From Bucket list to the Blind list : The amusing list!

“I dreamt of the golden sky, glistening the waters below

Of Lotus ponds and water – lilies,

Of Golden apples and Lavender fields!

With the siren of cuckoos and the knocks of woodpecker

With the fields full of playful marmots and reindeer!

Where the winds ring in my thoughts,

And butterflies flutter my soul ,

Where the breeze wakes me up

and the morning dew covers my eyes!

When the crimson rays play peek-a-boo

and the pink hues rise above me too,

When the eyes rest under the blanket of stars,

And the night remains illuminated with the lunar,

I dreamt of a lake of exhilaration

and fields of delight,

I dreamt of the trees made of love

with the sweet fruits of joy,

I dreamt of the fairies sprinkling the glee,

and the innocence making the merry,

I blindly fantasised a world with the treasures of

Graciousness, compassion, Integrity and Loyalty!

Oh dreams, you’re a road to my #blindlist,

I wish to ride closer and closer to you!”

These penned lines describe my fantasies. I’m a born wanderlust and no matter the thrillers life has bestowed me with, my explorations have never paused. The more I wander and explore, the more are my learnings to lead this life elegantly with minimalism. The bucket list always made its way into the diaries and notes. When I look back, our every planned trip had a mystery into it, and it was that mysterious thrill of “unknown” , which made us fall in love with our voyages.

World is a place to be explored but here is my blind list as I wish to fly across wth my baby to explore the beauty of this imaginary world. Remove term: #SayYesToTheWorld #SayYesToTheWorld #Theblindlist #travelinspiration #traveltales #Lufthansa #bucketlist

What would you say?

* While you are doing guarded walk with the big cats and you stop to find the big cat just behind you with no guard there? Gosh! A big mystery

When GPS drives you crazy and you land up in the jungles at 11pm, with the only sounds of cicadas, rustling leaves and trickling rain water? What we did? Chanted the holy words!

*When the doors of train in Italy close with all of your Train tickets, money, passport, phone remains with your better half who missed boarding it. Well, I was inside the train, with my 2 year old baby napping in my lap and an umbrella with Ticket checker around! 

* When hopping the rocks and opting for something unchartered brings you to welcome a new state altogether? Whoa, why do these boundaries exist?

* When you stop the drive abruptly out of a subconscious call, and plan to hike through the off-beaten path , only to find the origin of one of the biggest waterfall flowing across another state ? What I could witness was magnificence of the roaring waters.

I have no clue of the blind adventures we come across, but these happenings in our trips has made us fall in love with the world and conquer our fears. World is a pixel, the more you traverse, the more colourful the pixels become. As each square gets filled up, every step makes sure to welcome you to something unimagined. These thrills get etched in the memories of this beautiful journey carved by us.

Though my poem in the start speaks of my wanderlust, even after travelling 11 countries, 56 cities, I want my dreams to take me on a Blind date. But this time, I want the blind date around the world with my lil son. It will be something enchanting, magical, splendid and amusing.

My Blindlist with the world 

How beautiful would it be if we swim with a cheerful mermaid to explore the underwater kingdom and play with the anemones and appraise the vibrant colourful fishes. I would like to hear the magical stories of this world millions of years ago sitting on the sea rock with the mermaid. Oh yes! I wish to look for the tang fish Dory as well. It would be super fun if we sit on the huge Blue whale for the majestic ride and get blowed down as it spouts out the water. How amazing could it be to listen to the songs of Dolphins, count the teeth of shark and dance to the tunes with octopus? wish to be in ocean world which is full of love, truly vibrant, with no bias-ness and discrimination.

World is a place to be explored but here is my blind list as I wish to fly across wth my baby to explore the beauty of this imaginary world. Remove term: #SayYesToTheWorld #SayYesToTheWorld #Theblindlist #travelinspiration #traveltales #Lufthansa #bucketlist

I wish my pixie to take us to Neverland, a place where we would never age. The land where huge mountains are surrounded by oceans and where the houses are carved inside the tree trunk. A land full of children to play, dance, sing and merry all around. I wish to be at a land where the houses are made up of biscuits and jellies. Where there are only donuts and muffins, cakes and pastries, ice-creams and candies to be eaten. Where you don’t have closed classrooms, but open grounds and skies to explore and learn “Life” through enriching experience.

World is a place to be explored but here is my blind list as I wish to fly across wth my baby to explore the beauty of this imaginary world. Remove term: #SayYesToTheWorld #SayYesToTheWorld #Theblindlist #travelinspiration #traveltales #Lufthansa #bucketlist

I want the fairy to descend down, sprinkle up the golden dust. Oh, I so much wish to fly and traverse over the vastness of the sky. I wish to sing with cuckoos on their trees and play with the owls. I wish to play hide and seek with the clouds and win the race with the fastest eagle. I wish to touch the stars and say hello to Moon. I wish to illuminate this world with the sparkling optimism and hope. I want the elf to help me meet Santa, so that I can spray lots on love on this mesmerizing world.

World is a place to be explored but here is my blind list as I wish to fly across wth my baby to explore the beauty of this imaginary world. Remove term: #SayYesToTheWorld #SayYesToTheWorld #Theblindlist #travelinspiration #traveltales #Lufthansa #bucketlist

I so much wish to #SayYesToTheWorld with this #TheBlindList, after all world is a big thrill to be explored!

Travel is the essence of Live! Keep Exploring





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