New Chapter : 5 Things you need to know for your pregnancy

New Chapter : 5 Things you need to know for your pregnancy

Congratulations if you’ve witnessed those 2 lines. It’s a feeling that no word in Oxford can ever describe. I still remember my ecstasy, when I heard my baby’s first heartbeat at around 9 weeks of gestational age. My life took a complete U-turn, as I worked out a lot for myself to give birth to a healthy happy baby. 9 months isn’t a small time frame and just like our life, this path also has its own share of hiccups. This post is to help First-time moms (to-be-moms), to prepare yourself and gear up to enjoy your pregnancy.

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Things you need to know when you’re pregnant :

1. Healthcare Provider and Vaccinations

Well, if you already have your best gynecologist by your side, you’re set for your pregnancy. If not, you need to start your work, by finalizing your gynecologist for the next 9 months. Discuss and take referrals from your friends and relatives, as you’ll have to visit your doctor nearly every month for checkups and baby monitoring. Further, once you’re done with it, your gynecologist will let you know about the vaccinations you’ll need to take. During pregnancy some parts of the immune system are suppressed, so few infections can really impact the developing fetus. Hence, opt for all vaccinations your gynecologist prescribes without failing.

While choosing the hospital, you should accommodate factors like doctor’s expertise, hygiene, approximate distance from your home, preference for normal delivery and so on.

2. Exercising & Healthy snacks :

If you’ve been really active before pregnancy, slow down a little bit. You should consult a gynecologist as to which all exercises you can do in your pregnancy. You should be extra cautious during the first trimester. Various Exercises helps you in different stages of pregnancy; few strengthen your pelvic muscles, while few enhance your flexibility. Ensure the right workout routine. Walking should be a part of your daily regime.

Food and health are very much related in Pregnancy too. If you’re a working woman, keep healthy snack boxes always in your bag. I used to carry mixed Nuts, energy bars, fruits, cheese, and yogurt for small snack breaks. Avoid Tea, caffeine, alcohol as much as you can. Add fresh fruit juices and curd to your daily diet as well. Drink lots of water to keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day.

First Time working moms, here are 5 things you need to know just when you conceived :For Pregnant women #pregnancy #pregnantwomen #Maternityinsurance #insurance #maternityclothing #healthyfood #vaccination #pregnancy #snacking #healthyfood

3. HR policy / Maternity coverage:

If you’re a working woman, right after you’ve conceived, thoroughly read the Maternity policy and benefits provided by your organization. Speak to HR personnel and understand in depth of all the coverage available. If the policy doesn’t seem to cover all expenses, pre and postnatal expenses, baby vaccinations (which are really very costly), then opt for Maternity Insurance, which can provide you complete coverage. 

4. Caretaker:

If you’re in a nuclear family, it is of prime importance that you plan up things so that you can balance your personal & professional life. Start looking for trusted agencies helping with nannies as they have experience in raising babies. You’ll need someone trustworthy after you’re exhausted with your maternity leaves. If someone from your family can come and support, nothing like that! But start working on the possible options, so that you’re not stressed out at the last moment.

5. Comfortable clothing:

When your body is undergoing changes, comfortable clothing helps you throughout this journey. There are many Pregnancy wears which you can opt for while going to work. Go for natural and soft fibers, as artificial fibers can make you feel breathe-less.

It is not necessary to wear extra loose clothing, but you should choose a type of clothing that makes feel comfortable. Try to avoid extra heels during pregnancy as it can result in mishaps.

While these are some important pointers a working pregnant woman should consider, ensure that you are not stressed out. Your body is really vulnerable during pregnancy, and any anxiety, stress, can impact you as well as the growing fetus. Enjoy the work you’re doing and start taking things “at ease”. For any concerns, keep on discussing with your gynecologist, as none can actually guide you better than your doctor. Ensure that you have a happy & positive atmosphere around you. You can also consider taking family health insurance which can cover you and your family at the same time on one policy.

It’s a new chapter of your life, turn it blissfully!


Quest to live the life surrounded with the charming little bundle's of joy. When they speak, I sing, When they smile, I rejoice , When they hug, I hold them never to lose, Such is my passion for these Gifts of God.This love urged me to navigate separately from my Travel Blog & establish an "All-In-One" Blog for budding mothers. Mum's have multi-tasked this world ,with all her professional commitments , she still makes an extra effort to be a loving, caring and be an intellectual mommy! Cheers, for me too come from the same fraternity, post having a superb academics & close to 8 years of professional experience and blessed with a little one "who has indeed changed my life from Autumn to Spring";)

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  1. Deepa

    A very helpful post for would be moms. Its a different experience for everyone but sometimes it helps to know what other moms went through.

  2. Ujjwal mishra

    Great Jhilmil. I am going to share this with my SIL she is expecting.this is a quick checklist of important things.

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    My cousin sister is pregnant. And I will be sharing this blog post with her to help her in her first pregnancy. 🙂

  4. Roma

    You know Jhilmil, how I wished there was one such guide with me when I was pregnant. I am glad you are doing fab work

  5. Dipika

    Such a helpful post for new moms and would be mommies. I see now we know so much and share with others, wish someone would have done same for us back then

  6. Gunjan Upadhyay

    This is such a useful list Jhilmil. Glad you shared it here for all the new mommies or would be mommies. It is so essential to know few things early on for better management of life after baby

  7. Snigdha

    Completely agree with your points . This post is power pack for would be moms .

  8. Roshni Parate

    Wow, these are the things that really someone should know if they are pregnant or if one is planning to have kids. I also genuinely feels that one should wear the comfortable clothes.. not just oversized one..

  9. Vartika

    Very useful pointers, you have covered all the points and penned them very thoughtfully. This is a must read post for all the would-be mommies.

  10. Sneha

    For first time would be mothers pregnancy is a new experience. They must utmost take care of themselves. And listen to their gynec. 🙂

  11. Nisha

    When a woman gets pregnant things change a lot and so does her needs. It’s great that you have compiled such a useful list. Health insurance is something we should never ignore.

  12. Preeti Chauhan

    Being a New Mom is a thrilling and at the same time an anxious moment as one really wants everything to go as well as possible for the New Mom and Baby.This list really gives a heads up , I definitely liked the suggestion of health insurance for the family.

  13. Jhilmil D Saha

    These are such important pointers to remember when expecting your first child.This article will be a great guide for expecting moms.

  14. SocialMediaMomSG

    Helpful post for first timers definitely especially in the era where we live far off from the loved ones. It’s important to be ready completely for motherhood since it’s such a crucial phase.

  15. Mrinal Kiran

    Those are five essential things one need to keep in mind during pregnancy! Doctor’s appointment and vaccinations are not to be missed and also healthy Lifestyle is very important!

  16. charu chittwal

    Maternity leave is something that a lot of to be moms are still unaware of, that is weird to me too, thank you for including that point here. Overall loved the blog it was damn insightful I am defnitely sharing this link with a friend of mine.

  17. charu chittwal

    Maternity leave is something that a lot of to be moms are still unaware of, that is weird to me too, thank you for including that point here. Overall loved the blog it was damn insightful I am definitely sharing this link with a friend of mine.

  18. Purva

    One is so full of questions when becoming mother for the first time. This article is useful for them.

  19. Rituka

    Very helpful and informative post, Surely going to save it and share it with my preggo friends, news of pregnancy comes with so many question but your article solves lot of queries related to pregnancy.

  20. Alpana Deo

    Wonderful post. First pregnancy comes with many questions, curiosity, dilemmas. It’s a wonderful phase in any woman’s life but the most crucial one too

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    These are very helpful post for the mommies to be , my cousin is expecting soon. I am going to share this beautiful write up with her. Thanks

  22. Abhinav Singh

    I agree that eating habits during pregnancy should be wise. And the healthy habits inculcated during pregnancy should continue for life.

  23. Seema Wadhwa

    This is a very useful post for expectant moms. A lot of pregnancy tips like eating habits, workouts and more can be really helpful for moms to be.

  24. Sandy N Vyjay

    The thought of being a mother is indeed a unique experience beyond anything else. There are so many steps to be taken in terms of diet, exercise, medication, etc., for the mom to be. Earlier the joint family systems used to provide complete support but with the growth of nuclear families,one needs all the professional guidance and advice one can get.

  25. Reubenna

    I whole heartedly agree that a first time mom should keep these things in mind during pregnancy. These are indeed very important aspects.

  26. Nisha

    Also to be prepared before the baby comes makes it bit easy. As later on u get busy with her. Better to undertake some really measure tasks during your pregnancy.

  27. Prerna Sinha

    Such precautions are a must and glad you’ve jotted them all, thank for share!

  28. Deepa Shri Rajan

    A very very useful read for pregnant women, they have to know all these especially their vaccinations, their food and drinks and the hr policies if they want to take leaves. Good one.

  29. An elaborate yet concised compilation of all important things a first-time Mom need to take care of. Keep it up. I hope you won’t mind if I offer a suggestion? I have seen many gynaecs missing on this part i.e. Kegel’s. In case you are unaware of Kegel’s, it’s a form of excercise that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. These are a must for every pregnant women to relieve urinary incontinence and prepare for the labour. Looking forward to your opinion on this! 🙂

  30. Nandini Lal

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