10 tips to lose baby weight post Pregnancy

Weight gain while Pregnancy(Baby Weight)

That’s very Normal! During and after Pregnancy, body changes are expected. Forget the aspiration to continue with that figure and cut on the diet as suggested by the doctors.Weight gain is one of the prime important factor during and after pregnancy(for initial 1month) . Keep in mind that the extra weight is important for a healthy baby and it will go off soon. If you gained normal 12-15Kgs during your pregnancy, you can be happy to know that you can easily shed off those extra kilos. Pregnancy or Baby weight loss is no “Book of Records”, it just needs patience, ample activities and yes, lots of self – control.

Let your body take the baby growth naturally. All mom’s have gone through it. Check onto small things and I assure you’ll be back to same in just 10months, getting praise and numerous accolades for it! I’ve been questioned by many moms- How long does it takes to lose baby weight, how to lose that extra belly fat gained during pregnancy, and all I could answer is what this post is about!

Incase you had excess weight before baby, precisely shedding off non-baby weight could take longer time than usual. But maintain the below stated points for a healthy body.

Sharing a good news, just after the baby birth (with weight between 2.4 -3.6Kgs), a new mom can expect to lose approx. 4kgs weight. So, now you are left with just 10-11Kgs of extra baby weight, which needs to be burnt off. Get into the positive moves moms and be Happy! 

10 tips for losing Baby weight :

1. Be patient :

Don’t try to just copy the celebrity you consider as an ideal. Never risk your body for something for which it is not prepared off. Your body needs love and lots of patience. Give yourself 9-12 months to get back in that old shape. Forget what people say or think. Pamper your new body. I’m not saying to just sit and relax, but don’t go for options as Dieting, Extra gymming or Tough exercises and don’t be harsh on yourself right now. Take that time to workout steadily and love the new phase more actively. Being impatient and going through stress will work adversely on losing baby weight.

2. Nursing your Baby:

Yes Moms, Breastfeeding actually cuts down approx. extra 300 calories off your body a day from your dietary intake. Although one can find many conflicting case studies, but I have personally seen that BF’ng your baby does help you to get back in shape and yes it has great benefit for new born babies too. So why not go for a win-win situation for both baby and mom:)

But mind it moms, nursing to a baby does not means that you can eat what ever you like. This way the purpose will get diluted. You have to be adamant on other approaches as well. Just sitting, eating and Nursing will take you no where. Nursing baby is a small part to help you shed that extra baby weight during pregnancy.

3. Forget dieting and couch lot on eating nutritious meals :

It has been a re-birth for you and your body has undergone many changes. Remember, along with a baby, your body will also re grow now. A lot depends on what and how you eat till 3-4 months after having baby.

Don’t diet or suppress your hunger or just go on fruit juices for days. They are dangerous as your body needs proper intake of calories and healthy fats now, especially if you are breast feeding your baby. Suppressing hunger so will stress you out more, as handling a new born with less of rest and sleeps demands a lot from your body.

A systematic and healthy approach towards daily food will automatically cut down that extra flab out of you. Don’t think that just fruits, vegetables and whole grains are must, including proteins and good fat are equally important in maintaining the balance. Ignore Saturated and Trans-fats and go for Good fats. Good fats are found ample in oils as Canola, Olive oil, Avocado, Nuts (stated below). Prefer home made fresh curd over Ice creams.

Focus on :

Beans/Legumes/ salads 

Whole grains (oats, brown rice, millet, whole wheat bread instead of white maida bread)

Green Leafy vegetables (Spinach and others available in abundance)

Iron rich foods (beetroot, Dried fruits -prunes, peach, raisins; Soaked almonds; spinach, Tofu )

Nuts (as mentioned above)

Low fat milk

Go for baked foods instead of fried ones

Try Avoiding :

Fries, Chips/ Fried Snacks

Sugary drinks, canned fruit juices, Soda

White Bread

Ice cream, Pastries, cakes, creamy food

Creamy Coffee drinks, Alcohol (esp. beer)

Pizza, excess salted Butter/ Ghee

In Indian environment, grannies give special instructions to have food with extra Ghee and Oils. Don’t do that, rather let them be in a very limited quantity.

Believe on me, I have followed this approach (along with few others) and resumed back to my original weight and shape in just 6-7months. I had actually shed off exactly 13kgs I had gained during my pregnancy.

Check out a lovely “My pyramid Plan for Moms”, released by USDA 

Foods must to drop extra baby weight after pregnancy
Food chart for new moms, Image courtesy

4. Cut down that “Chronic Snacker” term:

Cutting out junk food / Snacks / Chips can help you achieve your objective sooner. Have sweet tooth and can’t opt out of it? Then go for low calorie sweets ( go for puddings, custards with less of sugar and NO cream)

Quit those 2 heavy meals a day idea. Barge on 4-5 small meals a day, cooked healthily. Don’t skip on Breakfast, make it full of nutrition, a glass low fat milk + water soaked nuts + whole wheat flakes + eggs /if not eggs go for Seasonal fruits.

Opt less for ordering or going to restaurants. Fix it to no more than once in 10 days.

Keep pouches of nutritious food ready as Soya nuggets, whole grain munchies, fruits, bowl of salad and keep biscuits, bhujia’s, chips out of your reach:)

5. Drink more of water:

Increase the water intake. As such if you are BF’ng your baby, you will need more of liquids and water to stay hydrated and ensure proper milk flow. Sipping a glass before, during, and after feeding the baby fill you up and you easily cut down your food little bit. It also fastens body’s metabolism and that’s what is needed to lose that extra baby weight.

6. Try getting that Sleep:

Yes, I’m aware that might sound a “bad advice” for you, but do it to get that shape back moms. “Initially, I could just get 3-4hours a day sleep post baby birth. This suddenly left me with lots of tiredness and lots of frustrations. It also made me feel weak & I could not get that physical activity either. My Mom advised me to try and take nap when my baby did. Found it very difficult, as that was not my body clock. But somehow I surrendered to the advice and started getting nap of close to 7hours, although in breaks. But that got me more fresh, happier and active. I soon started with small workout and was all the more ecstatic on the new journey!”

So, that’s an essential ingredient to get that flab off! When we are tired and sleep deprived our body releases stress hormones, which add to the baby weight gain and make one feel less energetic.

7. Make it hard on your wardrobe :

Let your wardrobe suffer. Vouch on to fit in those favorite dresses. Don’t get amazing new clothes, target pre-pregnancy or maternity clothes only. See how you’ll be forced and tempted to get in them in the absence of new wardrobe. After all, we are freaky for or dresses, aren’t we?

8. Strolling a baby or a dog may help you :

Stroll around with your little one everyday in garden or grocery store or mall for 30minutes. That will serve three purposes, an outing for little one, home shopping and a daily exercise for you.

Also having a dog helps you lose baby weight easily. You’ll have to take your dog out for at least 30-40minutes a day, you’ll be pulled along for a great brisk walk. Enjoy that!!

9. Work Smartly :

Keep the baby nursing room and your room on different floors, if you cant stop yourself from the intake of that junk food or simply resting on the bed. Every time you wish to change the diaper or clean off the baby, make baby safely seated and check on to lower/upper floor to burn off extra calories by going down and coming up.

10. Easy Exercises : 

That actually is a must along with other points to shed baby weight.

Walk daily initially for 30minutes and slowly change it to jogging after 4-5months of baby birth. Slowly gain the speed and muscle power. As the baby grows, running around the house itself becomes a factor to exercise. But then what we need to gain is “Strength”. Look out for some sessions at nearby Gym or at home ( if you have the requisites) specifically for building in strength for new mums. But don’t start gymming before 4-5months & before hitting gym, do check out once with your doctor if your body is ready for it.

Sharing some of the Top moves to regain your shape back from Fitness magazine.

All the best Moms! Be positive, Be Healthy and Enjoy Motherhood!

You’ll be back on that same wardrobe, trust me!!


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  1. Amber

    Oh man, it took me FOREVER to lose the baby weight. Heck, 10 years later and I’m still trying to lose it all 😉 But it’s my fault, I do love my junk food and I won’t give it up. I do try to jog daily, and that helps. When my kids were tiny I’d push them around in their strollers around the neighborhood.

    1. Jhilmil

      Ha ha, so you couldn’t cut on junk:)..I actually had no junk for close to 8months and it worked wonders for me;)..but great jogging helps you out!!

  2. chelf

    It’s so important to focus on health and good nutrition instead of a minor and temporary weight gain indeed. There are probably so much going on in your life during that time period that taking your mind off of a little extra weight should be fairly easy, however I’m not speaking from experience, so please forgive me if im wrong 🙂

    1. Jhilmil

      That’s true Chelf, that’s why I wrote that accept that you will gain weight n it should come down easily!! We all need to accept n work towards it in such a manner that it is healthy for baby n mom both!!

  3. Mae

    I love this post! I gained 30 pounds when I got pregnant, but I was told it was a healthy gain for me. I lost most of it after a few months of delivery but I feel like my body shape has completely changed since. I still can’t get rid of the extra stretched belly! LOL! But I agree, it pays to eat healthy and be conscious of proper nutrition while pregnant as it is easier to lose weight as well as it ensures that you are providing the best possible food for your baby while pregnant.

    Mae | http://www.thegospelofbeauty.org

    1. Jhilmil

      That’s so true, belly will come back to shape only if diet is on control n one exercises of the belly n bottom part!! For me as well it gains n then lessens as n when I take actions now:)

  4. kreativemommy

    Oh my recent post is about the similar topic too. This is a very important topic as a lot of kids suffer from obesity today. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think you nailed it – patience, diet and exercise. Sounds simple but I know it can be hard. Great post! I shared this with my Mommy friends.

  6. Sondra Horn

    Water can definitely be a huge asset. It fills you up and keeps you hydrated which can qweull you appetite.

  7. Navi

    Loved the be patient part! Sometimes that can be the hardest thing to overcome.

    Navi / Denthusiast.com

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