5 Resolutions a mommy needs for 2018!

Life has been a perfect roller coaster ride and after getting the badge of “Motherhood”, it has had its shares of ample smiles and some tears as well. Imparting values, developing creativity, enhancing skills have to be nurtured from the inception of toddlerhood phase. And I tried my level best to give all round development to my preschooler, who is 3.5 years now and ready to hit formal schools. But, to make all those transitions and skill developments seamless, somehow, I felt, I lost my hobbies, my craziness to some extent. And that’s why after 3 years, I’ve planned to take some resolutions for the New Year 2018, not as a mommy, but as a woman, as a  person inside me.

Life has been a roller coaster ride after becoming a mama. So this year, I took out time to loosen up the strings and set some resolutions for 2018. #friendshipgoals #resolutions #newyearsresolutions #newyear #mommylife #2018

So here goes 5 Resolutions for 2018 :

1. Actively maintain a healthy regime :

“Fitness has to be a lifestyle”, atleast for me this year! The energy, positivity radiated by healthy and fit mommies is indeed contagious and I’ll love to put myself in that tribe.

I have been trying hard to be regular with my workouts and diet plan. Happy that it has been a month, I’ve changed my diet plans, included more of raw veggies, nutritious salads and more fibres in my diet. But I still need to work upon my work out plan which goes on and off. I’ve prepared a weekly chart for the diet and exercising regime and in the end, I’ll reward myself for following it, lol. We need to be serious about our health to remain fit, energetic and radiant in the long run and hence I need to promise myself to ensure fitness.

2. Explore and travel more :

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots, instead of feet” – Rachel Wolchin.

So true, our souls need regular feed, our minds need to see the natural beauty, our hearts need that adventurous zest in life. And so the Travel bug inside me vouched to explore every small corner of this beautiful planet more and more. I so much want to know more people, their heritages, their cultures and what better than to expand this journey every year.

3. Soulful music & Sketching :

Shakespeare so rightly said, when words fail, music speaks. Somehow, in this beautiful life, I have lost the path and forgotten the soulful music from past few years. There has been so much chaos all around mommy-hood, that music somehow wiped out. Listening to those instrumental beats rejuvenates our mind and soul, brings so much of peace and triggers our feelings once again. Music has to be an integral part of my daily life now.

I’m a lover of sketching and have done few of them, but only to bind them back in my almirah. I plan to sketch more of my emotions and human feelings to give a voice to my inner soul.


4. Hangout with friends :

“Find your tribe and love them hard” , that’s what I’m gonna do this year and continue it for ages!

I need to hangout and make more new friends this year. True friends makes our soul happy and I’m thankful to blogging since it has given me some really good friends to cherish for life. Let me appreciate some beautiful relations and applaud them through this journey of mystical life.

5. Get some good sleep :

What I want is someone to say “You go to sleep, there is none to wake you up”! I want sleep to know, that I love it now, all the more, I did all through my life. 

It seems I just need a day off from mommy-hood and get back my 12 hours deep sleep hovering over beautiful dreams, riding a chariot like a princess. Now, it depends on my better half to manage our kid in the night, to grant me that happiness. We have been sleeping together with our child and have not allocated a separate cot to him yet. Hence, I’m sure mommies, you could relate to my disturbed sleep. Further my sleep is allergic to mornings, so when my son is deep in his sleep, I get up for my Blogging projects and chores. So, I’ve always felt lack of quality as well as quantity of sleep. Hoping for a change with the year change.

How about you guys, what do you feel about my resolutions and how are you planning to make 2018 more special? Share with me in the comment section below!

Till then,


Life has been a roller coaster ride after becoming a mama. So this year, I took out time to loosen up the strings and set some resolutions for 2018. #resolutions #newyeargoals #goals #2018

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