Effect of Lack of sleep in Children – Sleep Guide I

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Have you ever thought as to why children need more sleep? Why should we allow them to have a peaceful & comfortable sleep? What can be the effect of lack of sleep in toddlers & kids?

If not, this article is for you. Whether or not your kid sleeps properly, this article is a must read for all since it raises your awareness and you could easily relate your child’s behaviour. From birth till adolescence, the quantum of sleep  a child needs varies significantly and has various impact on the developing personality.

Sharing an Infograph by sleep foundation, reflecting Continue Reading

7 tips to help toddler wean off that Milk bottle

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When to wean baby off the bottle?

When a baby has crossed a year or so, start weaning off baby from the bottle. The longer the bottle phase, the more tedious it becomes to put a stop to it. Day on day, babies really get attached to their bottles and an effort to separate can create a chaos in their lives. The efforts can double up if the phase is extended till 2years or longer. Apart from difficult weaning, bottle also poses some negative impact on your child’s health. Bottles by then no longer pose as nutritional object but they Continue Reading

10 tips for Money Management : Helping kids achieve Financial Literacy

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Time to introduce Money management in Kids/ Savings!

When I was small I often heard her say “ SAVE TODAY FOR PROSPEROUS TOMORROW”. Its now that I fully understand the reasons & practical implications of Money Management which made us save as little as Re1/-. It was an exciting journey as a child when we had multiple Piggy jars assigned for: Toys; Buying Gifts; Education; Sports. I still remember how every year mom used to redefine goals and re-allocate money. How she used to give small loans to her friends in return of some favour or charge interest. Purpose … Continue Reading

5 Best Kids movie this Summer : Vacation extravaganza

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5 amazing Kids movie to enjoy this summer!

Summers, vacations and lots of masti stands out as a complete package not just for kids but for the family as well. But it also is the time when “Sun God” is some extra courteous from 10am to 6pm. And, yes we are protective for kids during that time, assuring that they remain indoors. This is really a “stalwart’s job” to keep those jumping jacks confined in the house unless you are engaged with them. Since there is a long “No” list pre-defined by us for the kids (No TV, No Mobile … Continue Reading

Swimming for Kids and babies

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A recreation, sport, exercise, developmental activity, this is all what defines swimming for kids or babies, yes for adults too:).

So moms & dads let’s have an interesting post below to encourage you to make your baby swimmer early on in the years!  Since its the onset of summers & Summers and water indeed cheer one another. The onset of this season brings smile & a temptation to indulge in water activities not just for elders but yes for the younger kids & even toddlers or babies. After all, its a great refreshing way to beat the summer heat.


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Engaging Kids : Tips to learn and Develop

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Engaging kids differently : Recreate the Magic!

I’ve often seen that mothers and granny’s in the house refrain from engaging kids in any sort of household work. For them, Oh, they are small kids, boys, future generation, why do they need to work or do small things? There are maids in the house & for the worst we the “elders” to cover up the work. Let them just play or eat or sleep now.. So Mommies, isn’t that a real truth?

And why to blame young moms? This has been the “Tradition in India”, more so wrt “Boys”. They come Continue Reading

Puree Foods: Baby first foods

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Puree foods for introducing food to 6months old

Baby Puree foods

Bf’ing a baby seemed to be so easier than making him eat healthy food. Yes, making my baby eat healthy foods initially just after introducing him to semi-solids at 5months was very difficult. All he loved was cerelac, which I wanted to give him just as a breakfast. Introduction to other foods is actually a challenge. Along with this, the ideation of different foods to make baby develop “taste” is like extra stimulating the Grey matter:). So, here comes a compilation of all sorts of food and specially “Puree foods” which I Continue Reading

When do babies start walking – Milestone 3

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Babies start walking : Precious steps!

Those first steps are precious! And quite exciting to celebrate the biggest milestone along with their Birthday. Believe me, after cruising all the way, suddenly a day comes when they stand up and take 4-8steps to reach some unidentified goals:). Same happened to me, we had returned from Goa the last night when my son had just turned 11months. Suddenly I woke up in the morning to see him stand and taking 7-8 steps at a go. He then turned stationary, smiled and chuckled looking at me, & there I ran to hug him. Continue Reading

Baby starts Sitting – Connecting the First Milestone

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When does baby starts sitting ?

Every parent, just like me is super enthusiastic to see their baby achieve the developmental milestones. The first being able to sit. That’s a very curious question I’ve heard and rather asked experienced moms post my baby birth. When does a baby starts sitting ? And the answers vary from 4-6months usually. Although this is a common range, few babies sit up by as long as 8-9months and that’s completely fine. It’s a very common phrase that “ All babies develop differently”. It matters a lot on the surroundings in which they grow. It Continue Reading

Crawling and Rolling – Baby’s Milestone 2

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Second Milestone : When do babies start Crawling

Happily Crawling
Happily Crawling

In general crawling begins from 6months – 10months , more so in the mid of 8-9months of age. Again just as the first milestone of sitting up, rolling and crawling also depends a lot on the opportunities given to the baby as  – Promoting Tummy time, making baby practise sitting exercise, making him sit surrounded with the C-shaped Pillow. To know more about helping baby sit up read my post .

“My baby started sitting on his own when he was 6months, although he got enough of tummy time from Continue Reading