Are Fitness bands useful?

Are Fitness bands useful?

Are Fitness bands really useful? My personal Experience

Fitness is taking over the whole world and why not, as we all are getting more and more aware of our health and active lifestyle. While the right diet is essential, but it loses its essence if you’re lacking in your fitness regime. By Fitness, I definitely not just mean gymming, but it can anything, cycling, walking, running, Yoga, home-bound exercises, all of which helps in blood circulation and burn calories. And once you have planned to mark your Fitness regime, you need to check on, Are Fitness bands really useful?

The world is gearing up towards Calorie Out>Calorie In, which can be quite a complex measurement and it is really difficult to measure it with 100% accuracy. It is our body’s functioning and a simple gadget will never be able to monitor it with that efficiency. In such cases, what matters is to measure the overall productivity, right from the start of your day. Being consistently active motivates you towards a more healthy and active lifestyle, and well, this is what we need, right?

If you are starting your fitness journey then its time to get a Fitness Band or a Fitness Tracker for yourself. DO you really need one? Read out my experience on Are Fitness Trackers really Useful for your fitness Journey? #fitnessbands #fitnesstracker #fitness #fitnessgoals #betfit #pedometer #heartrate #samsung

Couple Workout and Fitness Trackers: My consistent Fitness Companions

While I had always been a Fitness freak, practicing Yoga and Meditation in the calm mornings’, but in the last 2 years, things had slowed down. Keeping up my resolution for 2019, I started back, with two motivators, Couple workout, and a Fitness Tracker. It has been quite some time of keeping up with the Couple Workout, and you can read about why I absolutely recommend it here. In this post, I’ll talk about the second part, i.e. Fitness bands or Fitness Trackers. I remember using a Fitness band some 4 years back, but then I found the measurements were not accurate and I lost the confidence. This time again, I invested in a few good ones and thus my experience has been much fruitful.

5 benefits of wearing Fitness bands / Fitness trackers :


Believe me, I keep on challenging myself, coz I am my own competitor. I know my body and what all I can achieve. While the 4th day recorded 10k steps, I kept up the challenge to ensure I beat my best the other day. What I love the most about Fitness trackers is that you can make your goals and not just they monitor the progress but also promote you to achieve your goals psychologically. And having an accurate pedometer, measuring your step counts is a brilliant start.

A look at the pedometer, while on the couch, motivates me to get up and record minimum 200+ steps before getting down to work again. And trust me, this simple pedometer always increases my activity levels.

2. Tracking the Heart rate:

It is of prime importance to keep your heart healthy and for that, it is essential to monitor heart rate. These heart rate monitors are also essential to calculate the calories burnt. The logic is very simple, the more you’re working, the harder your heart works and pumps in pure oxygen. This, in turn, burns more of your calories and helps one to progress towards the goals. Personally, I’m happy to keep track of my heart rate.

If you are starting your fitness journey then its time to get a Fitness Band or a Fitness Tracker for yourself. DO you really need one? Read out my experience on Are Fitness Trackers really Useful for your fitness Journey? #fitnessbands #fitnesstracker #fitness #fitnessgoals #betfit #pedometer #heartrate #samsung

3. Personalized Goals:

Most of the trackers come up with the goal settings, which you can personalize basis your lifestyle. Be it you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast or just a homebound person, you can set up your personal goals and start working towards it. Many of these apps(synchronized with fitness band) also have some great articles, various program levels, to keep you inspired with the practical tips. Checking out on these tips and your progress helps you keep going and make more efforts every single day.

4. Sleep Monitors:

After being a mom and now having a very active digital life, has led to numerous instances, where I have missed my quality sleep. Modern Fitness trackers monitor sleep quality, which has a direct relation to your overall physical and mental health. A quality sleep (of around 7 hours) helps in evading many chronic diseases as High BP, Heart diseases, Depression, Obesity and more. Thus Sleep monitors are especially helpful to help you analyze your sleep.

5. Healthy Diet:

And when you monitor your physical activity so much, you automatically route to healthy diets avoiding junk consumption by a huge difference. Healthy eating habits and workout work hand in hand and none works in isolation. To me, Fitness tracker reminds me from time to time, to limit my calorie intake and opt for nutritious, water and fiber-rich foods and fruits.

Though Fitness trackers marry technology with Fitness, their measurements can’t be taken as a final verdict. For me, it’s an estimate of my major body functions and helps me give an idea of where I need to proceed. It does help one in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have personally lost 2Kgs, in a month having the right diet and challenging my fitness goals daily. Fitness bands are truly useful as you start your fitness journey.

In the next post, I will be detailing some budget-friendly good Fitness Trackers which you can start off with for your fitness journey.

It’s time to monitor your activity levels,

Stay healthy and fit!

Much Love,



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  1. Shilpa Garg

    Agree with you on all the points! Fitness band has helped me to stay motivated and accountable to my goal. I like the graphs and data so challenging myself and achieving / bettering my daily goal has helped me to stay committed to my fitness goals.

  2. Neha Tambe

    I agree that the trackers though not effective in terms of giving the exact numbers can be a great motivator.

  3. Alpana Deo

    I do not use fitness bands but yes these days I am seeing people are using it a lot. The pointers that you have penned down justifies the usage .

  4. Geetika Bajaj

    Ohh great! I was also thinking of buying one. And this write up has convinced me to buy one. Thanks ?

  5. Sajid Akhter

    Health is an important aspect of life. A healthy body gives you healthy mind. These trackers are quite efficient in keeping a tap at vital health statistics and alerting you to take proper action to stay fit.

  6. Shubhi gupta

    Very nice content to read love the the blog thanks for sharing such good content ?????????

  7. Rajkumar

    Awesome post, People who use fitness trackers daily tend to rely too much on numbers and lose focus on how exercise makes them feel. Some may rely on the device to tell whether they are healthy or not. 🙂

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