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Bridging the generation gap with Babbar ka Tabbar: A Hilarious Watch

Bridging the generation gap : Babbar ka Tabbar

Generation gap is quite common as we look around, which is basically a psychological time gap between the two generations. Differences can be due to technological & digital advancements, lifestyle changes and constant comparisons between “their time” and the “current time”. But often, to keep up with the trend and to understand adolescent children, the bizarre acts of parents at times creates amusing scenarios. Many a time, those acts land the complete family in a soup.

Want to know what that exactly looks like? What better than watching “Babbar Ka Tabbar” (Babbar’s Family), on ZEE5, which gives you a relatable plunge into the exceptional yet quirky sea of parenthood & their acts. Laugh, relate and enjoy together, seems to be the motto of this “Family Comedy”. The show has 18 episodes spread across 2 seasons on ZEE5.

Watch Babbar Ka Tabbarr on ZEE5, which gives you a relatable plunge into the exceptional yet quirky sea of parenthood & their acts. Laugh, relate and enjoy. #Zee5 #zeemovies #familydrama #mustwatch #series #fun

Babbar Ka Tabbar: A Relatable Roller Coaster Ride For The Family

Characters of the show:

The Babbar family characters: Manu Rishi (Mr Babbar), Ayesha Raza (Mrs. Babbar), Anshuman Jha(Jamia, the tenant), Avneet Kaur (Nikki) and Bhavin Bhanushali (Kittu)

Mr. & Mrs Babbar, who seem to be dumbfounded yet adorable parents, try to match up next gen acts for their teenage kids. They are blessed with 2 college going children, Kittu and Nikki. A floppy-haired cute Kittu, who is somewhat socially awkward and Mr.Babbar is worried about his orientation. Nikki seems an extrovert and a confident girl, who is always under the Digital stalking by Babbar’s, being a “daughter”. 

And, not to forget, the whole family’s go to person, Jamia, who is the next generation Babbar’s tenant, with lots of outstanding bills. With a sharp mind, top on the youth trends, this young One room terrace tenant is dearest to Mr. Babbar, as his solution provider.  

Watch Babbar Ka Tabbarr on ZEE5, which gives you a relatable plunge into the exceptional yet quirky sea of parenthood & their acts. Laugh, relate and enjoy. #Zee5 #zeemovies #familydrama #mustwatch #series #fun

The Humorous Family Drama :    

Mr. Babbar is seen as an uber cool, yet a protective dad, who is absolutely unaware of the ways & whereabouts of new generations. He tries to cope up with the whims and fancies of his growing children, without really understanding various terms, phrases. He tries to be friends with his kids, which makes him coin the new term “Frarents” (Friends + Parents). His cool act in the various footings makes the whole drama really humorous and fun to watch.

Mrs Babbar is an over-protective mom, who is always under the influence of her neighbour and TV reality crime shows, seems super stressed. She looks relatable to many Indian moms, I swear. Moms, don’t kill me, but watching Mrs. Babbar leaves you stimulated.

Both parents and kids try to cope up with the gaps in the lifestyles which results in a roller coaster, power-packed ride. Every day there is a new situation and the light-hearted take makes it a perfect Family entertainer. The punches and jokes are perfectly inbuilt in the tight real-life script. Babbar Ka Tabbar Season 2 has 12 episodes and you can watch it on ZEE5 to witness the ultimate everyday battle and struggles between generations.

Not just Babbar ka Tabbar, ZEE5 has come up with original, interesting, diverse, multilingual flicks and entertaining shows. Just download the app right away, go for the premium subscription with just Rs 99 and hola! Your entertainment on the go is ready. Sounds enticing, right?

So, go ahead and bridge the generation gap while delightfully enjoy this light-hearted series, Babbar ka Tabbar with your family!


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  1. Hema

    This is a super fun show. I love the frist series of babbar ka tabbar. The show has a perfect blend of entertainment, its very nice to watch them all together on screen

  2. Jiya

    WOW Babbar ka tabbar such a nice name attractive one. Would love to watch it on Zee5 . Zee5 is coming up with many good series. I am watching Zee since childhood would definitely watch this serial.

  3. Akanksha

    The title got me rolling as I am from Punjabi family and my husband is from baniya family. He always laughs out loud when he hears some funny Punjabi words. I bet this would be a great watch with him.

  4. Judy

    Wow this show seems to be quite an interesting one. I love the fact that it has lot of comedy elements in it. Have to see this new show on Zee5.

  5. Mrinal Kiran

    Now this looks like a super fun drama with some good content! The context of the show is really unique and interesting! I would love to watch this with my parents! 😁

  6. Misha

    Zee 5 has come up with interesting original shows. I like the show’s concept as hardly people talk about generation gaps and that too in a light-hearted manner like this show.

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