Best of Roald Dahl books for Children

Best of Roald Dahl books for Children

Roald Dahl books:

If you grew up reading Roald Dahl’s classic storybook Matilda, like me, then you already know why he is still considered as the No.1 storyteller. I read most of his storybooks while growing up, till midnight, such were his writings to me. Kindness, drama, hilarious, (somewhat) scariness fantasy, well that’s what his stories were all about for me. He is an author who made me believe in Magic, while I was in grade V.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” ~Roald dahl

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Most of his stories had unexpected twists with some blend of humor. Remember, “Tales of the Unexpected” short story collection, that also became a TV series (Well, I watched a few of the episodes of series too)? I always felt that his books for children were penned down from a child’s point. They had those villainous characters (representing bad) along with Godly and Kind characters (representing Good), with the morals of the triumph of Good and Kind over Greedy.

His writings wriggle into the fears, hope, and imaginations of a free child. Though his stories are quite whimsical, and at times they go a little unnatural, they are still fun to read. The way he sprinkled the stories with made-up words, bring a smile on my face even today. Words like “squishons, rotsome, fizzwiggler” and many more in his books, acts as a precursor to Potterheads in the making.

Well, some of his works (The Witches) even got him a tag of misogynist, but still, his work is stupendous and this new generation must read his books. 

Here are my favorite Roald Dahl books for children:

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

One of the Bestsellers, which was said to be very close to Dahl’s heart (due to his love for chocolates), and which also inspired two movie adaptations. This imaginative and adorable story had captures young hearts. It is more of a story of perseverance and commitment of a child to himself that gets rewarded in the end. It shows how Charlie goes into Willy Wonka’s most prestigious yet bizarre chocolate factory and how the story gets around the typical noisome characters (like the Vermicious Knids). How one by one other children are bumped off, leaving Charlie as the last boy.

A wonderful read, suitable for kids 6+, you can get it for your kids from Amazon here.

2. Matilda:

One of his all-time classics and which got me hooked to Dahl’s books was Matilda. It is one of the most popular novels which has been adapted to a successful Movie as well. Matilda is a genius child, despite having crooked parents. She is a pure-hearted child with some special gifts. The story is about how she uses her telekinetic powers to take on her family and the wicked Headmistress Miss Trunchbull at school.

This book celebrates the triumph of intellect and is a perfect read for the growing children. 

Matilda has inspired numerous many artists. Suitable for kids 6+, you can get this work of fiction from Amazon here

3. James and the Giant Peach

Dahl had lost his sister and father while he was a small child and that reflects in his writings too. This was his first novel with some dark writing in the beginning, which reflects how James, a little boy lost his parents (as they were eaten up by Rhinos during some expedition). This left him to stay with his aunt. You’ll find the start resembling jack and the Beanstalk, in which a house-sized peach grows in the garden. How James heads inside the gigantic peach, meets some friendly insects and sets off on a fantastic adventure. 

A lovely read, it is suitable for kids who are 6+. You can get it from Amazon 

4. The BFG:

With this book, you’ll nod to Dahl’s fascination with wordplay, as the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) speaks in a tongue known as “gobblefunk”. It’s an adventure of a little girl, Sophie, who lives in an orphanage and meets the BFG one night. She learns of the BFG’s existence and this soon turns into a series of adventures involving snozzcumbers, encountering rival giants and even meeting up the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

What an imaginative tale this is, go ahead and get your copy at Amazon

5. Fantastic Mr Fox:

I often hear about Matilda and Charlie and the chocolate factory, but this novel seems to be lost amongst these classics. This cool children’s storybook has a great story and has also been adapted into a movie. So, the clever Mr. Fox, a family man, steals food from the three villainous farmers regularly. One day, the farmers devise a strategy to starve him and make his mission unsuccessful, but don’t you think Mr. Fox is too clever to even call it a quit?

Now read this classic story, suitable for kids 5+. You can get your copy here at Amazon

Though, I have also read another Roald Dahl’s “The witches”, which got my imaginations to another level (on a lighter note). But, I’m not certain if I would like my son to read this book, as it might trouble their tiny minds and soft hearts.

So, have you got your hands on any of these “fantadvescarzz” (well that’s my wordplay now, try to crack the meaning) books by the classic master Roald Dahl?

Share your favorites in the comment section below.

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