7 most loved natural baby wash under 500 available online

7 most loved natural baby wash under 500 available online

Best natural baby wash available online

Splish splash!

That dripping water, play with bubbles, soothing scent, coos, and giggles! As a mom, I’ll vouch that bath time has been the most precious time for my baby and our bonding. We used to ensure a before-bed bath ritual too, which relaxes a baby, thus ensuring quality sleep. A good bath time has often been associated with the sensory development of a baby.

But did you know that a newborns skin is 30% thinner compared to an adult’s? Due to their thin skin, they lose moisture nearly 5X faster.

Thus, their skin is sensitive to drying. More so, a baby’s skin is highly absorbent. Hence, we need to ensure the right baby care products for our precious little ones.

I remember bathing my newborn with lukewarm water and sponging occasionally post-birth. After a few days, I chose a mild natural body wash, with tear-free formula. During my #Motherhood journey, I tried a few baby washes, to ascertain what suited my baby. And my experience narrowed down to a few best body wash for newborn.

Broadly, while choosing a baby wash, consider these 4 pointers,

  1. Hypoallergenic with No harsh chemicals (Paraben, Mineral Oil, Sulfate-free)
  2. No-Tear Formula
  3. Dermatologically tested
  4. Unscented / naturally mild scented

Best Natural Baby wash available in India:

Here are some of the mild and soothing #babywash for your baby’s delicate skin.

1. Mother Sparsh Plant powered Natural Baby wash:

Mother Sparsh natural Baby wash is indeed the best baby body wash for sensitive skin. It is made up of plant-based herbal extracts and essential oils.

A baby's skin is 5X more sensitive than an adult skin and hence as parents we need to ensure gentle and a natural baby wash for our babies. Here is a list of 7 best baby washes available online in India #babywash #babybodywash #naturalbabywash #bathingtime #organicbabywash #babywashesonline

Why Mother Sparsh Baby wash?

  • Mild on baby’s skin: This natural baby wash has all plant-based natural extracts. It also has essential oils such as,
    • Chamomile oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil, Calendula oil, Grapeseed oil. The presence of these essential oils has an anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect
    • Coconut-based cleanser
    • These ingredients also soothe a baby’s delicate skin.
  • No-Tear Formula to make bathing time fun for baby.
  • No artificial fragrances: Any product with soothing natural scents is the best for babies. #MotherSparsh Baby wash doesn’t have any synthetic fragrance.
  • No Harsh chemicals: Since a baby’s skin is sensitive, this natural baby wash is free from chemicals like Silicon, Paraben, Dyes, SLS/SLES, and Formaldehyde.
  • Perfect for daily use: The presence of mild plant-based ingredients makes Mother Sparsh baby wash perfectly suitable for everyday use for an exciting bath time!

How to use Mother Sparsh Plant powered Baby wash?

Pretty simple, dispense and small quantity on your wet palm and apply it to your baby’s skin. Gently massage it with your hands and rinse it well!

You can get Mother Sparsh #NaturalBabywash on all leading e-commerce channels, Amazon, FirstCry, PaytmMall, Hopscotch, Nyka, or from www.mothersparsh.com .

Buy it on Amazon here.

2. Lotus Herbals Baby+ Little Bubbles Body Wash:

The herbal baby care range from Lotus herbals is full of goodness. Having used their entire range, here is why this baby body wash is recommended:

  • It contains chamomile which is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. This helps in protecting a baby’s skin against free radicals and keeps it healthy.
  • It does not contain any harsh chemicals, No Preservatives, and is free of sulfates and paraben
  • The brand claims that 99% of the ingredients are all-natural, which makes it mild and gentle for babies. Our experience has been good when it comes to mildness.
  • It is pH balanced (5.5) and has #notearsformula which makes it suitable for fun bath time.

You can buy Lotus Herbals Baby Body Wash on Amazon

3. Dove Rich Moisture Baby Wash:

Another Baby wash that we enjoyed during our bath time was Dove Baby Wash.

Reasons to choose Dove baby wash:

  • It is Hypoallergenic & has a pH Neutral formula for baby’s delicate skin
  • Tear Free baby body wash, which makes it a good choice
  • It contains prebiotic moisture to nourish the baby’s skin microbiome, for healthy skin.
  • This baby wash is mild, as it contains 100% natural nutrients for the skin.
  • It is dermatologically tested.
  • Dove Baby wash has no phthalates, no sulfates, no parabéns/Dyes, making it #safeforskin.

You can get Dove Baby wash from Amazon

4. Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Baby Wash:

It is indeed one of the most common baby wash from the house of the Himalayas.

  • It has ingredients as,
    • Almond and Olive oil, which acts as a skin moisturizer,
    • Aloe vera for soft and supple skin,
    • Indian Lotus having skin conditioning agents.
    • It also contains milk to nourish the baby’s skin.
  • Certainly mild and dermatologically tested baby wash.

You can buy it from Amazon

5. Goodnessme Organic Baby Head-to-Toe:

This is an organic baby wash and is one of the best newborn washes.

  • It has organic ingredients like,
    • Chamomile, for a baby’s smooth skin;
    • Organic Coconut-based cleaning agents for a mild cleansing.
    • Lavender & Rose to soothe the baby’s skin.
  • It is dermatologically tested, is hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free.
  • Goodness me baby wash has No Parabens, No Alcohol, No Petroleum or Mineral oil. It has no synthetic fragrance.
  • The presence of plant-based extracts and no nasties makes it suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin.

You can buy this baby Head-to-toe wash from Amazon

6. Chicco Baby Moments Gentle Body Wash:

Chicco is a well-known name in the baby care segment and this is a gentle baby wash for hair and skin.

  • It is enriched with oats, for soothing yet effective cleaning for your baby. Further, it has glycerine to keep the baby’s skin moisturized.
  • It is pH balanced and thus it is easily tolerated by the eyes.
  • Also, it is free of harsh chemicals, as No Parabens, No SLS, SLES, No dyes, No alcohol
  • It is also dermatologically tested

You can buy this baby wash from Amazon

7. Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo with Organic Calendula:

If your baby has extra sensitive skin, then you can go for Cetaphil baby wash.

  • It is enriched with natural ingredients like Calendula flower extract, Wheat Protein. This baby wash also contains Aloe Vera for healing and antiseptic effects.
  • This baby wash has a tear-free formula, hence can be used daily for a fun bath experience.
  • It is free of Parabens, has No Alcohol, No Mineral Oil.
  • It is also Hypoallergenic, and Dermatologically tested

You can buy this baby wash from Amazon

This list of natural body washes for kids will help you make an informed decision on the best baby wash products. Soaps generally tend to dry out a baby. As per my experience, we have absolutely loved Mother Sparsh plant-powered Natural Baby wash.

A baby's skin is 5X more sensitive than an adult skin and hence as parents we need to ensure gentle and a natural baby wash for our babies. Here is a list of 7 best baby washes available online in India #babywash #babybodywash #naturalbabywash #bathingtime #organicbabywash #babywashesonline

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  1. PraGun

    When my kids were babies, we just had soft cloth and water for a baby wash. Good to know so many options are now available in the market, a helpful post for those looking for soft care for sensitive skin.

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    Out of the list, I have only used Dove and Himalaya Baby Wash. But all the other brands are pretty reliable and I have friends and relatives who have been using them. Mother Sparsh has come up like a trustworthy brand for parents.

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    Choosing the correct product for a baby is very tough. This guide over here helps in understanding the basic needs of the baby and choosing a product accordingly.

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    I had used Johnson and Johnson baby wash for my girls, when they were little and have a good experience it. from your list, Mother sparsh sounds good to me, I have used their other products and have a satisfactory experience.

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    These are some really good and safe products and the best part is they are all-natural based and below 500, good value for money indeed. Mother Sparsh, Himalaya, Dove, are some of the really good brands.

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    Great reviews. Would recommend this to others as well. Choosing a right product for a baby is sometimes challenging because they are very sensitive. This post would help alot.

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    It just amaze me how interestingly many and how the selection of baby products have evolved through the years. I remember 6-7 years ago how much less thought we’ve put in choosing the soap our daughters would be using. For my eldest, I’ve often even opt to wash her with water only as I feel that its the most safest I can put on her delicate skin. It’s only with our youngest that we got a bit of a challenge since she had eczema since birth.

  12. Every product choice for baby has to be made with so much research. Glad to know that many brands are now opting the orghanic and natural based products and baby wash is a vital product in the baby care range. I am fan of Himalaya & Mother Sparsh baby wash.

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      A baby’s skin is most essential for every mom. I have used mothersparsh for my kids and for myself too. Will try other recommendations soon🙂

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    Mother Sparsh products are very gently formulated and generally suits my daughter’s sensitive skin. I will surely try out this baby wash.

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    This is a really nice list of babywashes . We are using the Mothersparsh one currently and loved the quality of it . I also like sebamed bodywash .

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    Given the sensitive skin of the baby its important to have such dedicated products to ensure complete hygiene and cleanliness. I have used many of these Mothersparsh products are my favourite

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