Being Dad – Dad’s day out

Being Dad: A dad’s perspective

Current corporate world with the prevailing tag of “Greed is Good” has replaced the motto of fair business. Stress levels have increased substantially and cut-throat competition has made it difficult to differentiate between friends and foes. Being an integral part of this world where 75% of my day time is spent with professional people, wear-tear of body/mind/soul is bound to happen. When it reaches dangerous levels where the power of understanding turns zero, it clearly indicates that we, Dads need rest. Although, avoiding such situations are impossible but taking a break from this for a short while is a must. And that’s what I did to refill myself:). I rocked being dad for the whole day to my little munchkin.

My 2.5 year old kid is a notorious little monster and super-recharged powerhouse. During working days my efforts to spend time with him goes in vain. I start for office before he wakes up and return to home after he has fallen deep asleep. But one night, I found him awake playing with his toys and softly whispering rhymes. Listening to his sweet voice prompted out giggles from me. Sudden giggles made him excited enough to see me & ask his mom “Where did Papa come from”? I could not resist & cuddled him for next few minutes & decided to take a days break the next morning.

It was a start of Beautiful morning

Yes, it had to be a bright & beautiful morning. The motivation of spending a day with my baby woke me up at 6am to plan the days itinerary. Beautiful start had to be more adorable in the lap of nature, when we hit the nearby garden. Together, we spent almost 1:30 hours playing football, exercising, watching trees, listening & clicking (recent passion of my baby) birds.

It was welcome back to home only to find “Pool ready for us”. Splashing water on each other and playing with those chirpy water toys triggered non-stop burst of laughter and excitement. I never though that splash time can be as long as an hour, courtesy, my Baby:). It was all so much fun, clapping, singing, playing chap chap, innocence of getting water toys bathe.. & so much all! WOW, kids rock us.

So it was my day & dressing him up made me feel good. I picked up my choice clothes for him to dress but quickly came to the term that kids have their own choices now. But it was a sweet surprise, which made me aware that it was his favourite color & I jumped at my choice for him. His thanking & hugging pleased me all the more, thanking God for such an adorable gift of life.

Being dad: When I became “Favourite”

The “foodie” session was mutual, both of us making each other eat out of sheer love. Mangoes felt more sweeter that day. I suddenly realized that I had became more hungry today, Lol! It felt as if it was the best day in past few months when I heard him saying “Papa is my favourite”. A broad smile came on my face hearing this, before knowing that I will be teased with this phrase for next few days by wifey;). I loved this “teasing” & wanted it to continue!

We then decided to get loaded in the car and have a fun filled day.  From Game zone to shopping, to his favourite “Blue Ice-cream” & animated kids movie was the itinerary for next 4hours. Frankly speaking, it was a bliss. From going to loo to support in game zone, it was only “Papa” that day. I felt privileged over wifey for the first time today. It was actually “My day Out”.

Rides, Food, Masti, Gossip, Capturing Picture’s, Shooting Video’s was all we did for next few hours. It took me down the memory lane to my own childhood. Childhood was indeed so beautiful, with no “Fear” & no “Impossible” in our dictionary. I realised that “Bachpan” never thinks of “what others will say or react”, that’s why it is so pure & innocent. A kid teaches you so much, I happened to comprehend that day.

Composed Night to fall in Love with

As the day started to come to an end, my kid hugging me went into the world of dreams. His expression resembling a meditating monk made me composed enough for the day. Being dad, filled my inner self with a ray of hope and optimism to try and make this a better world once again with a selfless love. I vouched to re-enter the world of innocence without giving my grey matter a societal pressure to handle.

I too fell asleep within seconds of putting myself in bed. For a change, I didn’t had an urge to watch TV or read a book or hear music to act as distraction for mind to stop thinking of world & office. For the whole day I didn’t had a moment to think of another world. I was pacified and calmness reflected on my face. Today, my kids face was running on my mind while dreaming. Duo of us have hit the right knot with our snoring. These snores are omens that we are ready to take on the world again with loads of energy together tomorrow and day after and after forever.

Being dad
Daddy’s day out!

We are dads but have very less to share & spend our time with. Let’s give us a chance more to “being dad” and enjoy the happiness life has showered us with.

Thanks, Chandresh jain, for sharing your feelings with us! It was enough of Mom’s, had to be dads & hoping for more of dad- centric posts:)

Happy baby-ing Dads! Kids love Papa’s more than what Mom thinks:).

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