Best Educational Toys for kids 2021

Best Educational Toys for kids 2021

The millennial world is progressing towards an interesting use of technology and gadgets and today’s children are well versed with the technical know-how. Smart technology is raising this generation and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the millennial generation is immersed in the technology. Children are tech-savvy right from a very young age.

As a mom, I try to limit the use of gadgets for my son and have more physical plays and interactions for overall social, emotional, and cognitive development. For me, a child must immerse in the world of non-technological toys. The best way is to get our hands-on educational toys for kids or learning toys for toddlers and younger kids.

Non-technological games and toys are more oriented towards the touch and feel, social interactions, curiosity building, problem-solving, hand-eye coordination.

Children learn as they play. More importantly, in play, children learn how to learn”~ O. Fred Donaldson

So aptly said, isn’t it?

Even early in the development, the baby explores the surroundings and environment, which is crucial for their development. And learning through play is an important and intrinsic part of their overall development. As parents, we often fill the spaces of our adorable beings with zillions of vibrant toys.

But did you know that encouraging them to play with educational toys can help them in their motor, intellectual, and emotional development? 

Why Educational Toys are important for children?

As a mom, I’ve always believed in the fact that kids are quick learners and innately curious, even babies. Providing them with open-ended games, like blocks, puzzles, pretend plays, DIY kits, nurture their creativity and imaginations.

Here are some benefits of learning toys for kids:

  • Help children develop problem-solving skills and action-reaction concepts.
  • Social and Emotional development, which helps them understand empathy, teamwork, sharing, bonding, emotions, and more.
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination and improves both fine and gross motor skills.
  • Acts as a folder to nurture their creativity and imaginations.
  • Enhanced concentration and focus, something I can vouch for from my personal experience.

Best Educational toys for children in 2021:

While looking out for best educational toys for 6 year olds for my son, I stumbled upon Sparklebox. Sparklebox is an educational activity kit for learners from Pre-nursery to Grade 9. After personally experiencing their kit, I can say that it is meticulously designed and supports children in learning a variety of concepts with the help of practical, real-life-based concepts. Not just learning, it was a fun way to introduce my son to interesting age-appropriate concepts.

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Why Sparklebox educational toys for kids?

1. Wide range of educational kits:

Sparklebox educational kits are available for

    • English,
    • Math,
    • Science,
    • Robotics,
    • Art and craft

Each activity kit comprises of multiple activities. We loved their science kit, which comprised 25 fun science experiments for STEM learning.

It involved designing various learning tools, like designing working models for conceptual clarity. We did solubility tests to help my son understand solubility and insolubility. DIY bird nest, water purification, and many more hands-on activities were highly interactive and so based on real life.

2. Age-appropriate:

The best part of their educational kits is that they are age-appropriate. They not just have educational toys for 2 to 3-year-olds, but even for 11-year-olds.

The activities have been mapped and tested as per the age groups to ensure that a child learns along with the fun. More so, for older kids, Sparklebox educational kits are grade-specific and synced with CBSE/ICSE/State boards. Isn’t that great?

3. Detailed Manuals with QR codes:

To help children with the working models and concepts, they have detailed manuals. For more clarity, the kits come with a QR code feature. As you scan the QR code, you can see the experiment-wise video explanations, which in turn brings a better understanding.

4. Grade-specific Educational toys:

Sparklebox activity kits are available from Pre-Nursery to Grade 9. You can simply choose the grade and kit you want for your child. Age-appropriate developmental activities are the need of an hour for the right learning experience of a child.

5. Safety standards:

As parents, we are always worried about safety with respect to toys for our children. From my experience, their products seem to be completely safe as they have been exclusively designed for children, keeping in mind their needs across different age groups.

6. Easy ordering:

The process becomes hassle-free due to the availability of these educational toys online. You can simply check their website, select an age-appropriate kit for your child and get it delivered to your doorstep within 10 days. Then begins days full of adventure and learning!

As an added support, Sparklebox also gives online access to their modules, which makes the learning process fun and interactive.

My recommendation for Educational toys in India:

Having exposed my son to a wide variety of educational and best learning toys for children, I can say that Sparklebox is a perfect fusion of both fun and learning. It keeps kids engaged enthusiastically and what better than this when we all are locked indoors.

It’s time for some fun-filled learning via these educational toys in India.

Stay Indoors!

Educational Kits and educational toys for children are the need in 2021 for their holistic cognitive and emotional developement. But which are the best EDucational toys for children in 2021? Sparklebox , is one such option. #besteducationaltoys #educationaltoys2021 #educationaltoysforkids #educationaltoys #Sparklebox #STEMlearning #educationaltoysonline #DIYKits #Sciencekits #DIYcraftbox #craftbox


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  1. Hema

    Educational toys for kids is must, as it contributes in overall growth and development I am also using Sparkle box for my kiddo. It is the best investment

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    I am always in favor of toys which solves the purpose of education and play.. I really liked it Jhilmil. My little one is 5 and I think he will like it.

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    yes agree education toys are best for kids and with these kids learn while having fun. sparklebox sounds a great option for this. will explore more about it from my side dear. thanks for sharing.

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    There are plenty of these coming up to keep the kids busy these days and some of these boxes are really good ones. I have not tried this one but it looks good from your review.

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    This is interesting. I was struggling to find age appropriate educational toys for my kids. Sparkle box looks fun and interesting. Will check it out.

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    We give only educational toys to our grandsons. If they were in India I would have gotten a Sparkle box for my elder grandson. It sounds very interesting and will keep kids engaged while they play and learn.

    1. Hansa Kajaria

      I love toys which besides playing n fun also have an element of learning in it. Such toys are a great way to teach kids what books and sitting down can’t.

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    Educational toys are the need of the hour. With no way to venture our kids need something to engage them productively. Educational toys for kids by Sparklebox is a novel idea.

  8. Swati Mathur

    STEM learning is really good for holistic growth of a kid. Problem solving skills are very imperative for kids to learn at early age. This kit looks really impressive.

  9. Tina Basu

    This is very helpful..My son loves activity boxes because there is always something new and challenging for him. Educational toys are great gifts too.

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    I have always been very keen on giving my boy best educational toys so can relate so much and it is such a pleasure knowing about Sparklebox

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    It’s so important to ensure that kids are constantly learning something. Books are not always the medium of learning but such educational toys help a lot. I would love to check the sparkle box for my son.

  12. Kavita Singh

    I love these open-ended toys and activity boxes. These help in not only keeping our kids away from the screen but also helps in improving a lot their skill.

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