15th August : As India celebrates its Independence

India’s 72nd Independence Day : 15th August

Patriotism is in the air, once again! Proudly we, as Indians are celebrating 72nd Independence day, the day when we attained “Freedom” from the colonial rule. It is said that the day, August 15, 1947 was declared as an end of the British rule by the Britishers after ample bloodshed and sacrifice of human lives.

India is celebrating its 72nd Independence day in 15th August 2018. Here are an Indian Women's thoughts over Independence and true freedom. How have we taken our freedom. The need of hour is to take small initiatives which will glorify India in the world #india #independence #independenceday #celebrations #freedom #indianwomen

Then, we wanted freedom, freedom from the Britishers. Why?

  • We craved for the freedom of speech
  • Freedom in the form of liberalisation, which came much after
  • We wanted more safety and security for every life that India was raising
  • We wanted “Our” land for “Ourselves”
  • Indian’s wanted to be have Indian governance
  • We really wanted to be “Free”.

Lives were sacrificed, lots of blood was shed and finally we attained the so called Independence.

Independent India : Then and Now

But what now? Is there something different in this Free India from what it was in the colonial rule? It’s a hard hitting question, but it is a time when the meaning of this word “Freedom and Independence” needs to be reframed for us. I was born to the free India, and I can never imagine what it was under the British rule.

All what I have heard from my grandfathers is the only thing I believe in and what I see today is the fact I’m living in. History books speak loud of this Independence, but what after that? Have we really ensured that our freedom fighters feel proud of the Free India they left for us? Ever pondered what actually the term “Free” means?

India is a beautiful country, a country where people cared for each other and stood for their values. But somehow, along with the goodness, inhumane attitude is soaring. This community is going more and more materialistic. How can I just sit and chant the goodness of Free India, when

  • I hear child rapes every day and following protests every month
  • I see targeted female foeticide along with the “power” speaking of the rise of womanhood
  • I read about the inhumane behaviour towards mentally-ill women in the shelter houses gruelling for funds and care staff’s
  • I see that people still don’t care about littering their roads and oceans, forget about the AQI
  • I still see Gender Inequality in neighbourhood, despite “worth praising women empowerment campaigns” every other day
  • I still see children sleeping on the footpath in the night and begging during the day, despite the shelters being made
  • I see so many victims of the power abuse, domestic violence, despite policies to empower women

Was all of this dreamt of by our freedom fighters who really wanted to witness India as a “Golden bird”? If they would have dreamt such, the history would have been indeed different.

We have the abundance of nature, rich heritage, varied seasons, legacy of tradition, colours of festivities, but have we really moved ahead of humanity and still fear to speak up and take initiatives?

  • Are we left with so much of energy that we love Twitter trolling instead of trying to educate a child for an hour daily?
  • Are we so much engrossed in self – love, that we have started ignoring the real need of orphans and people with disorders?
  • Are we so immune today that we surrender our morals to power, just to “get something done”?
  • Are we so engrossed in the digital world that we can shoot a video of accident victim rather than taking him/her to the hospital?
  • Do we really have no words to stand up, fight, protect, cultivate our own initiatives even when we read the rape of a year old child?

We are all raising our children, who will take this “Freedom” baton ahead, but are we instilling those values of a Free India? Are we ourselves practising the values which we speak about? Instead of criticising the neighbour’s child are we making an attempt to improvise that child and our own kids? Are we really able to work towards littering issue, even in our neighbourhood?

India is celebrating its 72nd Independence day in 15th August 2018. Here are an Indian Women's thoughts over Independence and true freedom. How have we taken our freedom. The need of hour is to take small initiatives which will glorify India in the world #india #independence #independenceday #celebrations #freedom #indianwomen #15 August

These are few questions which I want every free Indian to think. We don’t need big policies for any transformations, rather those have never worked in this huge country. What we need today are small attempts towards these issues, which can be initiated right from our homes and societies we live in. We need to stop bitching the government policies and use that time and mindset to build up our own policies and small initiatives.

Whatever might be the real stats and discussions, I as an Indian women, would never love to read a global report citing India as a most dangerous country for women!

India is a country of 135 Crore people. Just Imagine if each one of us vow to take one Initiative and work whole heartedly to curb one immorality, not for whole nation, but just for our small section of society, how much better India it can become. Rise above yourselves and look at the surroundings. Make India truly ” free”. Every hand matters, make your contribution to our true Independence today.

[From my readers, I would like to know their thoughts and actions for Independent India, what naive initiatives have you taken on a small level to empower India from its core.]

Happy Independence Day!!

Let’s cherish the glory!


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  1. Sarah

    Finally someone spoke up..
    It’s a very well written article and I wish we can all stop complaining and start taking small initiatives as you mentioned.

  2. Sangeeta G

    We truly aren’t free. Our society needs to wake up and fight for all the inhumane things happening around us. Only when these end will we be truly free.

  3. richa mina

    very true and painful facts that you’ve shared about our country and raising voice against the injustice would only help us in making our country a better place to live. i totally support your cause to restore the glory of our country.

  4. Sajid Akhter

    Hi Jhilmil,

    Your post is worth thinking about. I completely agree with most of your points in your post. It is high time we value our freedom fighters’ effort in attaining freedom for us. Their sacrific for our country should not go waste. We should become responsible citizens and help build our nation into a strong and properous one. And we can achieve that by being compassionate and helpful towards our fellow beings.

    Hope we all start this soon. Happy Independence Day to all of us. ?

  5. Hiral Amodia

    This is a very thought-provoking post that I have come across on the eve of Independence Day. We need to strengthen our society and our next generation. I will do my bit!

  6. Preeti Chauhan

    I agree with you Jhilmil , the onus is on us as parents to give those values and inculcate the pride of being a proud Indian and raise good citizens that can take India higher.

  7. Jhilmil D Saha

    You have appropriately portrayed the scenario of today’s India. Every citizen is equally responsible for making India a truly free nation

  8. Snehalata Jain

    So true freedom then n now has changed completely even i feel we need freedom fromm current things happening in India which is destroying humanity

  9. Charu Chhitwal

    I totally share your sentiment. Every hand matters. In our case we are providing education to the three daughters of our house help in a good English medium school. God willing it will improve their life

  10. viharin

    India can’t be a developed country if it’s people are not developed. All problems are with the mindset of only few negative people. It’s true sense of freedom will arrive when each one of us are not scared to do something positive to change self or the world.

  11. Nisha

    India is a powerful nation. it’s strength is us, the people. It’s high time we wake up and make things happen.

  12. Noorain

    I, completely agree with your sentiments. We are somewhere creating a fake facade that we are free but deep within we aren’t!

    I wish that we are free ?

  13. Judy

    This is actually very thought-provoking and rightly timed post. I too feel that there is a difference between freedom of expression and misusing that freedom in the name of right.

  14. Amrita

    Trying to do your own part for this country is a thought which will take this country forward.The report unfortunately had flawed unsubstantiated data I read on several publications

  15. Priyanka Lodha

    This is really an eye opening post.. yes we are not free now also…It’s time to wake up again..

  16. Purva Bhatia

    True. No country is perfect; it needs to be made perfect by its countrymen. We all need to do our bit to make this country a better place for our future generations.

  17. Neha Tambe

    This Independence day I saw a skit about how not every person needs to fight on the borders but each one can definitely think of nation first and do something that will uplift the country. Your post echos similar sentiments.

  18. Rashmi

    Independence in real terms us yet to be achieved.. some very valid points brought here.. thanks for talking about these.

  19. Prerna Sinha

    I believe that unless and until we get the equal freedom for men as well as women, you can’t call India independent.

  20. Rashmi Singh

    Great writer and I’m agree with you . We should because a responsible citizens . Thanks for sharing.

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