Tips to introduce Bottle and Bottle feeding baby

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Bottle Feeding a Baby 

Shifting from Breast feed to bottle feeding baby? Confused how to pick the bottle? Agonized of baby not accepting the feeding bottle? Baby getting more frustrated and cranky while pushing for bottle? Breast fed baby won’t take a bottle?

Well from my own experiences, most of the mom’s of breast fed babies face these situations. It actually is not at all easy completely or partially shifting the baby to bottle. After all, he will not get the coziness of his “MOM”.

Baby’s are better managers moms, they can easily take you for a ride;). So Continue Reading

Potty Training and Elimination Communication

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An Age old Tradition

Want your baby to be Diaper Free? Plan to sharpen his communication to inform the urge to liberate? Wish him to have Toilet and Potty Training before 1st birthday?

We’ll thats what we will turn around in this post. Moms and dads don’t feel worried of it being some technical – EC post, as its just a name given to the years old method which our nani’s and dadi’s used to follow.

Yes, much of the world has seen this glorious phase, when there existed “No diapers” and still parents were very happy. They used to … Continue Reading

6 Best Baby Oils for Massage

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Best Oils for Baby massage

Congratulations! So you’ve decided upon to massage your bunny bee. It indeed is a great decision in making your baby strong and healthy. But now are you confused from the plenty of  Baby massage oils available in the market? Not yet aware of the goodness of Oils and suitability to Baby’s sensitive skin?

Then, read the post to know some of the best Baby Oils for Massage.

6 best baby oils for Baby Massage:

1. Olive Oil :

It has immense goodness of olives which not just moisturises the skin but also helps in reducing the stress and stiffness if Continue Reading

Baby Massage

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 Baby Massage and Massage techniques

The tenderness, love a child brings in one’s life is certainly a bliss in our life .To see them grow & nurture healthily is again a big challenge which takes most of our time & brings out the best from us ,be it from feeding them with best organic foods or giving them a hygienic environment or showering them with best toys of the world. Amongst all this lies a very important part of a child’s growth, Massage. It is a wonderful way to express our love ,care & give baby a healthy and strong Continue Reading