Skincare Routine for your Beach holidays

Skincare during vacations

This is the most beautiful time of the year, as the aura is filled with sweet scents of vibrant festivals and celebrations. As calendar hits the year-end, we’re usually off to our favourite beach destination’s to soak in the warmth of the sun. A beautiful getaway, picturesque beach, tranquil life, festive fervour, is what makes the year-end special for us as a family.  

If you ask me, I love getting that dose of Vitamin D. Relaxing on the beach bed, with the Continue Reading

From Bucket list to the Blind list : The amusing list!

“I dreamt of the golden sky, glistening the waters below

Of Lotus ponds and water – lilies,

Of Golden apples and Lavender fields!

With the siren of cuckoos and the knocks of woodpecker

With the fields full of playful marmots and reindeer!

Where the winds ring in my thoughts,

And butterflies flutter my soul ,

Where the breeze wakes me up

and the morning dew covers my eyes!

When the crimson rays play peek-a-boo

and the pink hues rise above me too,

When the eyes rest Continue Reading

Reminiscing Your Child’s yesteryears : PortraitFlip

Memories recreated

When you look down the memory lane, it all seem to have passed in a jiffy. One day you were holding your new born in your arms bringing the most precious jewel of your life home and today, he or she is all grown up, taking care of you. All these years are well etched in our heart and each special moment is quite vividly fresh in our memory. Some of these memories would have been captured in a photograph and are held close Continue Reading

How to boost curiosity in kids?

Curious Kids

I’m sure you all must have read my last post on curiosity and how I’m bombarded with zillions of questions. That’s what childhood is about and that’s how curiosity takes the shape of knowledge. This quote by legend Albert Einstein, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing”, resonates with me today. The more questions my child does looking at the surroundings or the activities undertaken, the more he learns. It can be easily deferred that … Continue Reading

Natural remedies to prevent Motion Sickness in Kids

Natural workable Remedies To Prevent Motion Sickness In Kids

Motion sickness is the situation in which we feel nausea or a headache caused by motion, especially when traveling by car, airplane, train or boat. Most travellers are at risk of motion sickness when moving; however, this situation occurs more often with kids. According to a study, the percentage of children at the school age tackling is 43.4 % in the car, 43.2 % on the bus, 11.7 % on the park swing, and 11.6 % Continue Reading

5 ways to help kids succeed in their school life

Children and School Life!

Parenting is a thrill in itself and is by no means a cakewalk. As kids grow, our concerns change and parenting takes a different format. As we help them explore the world around us, they gain rich experiences and develop their own mindsets. Be it at school, sports or daycare, the scope of influencers increase exponentially, which reflects as they develop their personalities. But, amongst all, parents are the key players when it comes to a child’s development. They are the ones … Continue Reading

Soy Protein Awareness: A complete Plant based protein

Proteins : Fascination towards the Building blocks

The times are changing and so is our diet. We’re increasingly becoming more and more aware of the Macro and Micro nutrients and thus we’re witnessing changes in the dietary patterns as well. As we progress towards a healthy eating plan, one of the most important concern that comes into picture is “getting sufficient proteins”. And it becomes a bedlam if you are Vegetarian /trying to turn Vegan, which is on the rise globally. 

IDA concluded from

Continue Reading

10 Fun Gardening Activities for Kids

Gardening activities for Kids :

Gardening can be really fun, especially when it stops becoming an adult’s job and becomes a family affair. Winter forces everyone to stay indoors, meaning that kids can only play indoors. When summer comes, however, they can’t wait to go out to play. Gardening is one of the best ways for kids to have fun, be physically active and be productive. Including children makes them feel important, and they also get some important life skills.

Winter forces everyone to stay indoors, meaning that kids can only play indoors. When summer comes, however, they can’t wait to go out to play. Gardening is one of the best ways for kids to have fun and be productive. Here are some 10 fun gardening activities for kids. #gardening #kids #kidsgarden #fun #development #parentingtip

Some of these skills include:

  • Hard
Continue Reading

eNICU Launch by Apollo Cradle : Advanced care for Newborns

“There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside you.”

I’m sure mama’s and to-be-mama’s will agree, the excitement that a life inside the womb brings in. It is the beginning of a new hope, a new dream full of pure love. Honestly, all of God’s grace is in that one tiny face, we bring into this world. 

But this journey could go eerie for few of us. Due to lifestyle changes, frequent health issues, abundance of chemical exposures, unwanted stress, Preterm birth … Continue Reading

The curious world of Inquisitive Kids : Part I

Curious Kids

“Why is water always wet? Even when it is in sunlight, why doesn’t it dries up? OMG! How to answer that, help me mommies.”

Well, the other day I was bombarded with “n” curiosities by my preschooler, which went on back to back in a loop. Those who are following me on Instagram, would have seen the post. Pondering over where to put a full stop, I was way too puzzled. Few answers didn’t come even with the help of Google search, … Continue Reading

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