5 Things to consider before owing new Family Home

From past few months, we have been hunting for our house and believe me it is a big challenge. There are several perks of getting your own house, especially when there’s a family with you. Not every house you look at will be just right for your family especially if the kids prefer fun activities and require a larger space. Sometimes the locality might be an issue, at other times limited space might be. Therefore, it makes sense to do your homework beforehand to make the house hunting task little easier. After all, new Family home is a dream home!

Confused about just what to consider in a new family home?

Searching & owning a new house is not an easy task, and more so when the search is for a Family home. Here are 5 things you need to know on this journey #familyhome #home #house #rent #buyhouse #property

5 Things you must emphasize on, while searching your new “Family Home” :


An apartment may be within your budget, and it may be amazingly constructed. However, its low price may be due to what’s in the neighbourhood.

Are there stenches from the factory that’s just around the corner? Does the whole structure shake when a train passes on the railway track nearby? These are enough to turn many people off a house, so make sure you visit a likely place during all hours of the day and choose a home with good locality.

Road junctions can be just as bad as railway tracks. You’d be constantly attacked by loud honking, flashing lights, and all the downsides of a busy road. Plus, you’re more at risk of a car or truck crashing into your home.


Are you able to see your neighbours’ living room? In that case, they’re probably able to peep into your private lives as well. You may have to decide whether you can keep your curtains closed at all times or be a haven for peeping toms.

The view from the windows would also let you know just how much sunlight you can expect to have, as well as anything disturbing that you may not want to live with. For instance, having a balcony overlooking a graveyard may not be the best thing if you’re easily scared.


Searching & owning a new house is not an easy task, and more so when the search is for a Family home. Here are 5 things you need to know on this journey #familyhome #home #house #rent #buyhouse #property

Even when you’re comfortably living on campus while still in college, it still makes sense to plan to buy a house in the future. But before proceeding further, you should consider what will happen when you try to sell it. That way, you want to make sure your money won’t go down the drain.

The house may stay yours for the rest of your life, but you never know what the future holds. Life may throw you a curveball that forces you to sell the house. You may want a completely isolated house, but will it be able to sell in the future? Will there be more residents around in a few years or a decade? These are all factors you may have to consider if you want to own that residential property.


If you don’t want to stay in one place for a very long time, consider a renting option. In fact, you may want to rent for a bit and see if the location is what it’s cracked up to be. This will give you some breathing space while you look around for a more permanent place.

When you consider renting for some time, you can look at both houses and apartments, depending on the size of your family. Online you can look up apartments for rent in Glendale CA or any other place that strikes your fancy.


You obviously shouldn’t just be looking at the structure you’re going to be living in. While that is important, the local amenities could be an even bigger factor in deciding where you live.

When you’re part of a family, you have to consider where the nearest school is, or even if you’re in the right school district. For instance, if you have a child with special needs, you may want to live near a school that has a Special Education department.

Other factors to consider are the proximity and availability of proper parking space, fire stations, hospitals, grocery stores, and clinics. All of these facilities are necessary in order to live well and content as a family.

I would like to know what all more factors you consider before renting/buying your own family home? Do share your views in the comments, so that it can be helpful for us all readers, when we house hunt!

Happy Living!

XoXo, Jhilmil


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