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Hey friends! Remember those beautiful days, when we used to sit in the summer sun soaking the Vitamin D or in a well lit room reading stories for kids? For me, some of them were so gripping that it took me all over into my fascinating dreamworld. I loved the fantasy, the attractive hard cut outs, compelling characters of the story books which used to swirl me on my cozy bed. I was immensely in love with these short story books, specially Rudyard Kipling’s hard imaginative story books. And so my love for fiction & thrill has continued till today.

Since my kid has turned 2.9years, I have been collecting & reading some of my favourite kids story books to him during the bedtime which he appreciates much. And you know the best part, I’m kinda reliving my fantasy dreamworld. While I’m narrating, it takes me back into the memory lanes of innocent dreaming childhood:).

Reading books to the child is so important, read some tips how to get that habit inculcated right here. Hence, I thought to pen down the collection of short stories for kids.

So, apart from the most loved ones as Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel, let me show you some which I cherished & some which I’ve selected for my child!

Here you go -15 All time hit stories for kids in the ages – 1-5years :

1. Charlotte’s Web – 

By E.B White , This story is of a Pig named Wilbur who is born runt and Mr. Arable is way sure to kill him up for the dinner. But her daughter, Fern, begs him up to to let him live. When the father agrees to her plea, she loves little piglet & takes care until one day when the father decides to send the piglet to a farm. What happens then? Will Wilbur be able to survive, make friends, how will he hatch plan to save himself from being served on the dinner table along with dear Friend, Charlotte, the spider! It’s an interesting plot for kids to revel for sure. catch your copy right here !

2. The Little prince –

One of the best selling books ever published by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, it has lot to cherish for children & even adults.This is a beautiful poetic book in which a pilot who has been stranded in the dessert meets a prince fallen to the earth asking him to draw a sheep.  It deals with the explorations of Little prince, how he meets a very important character – Fox. Fox explains him of the secrets and has been given some amazing phrases, which will be loved equally by young and kids. It has so beautiful quotes which will leave you thinking of the human relations. Unwind the story here !

3. The Wind in the willows (Classic Starts) –

An adventurous story build around friends – Mole, Rat, Badger, Toad, Otter, and many other, this book by Kenneth Graham has won many hearts.  The mole while cleaning his home, feel really bored of it and he runs along to meet a Rat at the river. Rat & mole develop a beautiful friendship instantly and that’s how other character, Badger, Otter, toad (all are Rat’s friends) come into picture. What happens when the toad is sentenced to the jail? How does his rest four friends deal with their reputation?Will toad again become respectable and get that love back? Read out a beautiful friendship story by getting your copy right here   !

4. The Little white horse – 

A classic story of a solitary girl planning to change the life story, authored by Elizabeth Goudge, is gripping and beautiful one. Maria, is orphaned at a tender age of 13. But she finds love in her cousin, Sir Benjamin, who welcomes her to his magical mansion – Moonacre. She is very happy here with ample of food and good people. What happens when she tries to know some secrets? Read out more from your copy right here !

5. Alan’s Big, Scary teeth –

Alan, the alligator with his white big teeth is awesomely scary. While he goes on the round, other animals panic & hide away. But you know there is a deep secret and let me not be a spoiler.What happens when his secret gets revealed? What is the twist awaiting for kids to meet? Catch on this interesting story, I personally enjoyed narrating to my kid here !

Kids story books

6. The bear and the Piano –

Who doesn’t loves bears? Me, for sure found them pretty cute & loving creatures full of laziness when I was young. But this is a beautifully woven tale full of emotions. How one day a bear finds strikingly different howling thing in the woody jungle, but how he gets attracted to it. His attraction makes him a great piano player in the jungle. It is then when he dreams big but is confused to leave his loved ones. This a really a touchy story & do grab your copy here !

7. The Jungle Book –

The Jungle book needs no narration I guess, with the famous character of Mowgli, a human kid raised by the wolf’s, this is a must read story book for your young ones. So why not without wasting a moment, get your copy here !

8. Fabulous Frogs –

This really bright, light hearted & funny book by Martin Jenkins will get you fall in love with cute little frogs from around the world. You get to know of the largest & the smallest ones, some wonder frogs. Ready to enter the bright frogy world kids? Get your copy here ! 

9. The Snowman –

A beautiful picture book, rather a Christmas classy, is full of love and imagination of a Snowman and boy called James. James builds a snowman & he suddenly finds that it has come to life. It is all about the journey this snowman takes James into. A really cool, extraordinary story canvassing the life is here for you.

10. The Three bears –

I’ve loved this sweet story so much with my cut out book, that I read it over 50 times when I was a kid. It had so amazing pictures and the cut outs with all different sized chairs and bowls that it blew me away in my childhood. You’ll find a lovely illustrative read here. A little girl, Goldilocks, goes for a jungle walk & she steps upon a bear family house with 3 bowls of porridge. She eats one of them which seemed to be perfect & then  curls up on the third baby bed. What happens when the Mama, papa and baby bear come back & get to know of what Goldilock had done.. Don’t miss this one for sure!

11. The snail and the whale –

This beautiful rhyming tale is all about a snail longing to see the world. He meets the whale and there they go on a travel trip to praise the beauty this world captures. But what happens when the Whale gets stranded on the beach and how does the tiny Snail help her friend out of the trouble. It is such an beautiful tale of friendship that it will leave you emotional by the end. Don’t miss your copy

12. Dear Zoo –

Its damn old tale but is still fresh to catch hands on. So full of innocence this story is of a child who writes a letter to Zoo, for the want of a pet for himself.This fun book will for sure bring smiles to the faces and get you into the childhood once again. Get your read here  Short stories for kids

And, here are the last three, to which none of us need any extra description since we all have loved these throughput & must have read multiple times. So just sharing the link where you can get them:

    13. Snow white and the seven dwarfs –

     Here is your copy!    

    14. Pinocchio –

      Here it is !

    15. Alice in Wonderland –

        Here is it !

Short stories for kids

Why not get your child few of those story books available online just a tap away! Let me know which story book your child enjoyed reading!

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