5 Potty Training Essentials for your baby

5 Potty Training Essentials for your baby

Curious to know Potty Training Essentials?

Your baby is becoming a toddler and the time has come to take on the major task of potty training. Let’s be real—this is perhaps the biggest transition that your little one has had in their whole life up until now! Figuring out how to move from diapers to the toilet is a huge challenge, but having the right tools on hand will make it easier, both for them and for you.

So what essential tools do you need to help lend a hand during your adventures in potty training? Here are five of our absolute must-haves.

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1. The Right Underwear

First and foremost, the most important thing you’ll need is underwear! Ensuring you have pairs that are both comfortable and functional for your little one are going to make a big difference. Incontinence products for kids are a great way to go because they’re made to be absorbent. When you’re on the search for some good pairs of underwear, it’s not a bad idea to grab a reusable bed pad either to add an extra layer of protection at night and during nap time!

2. A Potty Training Toilet Seat

Next up is preparing the toilet to make it as comfortable as possible for your child. That big porcelain seat can look intimidating to your child, so adding something to help it look more approachable is going to be well worth it. A potty training toilet seat makes the perfect size seat for your child, allowing them to focus less on holding themselves up and more on the task at hand.

3. Floor Cleaner

It’s inevitable — there will be accidents, and when that happens, you will want to be prepared. Whether it’s cleaner for hard floors or carpeting, having the right supplies on hand to quickly clean up those spills and spots. When these accidents happen, be sure to tell your child that it’s ok. Accidents happen, and that is all part of the learning process. Perhaps let them play a part in the clean-up.

4. Plenty of Activities

Here’s the thing about potty training: at the beginning, it’s a lot of sitting in the bathroom waiting for something to happen. This gets all really quick, especially for a young child, so having plenty of fun games and activities on hand is going to really help. It could be a tablet playing their favorite show, a simple card game, or you could even purchase some special toys just for the occasion to get them excited.

5. A Reward System

Last but certainly not least, consider a kind of reward system that you can implement for your child and their potty training progress. It could be as simple as a sticker chart or magnet board to track how many times they’ve successfully used the toilet, or you could have a basket of small toys that they can choose from. Consider a big reward once they’re fully potty trained. A trip to the zoo, a day at a local water park, or their favorite treat at the end of the day are all great ideas!

Potty training is a huge step, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Grab all of the essentials and jump in – we promise it will be worth it!

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  1. PraGun

    This seems to be quite a useful post. My kids have outgrown the potty training age, but I’m happy to read as I followed these steps while training my kids.

  2. Alpana Deo

    Potty training is a big milestone both for parents:) and kids. I remember my days when I was at this stage. Looking back, it feels how did I sailed through those unpredictable days.

  3. Rupsbooklove

    Loved your potty training ideas. Mh sister is expecting and we have started our research for such topics and this looks amazing.

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    Yesterday only my Lil sis was asking me about this. Now I can share it with her, as she is a new mom struggling with potty training her toddler. Informative post 👍

  5. Surbhi Prapanna

    Now my girls are almost teen agers , your post has reminded me the time when they were in this stage. rewarding your little kids, when they get fully trained, is an awesome idea. indeed, potty training is a major mile stone of early childhood life, keeping your points in mind will help lots of parents to cross this stage easily.

  6. Priyal

    Those were the tough days , when as a parent I have to give potty training to my kids.
    Every morning it was a habit to let them sit for 5-10 minutes on the potty by keeping them busy with other things. A tough work for both parents and kids

  7. Richa

    I hope more and more people will find this article very helpful. You have penned every point very well. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Indiacafe24

    Yes, that’s a big thing that you talked about in the post as I saw the hard days when my sisters son was young. But once taught rightly they learn it too quickly. These days kids are super smart

  9. Sandy N Vyjay

    Potty training is such an important and integral part of parenting. These are some really useful pointers for getting the babies potty trained. Very useful to new moms and dads.

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    I am not a mother yet, but this is something different. I wasn’t aware of this much. Great one. Thank you for the information. Would recommend this to the would be mommies.

  11. Potty traning is one of the toughtest phase of childhood. And with right equipment one can overcome the phase easily. Liked your advice of choosing right undergarment so the mess is not much and with right cleaning items the process is smooth.

  12. Jeannine

    Reminds me of the time when I won that potty training seat just in time when my first born is about to do potty training. How timely! That same potty was used by my 2nd one. haha.. Your tips are very much informative especially for first time moms whose child is going through this stage. That floor cleaner tip is a must but usually forgotten. It’s great you included it in the list!

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    So much to learn and know.. I am not a mother but really understand about this phase and need to know the training to overcome the situation. Kudos to all parents out there…

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    I wish I had read such a useful guide before, as I had quite a tough time to potty train my daughter.

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    Potty training is a very necessary step of parenting . Your pointers are really helpful for new mommies . These days I am struggling with potty training my little one .

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    These are indeed some important tips to help mommies to potty train their little one. This is really an important part to their growth journey. Very helpful post.

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    Potty training is very difficult thing but all these tips are very helpful. I will share this article with my sister, she is a new mom.👏👏

  18. Aakriti

    Potty Training for kids is a big milestone and a bigger milestone for parents too. Honestly, it depends from child to child because I had completely different experience with both🙂

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    Looking back, I’ve used all of these. Such a useful post, will be sharing this to my daughters-in-laws. ^^

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