My feelings – A quiet morning Haiku!

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A very beautiful morning to the world! Its really very rare that we get a chance to ponder on our souls, and lean from the learnings that life bestow us with.

As I’m growing every day, I feel, I’m learning so much, from the nature, from the surroundings, from the ones we love. Sometimes, we do not see a silver line in the dark clouds, sometimes, the morning does’t seems to come back after the night. We lose hopes but those moments are the ones, wherein we need to see, think, plan and yes love the life more for giving us a beautiful learning.

Today morning, I just sat quietly, one to one with my soul and here is something that I could write it up for all of us.

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Have a lovely day!

38 thoughts on “My feelings – A quiet morning Haiku!

  1. Wow! Very well written and motivational poem. I really love the message and I agree that the world and life are ours.

  2. There have been a few times in my life where the world seemed so black that, even though I knew there was a sliver lining out there, it seemed like it was just out of reach. It was the people who loved me most, who reached in, helped me think about my situation in a differnt way, and make a plan. They reminded me that life indeed is beautiful although in that moment, it looked very dark. They reminded me that there were better days ahead, and I believed them. I’ll forever be grateful to them for that gift. ps: Such a beautiful poem, Jhilmil, I hope you’ll consider sharing more of them on your blog. x

    1. Wow, really people who love us truly are the gems, coz they bring UA out of those dark clouds in life. You’re lucky to have such people in life! Thanks Alison for liking this poem:) n ya I shall share more for sure!

  3. LOVE this right up! it has all of the important messages on how to live well and how to have a good heart/soul to yourself, the people around you, and the world in which we live… amazing!

  4. sometimes it’s fantastic to look inwards and take some time for yourself in this way! I love this piece of writing, really meaningful and resonating

  5. I love spending quality time alone in the mornings and the thoughts that come up with a fresh new day filling you with positivity are the oxygen For the soul. This piece of writing is the one I am talking about.

  6. As I read this post and your poem, I can see that you are really loving life right now. I think it’s really special that you want to share your joy and inspire the world with your positive words.

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