6 Indoor Air purifying plants

Indoor Air Purifying Plants :

In the last post we read about few measures to curb Indoor Air Pollution at individual level. Indoor Plants not just spruce up the interiors but they are indispensable to us. We al know that they convert Carbon Di Oxide into Fresh Oxygen and also helps in removing some toxins from the air.

But there is an added info to it, not just the leaves of the plants, but even the soil microorganisms which are present in the potted plants, also play a very important role in cleaning the indoor air. Various researches have proved it!

Delhi's Air Pollution has given a new reach for plants. Since Indoor Air Pollution can be 5X more than outdoors, here are some Air Purifying Plants for home. #airpurifyingplants #indoorplants #airpollution #plants #Delhi #DelhiAir

What do researches say for Indoor Air Plants and their Purification aspect?

Having indoor plants can remove few of the toxins, but standalone they cannot improve the health in a significant way. Luz Claudio, a professor of environmental medicine, stated that Plants are amazing at removing Volatile toxins from air “under controlled Laboratory Conditions”. But in real world (in homes) the scenario is quite different.

The reasons being, the real world conditions, in which the outdoor air is frequently exchanged with the indoor air, the amount of light hours for the plants varies in realistic situations. Further, having one Areca Palm in complete house cannot do wonders. There was a recommendation of having at two house plants per 100 Square feet to be effective in their work as Natural Air Purifiers. It also depends on the Leaf surface area.

The more leafy and good sized plant would be, it would have a better rate of air purification.

But yes, having plants in homes can definitely give you a soothing and calming effect. Honestly, they make me happy and spring up my energy levels always. But remember, try to have the minimum recommendation of good Indoor plants.

Here are some Indoor Plants, which add up the beauty and excel at their task of purifying air :

1. Golden Pothos :

Pothos is the most easiest houseplant to grow and none can deny that. It can continuw to grow into a long leafy vine. Is your bedroom devoid of direct sunlight? Then Pothos is perfect for it, as it doesn’t needs lots of sunlight to grow. They grow well in low light conditions and also don’t need daily watering. They need round of watering once the soil is about to become dry. Too damp conditions and too much watering hampers the roots and Pothos can start rotting.

Delhi's Air Pollution has given a new reach for plants. Since Indoor Air Pollution can be 5X more than outdoors, here are some Air Purifying Plants for home. #airpurifyingplants #indoorplants #airpollution #plants #Delhi #DelhiAir #goldenpothos #MoneyPlant #Lily #Gogreen

2. Areca Palm :

After Golden Pothos, Areca Palm is the most common Indoor plant seen in many corporate houses, hotels. Areca Palm is amazing in removing the hazardous toluene and xylene from the indoor air. Toluene is a part of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be released from paints, adhesives, and even personal care products as Nail Polish removers.

Opt for Areca Palm with thick and larger trunk base, having more leafs. And It can tolerate Indoor environment, but it needs sufficient water so that its roots get the damp environment it needs to remain fresh and damage free.

3. Peace Lily :

This beauty is wonderful in removing compounds as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Acetone, Alcohol. Between its glossy green leaves, it gives white flowers, which can bloom indoors. It needs indirect sunlight and more of humidity, but it grows well even in shaded area. Remember, it needs a proper watering, allow the soil to go moderately dry before the next watering session. They look beautiful for most of the season with While blooming flowers (they bloom around full summers).

Incase you are allergic to pollens, then you might avoid having Peace Lily, as it does contributes pollen and floral scents in the air.

4. Ficus (Weeping Fig) :

It’s quite a hardy plant, which can end up growing between 2-10 ft and add up indoor beauty. This plant doesn’t requires much maintenance, indirect and moderate sunlight , Moderate temperature, and some water is what it needs. It needs a mention that allow the soil to dry between the waterings for Fig. It removes toxins as Benzene, Formaldehyde from the Indoor Air.

Delhi's Air Pollution has given a new reach for plants. Since Indoor Air Pollution can be 5X more than outdoors, here are some Air Purifying Plants for home. #airpurifyingplants #indoorplants #airpollution #plants #Delhi #DelhiAir #goldenpothos #MoneyPlant #Lily

5. Snake Plant (Mother-in-law’s tongue) :

One of the most simplest plant that grows well indoors. It comes with 4-8 leaves and is an impressive plant due to evergreen leaves. This succulent plant is perfect if you can’t really take care of plants. I doesn’t requires much water as soggy soil will rot its roots. Let the soil dry between waterings . It loves warm climate, so occasionally put the plant in sunlight.

In combination with Peace Lily, and Spider Plants, it is effective in removing toxins as Formaldehyde, Xylene, Benzene.

6. Spider Plant :

Spider Plants have long green leaves (might be variegated with white) and easily grow as Indoor houseplants. They do bloom during summers, with tiny white flowers, adding up the colours. They need average water (neither too wet nor dry) and they love indirect sunlight. So why not place it on your bedside close to the window (with no direct sunlight)? They grow quickly and love moderate temperatures, which makes them great as Indoor Plants.

They are also effective in reducing indoor pollutants, when planted as per the minimum requisite.

English Ivy and Boston Fern are other options for Indoor Plants. AloeVera is a succulent plant, which loves lots of sunlight. Since it has the ability to filter out Benzene and Formaldehyde, you can plan to grow it outdoors with enough sunlight.

Delhi's Air Pollution has given a new reach for plants. Since Indoor Air Pollution can be 5X more than outdoors, here are some Air Purifying Plants for home. #airpurifyingplants #indoorplants #airpollution #plants #Delhi #DelhiAir #goldenpothos #MoneyPlant #Lily #Gogreen

With enough of suggestions, there is no need to convert your indoors into a forest.

But the recommendation is to keep 1- 2 Indoor plants per 100 square feet to get the real benefit of filtering out the toxins from air.

Also ensure, good leaf surfaced plants have been potted with 6 to 8 inch wide pots, since soil micro-organisms also play an important role.

Go Green and Breathe clean air!!

  1. Manasi

    My grand dad is extremely fond of gardening and we also have a huge garden. So I’m sure this is the best article to forward to him for the moment. Loved the article, thanks much for the information! I have heard of spider plant from these. Good one.

  2. Charu Chittwal

    I just loved the way you have jotted down these amazing points, hat’s off to the efforts and time you would have invested for the research, this blog was damn insightful and helpful too, thank you for sharing!

  3. Mala

    We have pothos and ficus at our home for same purpose. It also helps in keeping our house fresh and also I think it brings positive vibes in our home

  4. Noor Anand Chawla

    What a useful and informative post you have shared here. Kudos to you for this wonderful work. This is exactly the kind of information we all need to know above all else.

  5. Deepa

    I have peace lily and English ivy at home but have to check out others. It is need of the hour with so much pollution around
    Good one.

  6. Hema

    Indoor plants are actually a good option to reduce pollution. The best part is they add beauty to dull looking living room. I have peace lily and money plant in my home

  7. Bushra

    Keeping indoor plants for improving the quality of air sounds like an added benefit. I’m searching for this list since long, glad to find it over here

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