Benefits of Online education for kids in India

Benefits of Online education for kids in India

 Stifling classrooms with blackboards, to comfy home with whiteboards! COVID-19 pandemic triggered a lot of changes across various sectors and one “new normal” that has unearthed massive learning opportunities is Online Education for kids. Across the globe, parents and even learning institutions are looking towards various online learning platforms. What a transformation this has been! Last year when my son’s school took to live online classes, I was skeptical about the way kids would be managed, quality of education, concentration levels for kids. Now after a year, I’m quite convinced that online classes can be highly interactive and more fun as compared to the traditional classroom settings, with numerous other benefits. The pandemic phase introduced us to the innumerable advantages of online Classes for kids in India. And without an iota of doubt, I feel that digital learning is emerging as a necessary resource for children all over the world.

What are the benefits of online education for Kids?

Though there are a lot of benefits of online education for kids, here are some major benefits,

1. Ample learning exposure:

This has been one factor that made me a big-time supporter of online learning. Right from the animated videos, whiteboards, online quizzes, podcasts, presentations in comic forms, online educational games, teachers have been using amazing learning tools to make classes fun-filled and interactive. This has extended their learning plan beyond the traditional textbooks for more efficient learning.

2. Affordable :

One realization has been that online learning schools and online homeschooling are a lot affordable. It eliminates a lot of expenses, like transportation, meals, uniform. So why not think about quality online education with lesser expenses?

3. Easy accessibility:

One of the greatest factors is that a student can be enrolled in the best Online curriculum from any location. Geographical boundaries don’t exist here. Kids can learn right from the comfort of their homes, enrolled in the best online classes.

4. Better time management:

Yes, kids can focus on pursuing their passion, hobbies with more time in hand. Commutation time reduces to zero and time can be better managed with online resources.

Don’t you agree with the usefulness of Online schools and online learning?

How to look for Online schools in India?

That’s a very important question while embarking on the journey of online schooling in India. We need to look for an accredited institution that meets the national educational guidelines. More so, we need to check the quality of the program, academic assistance being provided, engaging curriculum, and a lot more.

One such Online school in India is AOL School, i.e. “Always On Learning school“. AOL school is an initiative by educational experts bringing in the most innovative and engaging teaching methods for students in India. 

Why AOL School for Online education in India?

Online education for kids in India is affordable, more engaging and flexible as per the timings. Read the advantages of Online Education for Kids in India and more about AOL school. #Onlineeducationforkids #OnlineschoolsinIndia #AlwaysonLearningschool #benefitsofOnlineeducation #OnlineCBSESchool #AOLSchool

1. Curriculum-based learning:

AOL school imparts complete online CBSE accredited school education.

Students get everything, like tests, homework and you can also get a school leaving certificate, just like physical school. Their meticulously designed curriculum comprises of all subjects, Math and Science, English, second language, Robotics, Coding, all synced with CBSE curriculum. They are designed in a way to challenge students to “Reason, think and solve”. That’s how experiential education should be! So if you’re looking for an online CBSE School in India, then do check out AOL School.

2. Formal schooling education:

AOL School is a full-fledged K12 school, i.e they have classes right from Nursery to Grade 12. Further, did you know that Grades 6 to 12 are taught by IITians? Simply wow, isn’t it? This shows the level of practical exposure that students can get from these online classes.

3. Experienced Teachers:

AOL school teachers have expertise in the education sector for both physical and Online classes. For interactive learning, AOL school has a 1:25 Student-Teacher Ratio, which ensures that the child gets personalized attention. This also helps the child with personalized course materials and lesson plans, which help students learn at their pace.

4. Innovative teaching methods:

Their concept is based on interactive learning. For this AOL School has smartbooks along with the traditional books.

  • With the help of QR codes in the smartbooks, students can scan and see the related educational video for better conceptual clarity.
  • Their online teaching methods focus on pictorial and abstract aids to provide conceptual clarity to students.
  • Further, their curriculum has activities like group quizzes every alternate day for fun-based collaborative learning.

5. Extracurricular activities:

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, I’m sure most of us will acknowledge this saying.

That’s the reason AOL curriculum also has extracurricular activities like Physical Education, Art, and even dance classes for holistic development.

6. Progress reports:

Worried as to how you will interact with teachers to get your child’s regular reports? Then be assured as they provide regular attendance and child’s activity reports and even hold monthly PTM. This ensures that you get the same experience as a physical school and you’re always updated about your child’s progress.

7. No geographical boundaries:

With AOL School completely being online, there are no geographical limitations for students across India.

Now, do you agree with me on the benefits of online education and also that AOL School is taking homeschooling and online schooling in India to the next level?

Personally, as a parent, I feel that such online classes help your child move through the subject matter at their own pace, in an interactive environment, with live educators, and anytime support from experts.

With COVID-19 bringing in the New Normal, what are the benefits of Online education for kids in India? It is affordable, more engaging and flexible. Read the advantages of Online Education for Kids in India. #Onlineeducationforkids #OnlineschoolsinIndia #AlwaysonLearningschool #benefitsofOnlineeducation #OnlineCBSESchool #AOLSchool

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  1. Ambica Gulati

    I rhink the only thing parents need to make sure is that there is a balance of screen time. And to have online schooling during the pandemic is such a blessing.

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    The benefits of online learning are many. First of all in the current scenario they are safe and the kids can study from the safety of their homes. AOL seems to have some really good programs.

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    After reading your blog a parent would not think twice before opting AOL. This is the next revolution in education sector.

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    AOL school looks like to be a go to thing when it comes to online education. I agree with all the benefits. Will check them and see if it works for me.

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    Online learning helps students to become more focused and attentive. We can track the learning process of child more effectively.

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    AOl Is an amazing way to opt for students. It can get students engaged in various programmes. Every parent should be aware of this.

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    Online learning is a new normal and we have to ride the wave soonest. For me the biggest benefit is staying safe at home and continuing learning.

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    Thanks to online classes, it really helps kids to learn from home and also keeping them occupied in this tough time. AOL looks a great platform to opt for students, will surely check it out.

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