Food Art : Easy way to make kids eat!

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Fascinating Food art!

Food art : Easy way to let kids eat nutritional food

Kids hate eating food especially those green veggies, isn’t it? And we parents being creative, try to woo our kids by hook or crook to get their hands on healthy meals. It is a constant fight of every household I see. Further, my lil one had started his play school recently few months back. So I wanted to make something really interesting for him after a tiring school time (now Summer camps) to let him know my happiness to see him back. And that’s when one day I planned to go compelling with the nutritious foods Continue Reading

Puree Foods: Baby first foods

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Puree foods for introducing food to 6months old

Baby Puree foods

Bf’ing a baby seemed to be so easier than making him eat healthy food. Yes, making my baby eat healthy foods initially just after introducing him to semi-solids at 5months was very difficult. All he loved was cerelac, which I wanted to give him just as a breakfast. Introduction to other foods is actually a challenge. Along with this, the ideation of different foods to make baby develop “taste” is like extra stimulating the Grey matter:). So, here comes a compilation of all sorts of food and specially “Puree foods” which I Continue Reading