7 Secrets Tricks to Enjoy Your Shopping Mall Experience

7 Secrets Tricks to Enjoy Your Shopping Mall Experience

From supermarkets to department stores, the best discounts are lurking in almost every retail store around the world for shopping. With the right strategy, you can leverage great prices from cashiers and sales staff, which happen more often than you think. Want to win these offers? You need to understand the game. 

Start with checking if there is a sale sign on the window of your favorite store in the mall. This is usually an indicative sign that there are great bargains to be found inside that store. With the right approach, you may just be able to talk your way into the best shopping discounts.

With this in mind, here are some tips and tricks that any experienced shopper can use to reduce the cost of buying products.

Check out stores when they are not busy

Do you like sales but don’t like crowds? Don’t buy during busy hours. During lunchtime or after getting off work, those who rush to the store skip the crowds that attract people on Saturday mornings and afternoons. Busy stores are notoriously bad at giving out discounts. Instead, pick a time to visit the stores in Newmarket Mall when the business is more moderately relaxed.

If you want to save time, try online shopping. Your purchase will be sent to the store for personal pickup. Arrange your items to arrive in the middle of the week and after getting off work hours. You can save time and transportation costs and most stores provide this service for free.

Don’t impulse buy

Plan carefully with your shopping strategy. When shopping in a store, do not be tempted to buy impulsive items. Impulse purchases are costly and may go outside of your intended budget. Do your research, compare costs, and think about your purchases before you buy anything.

Get VIP services

Clienteling is the technical term for VIP service, often used by salespeople in high-end stores. This type of service consists of inviting shoppers to participate in the sales events, which may come with great discounts. 

During these events, you may experience discounts that are at a lower percentage than the retail prices. Make friends with salespeople in any store you frequent, because they may recommend you to these VIP services. The sales people will love to add you to their VIP customer list. This is a win-win situation for both you and the store.

The color scheme is not random

Have you ever wondered why the sales logo is red? According to various studies, the tones (red, orange, and yellow) on the warm side of the color wheel attract shoppers to the store and stimulate the senses. 

You are more likely to see signs and lights in these tones outside the store. This strategic use of color partially explains why fast food restaurants are always red.

Benefit from sales

The point of sale is excellent because most products are already on sale, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore sales. Traditional discount weekends are a great time to purchase products in the mall, and you can get some great deals if you look closely.

Of course, not all sales are announced, so you have to be on the lookout every time you visit the mall. Always go to the clearance shelf first to see what other discounted offers are available. Often, seasonal items are for sale: think of winter sunglasses and summer rubber boots.

Don’t get distracted

When you enter a shopping mall, you may be distracted by the fancy design, making it look more high-end than you expected. These visual details may distract you from your one true goal: hunting a good bargain in the store.

Instead of getting distracted, make sure you enter each store with a purpose. Don’t get attracted by all the sales, stubs, and attractive products around you, if they are not relevant to the items you want to purchase. Never forget why you entered the store in the first place, because getting distracted may cause you to spend more money than originally planned.

Buy from the stall model

Does the retail store have a mannequin or stall model? If so, ask the store what clothes the mannequin is wearing in the window. Usually, that product is one of the most popular options in the store, the one that entices customers to visit the store in the first place. 

These products sometimes come with great promotional discounts. If you want a great product at a low cost, try asking for the clothes worn by the stall model. The low prices may amaze you.

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