5 Ways to Secure Your New Home: 

5 Ways to Secure Your New Home: 

Congratulations, you’re a proud owner of a new home. Owing a new home is a great investment and a beautiful milestone of an individual’s life, which is made up of love and memories. While we all work towards an elegant ambiance, we also need to work on home security. Setting up security measures is a serious task, that cannot be ignored.

Here are 5 Ways to Secure Your New Home:

1. Get to know your neighbor:

Remember the saying, “neighbors are like the second family”? Well yes, if you’ve moved into your new home, you should consider getting to know your neighbors. Having a trusted neighbor is a great way to protect your home and have watching eyes when you aren’t at your home.

2. Secure your doors:

Well, keeping the door locked is of utmost priority, as most burglars enter through the front door.

Ensure that your door frames are strong and hinges are well protected.

  • If the doors have normal locks, keep a check if the locks are damaged, or the exterior locks are easy to open.
  • For additional security, you can always “Smart door locks”, have a deadbolt locking mechanism.
  • You can even plan to get a video doorbell installed to boost up your security.

Such smart home security installations will help you add an extra layer of safety for these entryways and will help you monitor your home better.

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3. Security camera:

Having a security camera in its place is a great security solution. Not just that act as a deterrent, but can also help you get valuable footage in case there is a burglary attempt. These days, you can get individual wireless security cameras, with decent resolutions, that are quite economical. There are cameras with advanced motion tracking features, that give you instant alerts of what’s happening exactly. Having security cameras with alerts/mobile applications is the best way to keep real-time monitoring of your home, even when you are far away.

Features that you should look in for security cameras:

  • Motion tracking
  • Immediate personal alerts
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Cloud/Local storage
  • Night vision
  • 360-degree coverage
  • Indoor/Outdoor durability

If you're a proud owner of a home, you must also know Ways to Secure Your New Home. Here are 5 tips to help you with home security tips.

4. Keep your valuables out of sight / in bank lockers:

Avoid keeping many valuables as jewelry (gold/diamond), bundles of dollars at your home. You can opt for bank lockers for safety. Even expensive items shouldn’t be visible easily from your windows. Having curtains, blindfolds is a good idea to stop passers-by from scanning your indoors. Opt for Home safes for valuables and documents that you need to keep at home. Ensure that the home safes are water and fireproof, check the locking system, their storage space, and size too.

5. Motion-sensing lights:

Installing motion-sensing lights is a great way to keep intruders away. The best way is to turn regular lights into motion sensor lights. You can simply put an adapter that detects the motion. Do this indoors as well as outdoors so that any movement outdoors or indoors will not go undetected.

Having the right home security system need not be an expensive and tedious task. You can start with these 5 ways to secure your new home and upgrade gradually as the need arises. Be aware of the potential risks and the security measure to keep your loved ones safe.


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