5 Best Backyard cum Indoor Games for Kids

Interesting and fun filled games for kids of 3-6years !

The life of metros has made most of us to keep our kids indoors. The fight between allowing an outdoor play vs keeping kids protected inside has been increasing regularly in the minds & hearts of parents. Some allow their kids to have an outdoor feel only on weekends. But is this really good for kid? If I were to say, then Socially & emotionally, it is not good. But yes to me also, safety & security comes first for our precious kids. And hence it gave me a chance to interact with fellow moms and comes across a post suggesting some really good games for kids.

These games can be installed in your balcony or even in the backyards or if you have a small space, then even lobby area can work great. Kids need some physical play games and with their 2-3 friends joining in, it can be a great way to build their social, emotional time while playing.

5 Semi-outdoor games for Kids : 

Games for kids!

These games are good for kids who are 3+, but kids are getting smarter, some options can be even great for 2-2.5year old kid, you never know how the interest takes the developmental journey.

1. Archery – The Bows and Arrows :

Ready for the beginning of a young archer? An interesting, safe play suitable for indoor as well as outdoor is this bow and arrow dart game. It is delightfully simple, durable and will ensure a good grip in your kids hands. Why not give it a try, kids rejoice & love their archery sets lot! 

2. Air Hockey :

Oh forget kids, I love playing Air hockey so much! Its a total fun to play with kids or elders. Apart from enjoyment, it is so important for the cognitive development of kid and demands instant action basis the opposition. A great game for motor skill development as well. A healthy competitive game, I love this the most and is a great addition to the fun games .

3. Mid-Sized Foosball :

Just like Air Hockey, Foosball is a perfect family & kids game. Even it can be a game arranged during the party of your kids birthday! Get your kid ready for this fast paced Foosball competition with his friends for an amazing play. Further, let me tell you, this will also help in cognitive development of a child, since it involves quick action & involves ample grey matter functioning:)

4. Basketball Play Set :

One of the game, my kid loves & me too since I have it in my lobby & he plays perfectly with it. With an adjustable height, your child can play it indoors or outdoors anywhere. Further , since the height is adjustable it can be used for quite 2-3 years as well. With being a great support in Physical activity, basketball when played in group also helps your child learn team work & socialise.

5. The Dark Knight Scooter :

This is something our boys would love to have. While racing across the house or taking it to the garden, it has an equal charm. This scooter develops eye-hand coordination of a child and can be easily balanced for a fun ride.

Guess you loved the options I shared here post discussing out with Moms who have got their kids similar games to keep them physically active, running as well as have ensured the safety by getting them placed in their houses!

What does your child loves to play with while outdoors or some game which involves activity?

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  1. All those 5 games you listed are quite interesting and exciting as well but my most preferred is the bows and arrows game cause i remember playing it a lot at a tender age.

    • Ha ha ha breaking & getting a new game is a ritual for every child..Checkers & borads games are damn too interesting, I love playing them myself;)

  2. Some great suggestions. Last year we purchased a swing ball set and it provided hours of entertainment. Packs up into its own cute little case too, so it doesn’t require much space.

  3. Yay, such a fun list of games to play. I’m off to the cottage soon with the family and these are some great suggestions we can bring along. Thanks!

  4. Great ideas! Ive always linked kids staying inside to the increased love of technology rather than all the horrid events in the world but I suppose its a mix of both.

  5. I love the fact that there are people who still prefer outdoor games for children rather than computer games. Being a teacher, I can see how bad computer games are for kids, and unfortunately I also see how many of our parents are not aware of it. I understand that outdoor games are maybe a bit dangerous and that we don’t have the time to take our kids out all the time. But, these games are excellent proof that there are activities apart from computer games that interesting to kids even when they don’t go out that often. Thank you for sharing this excellent post with us.

  6. These games are great. I love your list. My favorites used to be air hockey and mid sized football. It was so much fun to play that friends.

  7. Number 1 and 2 would be awesome for a date night also, or maybe a game night for all your friends!! You just gave me a great idea! fyi I, also, love air hockey! You’re not alone! Thank you for sharing!

  8. I am so glad that you mentioned the air hockey game because I love playing it in the arcade and I can imagine the mini version being ideal for kids. This is a great list!

  9. These are all really fun games for kids, I personally like the archery one. I really hope kids indulge more in real games/sports/activities rather then just being addicted to smartphones or tablets.

  10. I am interested in the air hockey table. It will give not only good exercise, it will also help develop a child’s reflexes. The bow and arrow set looks nice too. Thanks for sharing these games/toys. These are better for kids than staring for hours on their smartphones or iPads.