing “to-be moms” for C-section. If not in an easier way, it goes the other way by introducing some or the other unknown complications to the precious pregnancies where none from mother to father to grannies want to take risk.

Well, since I’ve … Continue Reading