20 Home remedies for cough for Kids

Home remedies for cough for Kids

Home remedies for cold ad cough in Kids

Its difficult to not let kids catch cold but then be assured, its not un avoidable. Every season, every activity has its pros and cons and it pains a parent when kids suffer it out. I see every child suffering from cold, cough, fever, sore throat in nearly all seasons. In extreme winters, we blame the chilly breeze, In summers, we blame scorching sun and AC contrasts, In rains, we blame hot – humid-rains. But the actual situation is kids are losing their immunity. Compared to our parents or even our’s generation, today’s kids are much weaker when it comes to their immune system and resistance. Yes, even the morphed virus and bacterial strains are to blame, but much of reasons lie within our vicinity. Natural and home remedies for cough for kids are the best remedies compared to medicines.

So, me, being a mother of a 3yo, took out all the home remedies for cold and sore throat which I saw my granny, parents doing. Also, try implementing some of the remedies for cold and cough in your kids daily routine, which will not do any harm but rather help kids gain immunity.

Tips must as a “Daily Routine” which your kids should follow :

Perfect home remedies for cough, rather before cough sets in.

1. Diet :

It plays a very important role in building immunity and resistance towards external factors of a child. In balanced daily diet of fruits and vegetables, include foods which are rich in Vitamin C (Lemon, oranges etc.), Vitamin D(Mushroom, fortified milk, cereal and oatmeals) Curd, Probiotics. All these help in a strong Immune system.

2. Clean Environment :

Keep the house, surfaces clean and disinfected. Open Cups, glasses, table tops usually get infested with viruses and dusts within few hours. Even kids have frequent access to phones and their surfaces are the most dangerous for kids. Keep cleaning all these surfaces and specially the gadgets/mobile which your kids get hooked to multiple times.

Cleaning the hands is another important task. Most of the diseases be it cold, stomach issues in kids are all due to viruses entering via hands. Hence ensure that hands are washed before and after meal time, after play and similar instances. Do santitize their hands or use wet wipes when travelling.

3. Proper Sleep :

Usually as kids grow, their activities grows and their sleep gets cut down drastically. Kids themselves do not want to sleep rather play and do their loved crafts. But here is what we, as parents need to ensure. Check out the minimum sleep requirements age wise here. Less of sleep, anxiety and stress all add up to a poor Immune system.

4. Enough of liquids :

Be it Summers or winters, there has to be enough of liquid intake. During early morning and late night one should always try giving warm liquid/water to the kids. That slight warmness will de-clog the passages from building the mucus.

Let me share two amazing tea for sore throat or even for cold/cough. Even if not, you can drink it sometimes a week.

5. Chamomile Tea :

Try giving chamomile tea at least thrice a week. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory effects and relaxes the body. Be assured that you/your kid is not allergic to it. There are many pure herbal tea’s available, but refer your paediatrician before giving any herb to your kid.

6. Honey – lemon Tea :

One can always go for Honey – Lemon tea for kids older than a year. It has a delectable taste due to honey and this tea is full of vitamin C, must for body’s resistance. You can also add Ginger and some spices as grounded clove, black pepper, cinnamon, black salt and brown sugar, which will add taste as well as make it more nutritious. Usually this mixture with all spices does wonder in cold and cough. For daily use,  keep it simple and just add lemon juice and a spoon of honey to lukewarm water and give it to your kid.

7. Soup :

Vegetable /Tomato/ Chicken Soup,  are some which are must for kids in all seasons. While in winters and rains, frequency can be daily, in summers it can be twice or thrice a week. It has all important nutrients a kids growing body needs. Make vegetable soup with all seasonal veggies in it.

8. Turmeric Milk :

Whether suffering from cold or not, I try to give Turmeric milk to my son daily in winters and twice/trice a week during rainy season. Turmeric has ample medicinal properties and this milk should be given daily in morning and at night if a child is suffering from cold. We simply needs to add a pinch of turmeric to boiling milk. Let it become normal and give it to your kid to drink it.

9. Saffron + Cardamom Milk :

This is a delicious alternative of plain milk in winters. I usually boil one-two strands of pure saffron in milk for close to 15minutes. It will leave a yellow tinge to the milk. Add little sugar and cardamom to it. It is absolutely delicious and a perfect remedy for cold and cough in kids.

Natural or home remedies for cough or cold for baby :

10. Honey :

Honey is really safe and full of many important nutrients & minerals, must for a healthy and resistant body. It relieves the cough and helps in a good sleep as well. After a kid is 1yo, it can be given in various forms. (Refrain toddler lass than a year old since it enhances risk of Botulism).

Honey + Ginger :

Mash the ginger pulp, squeeze the juice out of it. Add 1/2 teaspoon honey to it and give it to your kid twice a day for treating cold and cough.

Honey + Ginger + Neem(Azadirachta indica) :

Neem has anti-bacterial capacity in itself. When the seasons change and during cough, get some reddish – green new and small Neem leaves. Mash it with ginger and form a paste. Sieve out the juice, add honey and give it. It even helps fight seasonal fever if given as soon as the season changes for minimum 15-20days. When we were kids we used to eat Neem leaves with black pepper during seasonal changes and I need to say, we rarely got any fevers. A perfect home remedy for cold and cough.

Honey + Ginger + Tulsi (Basil leaves) :

Just as the above mixture, this also helps to relieve cold and cough. You should give atleast twice – thrice a day incase of severe cough.

11. Garlic + Carom Seeds (Ajwain):

Garlic with its anti bacterial and anti-viral properties is great for building resistance in the body. All you need to do is, roast 2 cloves Garlic and 1/2 – 1 teaspoon carom seeds , toss them up for next 2-3 minutes. Let them cool and put it in a muslin cloth. Put this close to your kid’s pillow or you can even tie this in his arm. The slight fragrance oozing out will help relief in blocked nose while sleeping.

12. Camphor :

It is very helpful in opening up the blocked nose. Even if you ask your kid to inhale a box with 10-12 small camphor, his nose will open. You can also add pinch of powdered camphor in warm coconut oil and massage on your kids chest. Don’t take it closer to eyes or mouth. Ensure that camphor is not taken by your kid in absence of an adult and should not be ingested.

13. Vicks Vaporub :

I guess it needs no introduction. But you can use vaporub in steam and inhale that moisture. This will help a quick opening of the nasal passage.

14. Elevation of the head : 

Sleeping and cold just do not go with one another. Usually the nose blockages and coughing increases while sleeping. So at the outset, give a steam inhalation with Karvol/Vicks and then massage either camphor+oil or vaporub on chest and soles of the feet. Then elevate your child’s head compared to the lower body which will make breathing easier.

15. Saline Water :

These are perfect drops to loosen up the mucus which has been clogged. Many such drops (Nasoclear) are available in the market. These are even safe to use for kids less than a year old. Simply put 2-3 drops in the nostril and let your child have a good night sleep.

16. Cool :

Mist Humidifier , warm bath in a steamy bathroom are great alternatives. Breathing the moist  air clears the mucus in the nasal passage and thus a better breathability. Get one cool – mist vaporizer/humidifier here. Let the bathroom be in hot steam for few minutes and then give your kid a warm bath in that steamy bathroom.


17.Gargling :

Gargling with salt / lemon water(lukewarm water) is another option suitable for kids more than 4/5 yo.

18. Kadha :

Well, this is every granny’s choice I believe. This magical juice has all the natural herbs and ingredients to relieve cough/cold and fever. And it is a perfect home remedy for cough. My granny used to add – Carom seeds, Basil leaves, Ginger, Clove, Black pepper, Black salt, jaggery, cinnamon, pinch of turmeric, grounded fenugreek seeds to the boiling water. Boil this whole mixture till it remains half. Let it cool and then give it to your child to drink atleast twice a day. Well, this is not truly loved by kids but then if taken, it is sure to show its magical effect within 2 days.

19. Onion :

Well, onion is of lot importance in Coughing. one can easily sieve Onion juice and add Honey to it and allow it for 2-3hours to blend it properly. One can take it 2-3 times a day. For older kids, you can even make Onion Broth and they can drink 1/2cup 2-3times a day.

20. Wheat Flour + Jaggery :

This can be a very good option for cough and cold in kids but should be given either in the night just before sleeping or after getting up in the morning. Take a spoon of ghee and add grounded pepper and small grounded clove. Add half a spoon wheat flour and roast it. Stir it till it becomes little brown. Boil Jaggery and Water on another side. Once the flour has been roasted, add sieved jaggery solution to it. Stir continuously and let it simmer for next 5 minutes. Ensure that there are no wheat balls formed. Incase, balls get formed (could be due to improper roasting)  , let it cool and then filter it up. Serve slight hot, just as soup.

I hope I have been able to help out stressed mama’s from these nasty cold and coughs. What all is required is serious and continuous efforts wrt home remedies for cough, before kids catch it and even afterwards.

Medications will do no good to kids body, but if we can make them immune and resistant, life will be healthier and happier. Use these home remedies for cough.

What remedies you use which helps your kid throw that cough and cold away…far away!!

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