15th August : As India celebrates its Independence

India’s 72nd Independence Day : 15th August

Patriotism is in the air, once again! Proudly we, as Indians are celebrating 72nd Independence day, the day when we attained “Freedom” from the colonial rule. It is said that the day, August 15, 1947 was declared as an end of the British rule by the Britishers after ample bloodshed and sacrifice of human lives.

India is celebrating its 72nd Independence day in 15th August 2018. Here are an Indian Women's thoughts over Independence and true freedom. How have we taken our freedom. The need of hour is to take small initiatives which will glorify India in the world #india #independence #independenceday #celebrations #freedom #indianwomen

Then, we wanted freedom, freedom from the Britishers. Why?

  • We craved for the freedom of speech
  • Freedom in the form of liberalisation, which came
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Nasal Congestion : Know the best remedies to unblock your Baby’s Nose

IS your child's Nose blocked? Are you struggling with your baby's sleepless nights? Here are some remedies to help you recovering Nasal congestion and unblocking your child's blocked nose. #nasalcongestion #blockednose #nasivion #forkids #nasaldrops #nosedrops #salinedrops

Nasal Congestion 

Nasal congestion is one of the most common problems that babies face once they are out of their mother’s womb. Congestion in babies is caused either by swelling of the nasal passages or when the nasal passage gets filled up with mucus, hampering the air flow. Though, mostly nose blockages are not serious and babies easily recover in 4-5 days, those days are really unsettling for everyone in the family. With their crankiness, unable to feed, improper sleep patterns, it takes a toll over Continue Reading

Do children need Downtime? 5 Reasons why Downtime is must for kids

What is Downtime and why do kids need Downtime?

In my past few posts, I have shared that kids need downtime. And I really mean it, they do need, science has proved it. But something strange happened the other day, as a result of which I planned to share my thoughts and some facts wrt Downtime for kids.

Kids are #backtoschool and so their routine is all decked up. With the constant rise in expectations and competition, kids are continuously juggling between school, home, scholastics and … Continue Reading

Breastfeeding Support at Workplace : World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week : 

The world is celebrating #worldbreastfeedingweek and being a mother who exclusively breastfed her baby for more than a year, I’m loving these awareness initiatives and celebrations. Motherhood is beautiful and to me, Breastfeeding is much more than providing a nutrition to the new born.

It is a moment of bonding, a bond of pure love between a mother and baby. It is a moment of emotional support, warmth, a pacification, which a baby needs when they enter this world. Celebrating Breastfeeding week … Continue Reading

IVF : Important things that you should know

IVF supporting Motherhood dreams!

Motherhood is a beautiful feeling and science has worked wonders for numerous couples to help them experience this blissful phase. Did you know that more than 27 million couples in India suffer from infertility? While there are many different treatments, increasing number of couples now consider IVF for their infertility treatment be it in Hyderabad or other cities of the country and around the world. While the procedure can make your dream of conceiving and birthing a baby a reality, not having Continue Reading

Let your child make mistakes : Failure is must for success

Why Letting Your Child Make Mistakes is the Best Thing You Can Do For Them?

You want your child to be happy, healthy and safe. No doubt about it! And yet, those are the exact same reasons why it can feel so hard to let go and allow your little one to make their own decisions and allow them to make mistakes.

Helicopter parenting might make you feel good and give you peace of mind, but it can actually work against your child’s development and their Continue Reading

Snacking the healthy way

The need of Healthy Snacking

In this speeding life, we are all propelled to get through our goals. Amidst all this hush hush affair, at times “Health” takes a back seat. Not just to blame the lifestyle, the loss of purity of many natural foods has led to ample nervous and immune reactions from our body. While munching and snacking in the bus, cab, office, is common sight, sometimes, we miss out on the real necessity of snacking. We ignore healthy snacking, which can actually be Continue Reading

Monsoons and Electronic Mosquito Killers : Do they really work?

The mosquito menace!

The beautiful, clean and green monsoons, often become an unhappy party ground for us, when the infections rise on their peak leading to many diseases. And mosquitoes are a real menace around monsoons. With increasing mutations of the viruses, parasites, mosquito bites are becoming more dreadful than ever with so many mosquito-borne diseases spreading worldwide. Starting from Malaria and Chikungunya to the recent Zika fever, Mosquitoes are responsible for more than 15 diseases in humans. These tiny pests and so much of harm Continue Reading

10 tips to reduce belly fat after Pregnancy : My Schedule

Motherhood and Pregnancy Belly fat

Congratulations on entering this beautiful and the most cherished phase called “Motherhood“. Birthing is not an easy feat and we all vouch to it. My mom often used to say that “Birthing” does not just entails giving birth to a new life, it is a re-birth for the new mum as well. Re-birth in the form of changes her body goes through and the emotional transformations. A new mum herself is changed emotionally as well as physically and same … Continue Reading

Kiddy Cove : Exhibition for Mums and babies

When it comes to exhibitions, I’m almost a crazy person, due to the varied and exceptional ranges one can drool over. And Delhi is a perfect place to venture out almost every weekend for one such exhibit. But this time, I was invited for something really unique, a mums and babies exhibition at Noida, the 1st of its kind for Noida by Kiddy Cove.

The reason, why I was excited for the same was, it was a mums and kids exhibition and it gave me a … Continue Reading

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