5 Tips to dry clothes indoor faster in Rainy season

Are you ready for monsoon? Drying clothes indoor is every household problem during rains. Moisture and humidity is a breeding ground for moulds, microbes which cause many health problems. Hence here are some tips to help you dry your clothes quick this monsoon. #monsoon #bonita #bonitaindia #household #durables #clothesdryingstand #dryingstand

Monsoon season is ringing the bells

Monsoon’s are beautiful. Gazing out of the window on the green grasses with water droplets, while sipping a hot cup of coffee is something exhilarating. Isn’t it peeps? To me, the fragrance of wet lands, clean greens, playful kids, chirping birds, rain dances and some delicious foods resonate with the merriment of rainy season. While, it does creates a cheerful environment but at times there is a lot of unpleasantness when there is a lack of sunshine during rainy days.

Clothes pile up, wet clothes deny to dry, moisture get laden in the rooms, blistering microbes spread all around and at times cause many health problems. When it all muddles up, the charm of rains bleak apart and causes more of worries.

So, here let’s talk about How to dry clothes faster on a Rainy Day?

The major household concern of any family during monsoon is that of drying wet clothes and I’m sure we all will agree to it. While we all prefer to dry our clothes inside our houses, rainy season is a time, when drying clothes inside takes a back seat and outside is something close to impossible.

The scene of the entire home filled with wet clothes waiting to dry is not beneficial for your health. Wet clothes, with the lack of percolating sunshine increases the humidity of the air in the house and this humidity is a perfect ground for molds, fungus and other microbes to flourish. This moisture laden indoor air, clubbed with microbes are a result of many upper respiratory tract infections as sinusitis, allergies, pneumonia (in Infants and young kids). As during monsoon temperature fluctuates, it results in decreased immunities, more so in Infants and young children.

Tips to dry clothes fast :

1. Dripping excess water :

If you are washing clothes in washing machine, run the draining cycle twice or thrice before putting them on drying stand. If you are washing from hands, then allow excess water to drip first in the bathroom, before putting them on clothes stand.

2. Clothes Drying Stand :

Are you ready for monsoon? Drying clothes indoor is every household problem during rains. Moisture and humidity is a breeding ground for moulds, microbes which cause many health problems. Hence here are some tips to help you dry your clothes quick this monsoon. #monsoon #bonita #bonitaindia #household #durables #clothesdryingstand #dryingstand

A clothing rack serves a great purpose here. Not every clothing rack can solve this problem of quick drying. Tubello drying stand from Bonita India is amazingly designed to help solve this dilemma. You just need to put your clothes on it to dry and relax with your coffee. Forget any electrical drying, this will not just save electricity for the masses but also have an impact on our huge power bills.

I have been using Tubello Clothes Drying Stand and its pre-eminent feature are :

  • 38 ft. space for drying, which allows clothes to have sufficient space, even between the tubes. You can hang clothes with hanger or spread on each stand easily with sufficient space helping in proper air circulation and quick drying.
  • It is multi-positional and you can hang small or large clothes and even bedsheets very easily.
  • It has a rack for flat drying of delicate clothes.
  • Once your clothes are dry, just fold this stand and keep it in the corner. This will saves our indoor space form any clutter.
  • Also, it has coated steel and UV resistant plastic parts and is pretty durable in nature. And this superior quality results in this drying stand to take a weight upto 10kgs, Isn’t that a great Home solution?

It also comes in pleasant colours and when spread across for drying, does not mar the look of the room. Further, it comes from Bonita, which is an emerging name for providing complete online household solutions. Bonita also has a dealer network pan India. They have all range of products from Laundry to Organising & Storage Category. Not just that they are attractive, they are backed with appreciable quality and durability of their products. There was an ardent need of such laundry and storage solutions for Indian households, and they’ve honestly covered up the small gaps with superior quality.

3. Use hangers on this Drying stand :

Using hangers will fasten the process of drying and this is something which is hassle-free. All you need to do is, place wet clothes on a hanger and hang them on Tubello Clothes Drying Stand. That’s it.

4. Controlling Indoor Moisture :

Moisture levels in the house should be really low, and for this you can use unrefined salt or air purifier bag’s which absorbs moisture from the room. These bags or salt absorbs the moisture in the room and reduces the formation of fungus and moulds, keeping your indoor air fresh and healthy even in rainy season.

5. Good Organizer :

Are you ready for monsoon? Drying clothes indoor is every household problem during rains. Moisture and humidity is a breeding ground for moulds, microbes which cause many health problems. Hence here are some tips to help you dry your clothes quick this monsoon. #monsoon #bonita #bonitaindia #household #durables #clothesdryingstand #dryingstand

Get a good organizer to keep things tidy. I have the below mentioned Multi-Purpose Rack, again from Bonita, and it is helpful for varied type of storage solutions. Due to its stability, one can keep books, utensils, tools, stationary or anything well arranged with proper spaces. When things are arranged properly in aired rack, rather than in a messy closed rack, the chances of moulds and microbes circulating gets lesser. The dampness doesn’t develops and that’s a big relief during monsoons.

Hope this post would have helped you prepare for the upcoming monsoon’s and have your own checklist ready before rains lash the city.

What solutions you do use to dry the clothes in Rainy season? Comment down and share with us.

Happy Monsoon,

XoXo, Jhilmil

[Disclaimer : I had received the products from Bonita India, but the feedback is basis my own personal use after quite some time]

  1. Nameesh

    The tips shared by you to dry clothes is pretty useful. I will definitely refer some of the points when drying clothes and also want to buy one of the multi-purpose rack 🙂

  2. Charu

    Quite a relevant post for this season. Drying clothes in monsoon is a major problem especially in place like Mumbai where weather is super humid. The cloth drying stand you have mentioned looks pretty useful.

  3. Sarah

    This was a really helpful post with some genuine and valuable tips specially the indoor dryer stand is a must have in monsoons ..


    Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Bangalore is behaving rainy drainy now a days and this post is just in time 😘💕all the tips and tricks worth trying

  5. Vasantha

    Great tips to dry clothes faster during rainy season. I love that clothes stand. It’s great boon during monsoon for all moms. I would like to add to the list as try to wash blankets and other heavy clothes only if it’s sunny.

  6. Shilpa Garg

    I have a similar drying rack and what I like about it is that in a small space a lot of clothes can he hing for drying. And that it can be folded and kept away is an added advantage. I like the multipurpose rack and I think I must check it out.

  7. alpanadeo

    Monsoons definitely brings some coolness but along with that the question of drying clothes comes hand in hand. I have the same stand back home but don’t know if it can be used as a rack. That’s cool.

  8. Geethica Mehra

    A clothing stand is the most important thing during monsoons. There always less sun on these days and clothes smell bad when pulled up on one another. A spacious clothes stand like this looks like a perfect solution

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