Best Online Live classes for kids in India

Best Online Live classes for kids in India

The pandemic has been tough on us in many ways. Summer vacations mean no schools, and with nowhere to socialize, kids are kinda locked in their homes. As parents, we are struggling to keep them engaged productively. This seems to be the most common scenario today, with children being indoors 24×7. Keeping my son entertained indoors became a challenge for me, but I was glad to have finalized Online live classes for kids.

I feel grateful for the way technology has touched our lives. Could we ever imagine summer camps going online? Not just summer camp, even the academic classes turning completely online? The right use of technology has been a boon for each one of us. And if you’re looking for the best online English learning classes for kids or online French classes for kids or even dance classes online for kids, you are no different than most parents.

Best Online Live classes for kids in India:

I had been looking for the best English classes online for kids along with an international language learning option for my 6-year-old. While we were learning French via an app, but after the initial few days, we strongly urged for live classes with an expert interaction for conceptual clarity.

More so, the summer holidays seemed to be perfect to polish my son’s English learning, both verbal and written. While looking for different online learning platforms for children, I stumbled upon AOL, Always On Learning, and was intrigued by their smart learning options.

Why AOL, Always on learning Online classes for kids? 

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The online education sector is buzzing. Though there are many online courses available for our young learners, we need to ensure that the sessions are fun, interactive, and helps a child in their development.

AOL, which is Always on learning for children, is an online live class platform for pre-primary and primary students (till the age of 12 years). The teachers not just provide accelerated learning but their methodology also triggers creative and critical thinking.

Here are the reasons why AOL offers the best Online Live classes for kids in India:

1. Various options to choose from:

AOL classes cover a wide range of academic and extracurricular options including Literacy, Numeracy, Science, EVS, Art & Theatre, Dance, Languages, Public Speaking, and many more. All these online courses are age-appropriate and designed to provide them with a blend of fun and learning. If you’re looking to brush up your child’s Math and English skills this summer, then you can opt for AOL’s Math classes Online and their English course respectively.

2. Customisable courses and Flexi-timings:

A fantastic concept, where a child can choose between the modes of Group tutoring or Personal tutoring, the time of the online classes, and even the class topics. If your child is comfortable with an interactive 1-on-1 live class for undivided attention, they can opt for Personal Tutoring. They also have the option to opt for Group Tutoring, with batch sizes ranging from 1-5 to 1-20 children. The option of flexible timings supports a child to join the classes as per their comfort.

3. New-age learning:

New-age learning involves the enhancement of the learning process, which involves the “why and how” of the concepts in an experiential format. AOL courses and educators encourage critical thinking skills while working on complex problems. AOL educators promote creative thinking to help children express their ideas with confidence. This helps in developing their communication skills.

Collaborative learning is a new way and in AOL classes, children get to collaborate with others on various projects too.

4. Quick doubt solving:

Since children have an educator interacting in the classes, they can immediately clear their doubts there and then. Now no more lingering of doubts.

5. Expert Educators:

In the words of Always On learning, “AOL is your little one’s big advantage”!

They have a team of experienced educators with innovative learning techniques. With a smartly designed curriculum, it provides a learning edge to students enrolled with Always On learning.

6. Performance Trackers:

As parents, we are always worried about the performance of our children. At AOL your child’s learnings are mapped with detailed trackers and reports, basis conceptual clarity. You can see your child’s progress with these trackers.

Further, their courses are affordable and the price varies as per the personal tutoring/group tutoring option you choose. You can claim a free demo class from AOL and see the flow of the online classes for yourself.


I feel the best way to keep kids engaged productively indoors is to look for engaging Online courses for kids and enroll them. Having observed the way my 6-year old has adapted to the Online live classes environment boosts my confidence as a parent to choose the best online option for children.

Are you looking for Best Online Live classes for kids in 2021 in India? Always on Learning Online classes provide a variety of Online classes #OnlineEnglishclassesforkids #Onlineliveclasses #BestOnlineLiveclassesforKids #OnlineEnglishlearning #Onlinedanceclasses #OnlineMathclasses

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  1. Ambica Gulati

    These classes are a b9on for kids. Due to the pandemic everything has changed. To have access to these online courses is a good way to keep the knowledge flowing.

  2. Aakriti Dhawan

    Online schooling plays a very important role in every kids life. And AOl seems life a perfect option as it has a holistic approach. Glad you shared😊

  3. Sandy N Vyjay

    There has been such a great shift in education in India owing to the circumstances. Online classes have become very important and naturally there are so many to choose from. This is good information for parents for choosing the best.

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    Yes with recent pandemic condition, we are highly dependent on online classes for our kid’s education. AOL sounds like a great option for providing that. thanks a lot Jhilmil for sharing all details. will look in to it.

  5. The Champa Tree

    Online classes are the next normal. Now we have to think about whether the online classes that we have are giving your child an extra benefit. Aol provides it


    Online classes are something that is turning out to be new normal. But how effective are these online classes and what changes are needed to make them better for students’ future is something that needs to be considered. Which one is good or not that I only say when I experience it.

  7. Paresh Godhwani

    These AOL classes are very flexible and fun for children. My son is just 2 months old. Will check them when he is old enough to join these classes.

    1. Outset Books

      Flexible.timings is the highlight of online classes. Aol with its unique way of teaching ensures the child is receiving an holistic approach.

  8. Humaira

    Excellent classes for students. This is perfect for parents to view their child course syllabus and academic progress.

  9. Jhilmil D Saha

    I am getting quite curious to opt for this for my 5 yr old. I am sure she will get to know a lot and it will be beneficial for her.

  10. Preeti Tiwari

    Online classes are a boon these days. I also enrolled my girl in different classes of her interest. This classes looks great, will surely check it out.

  11. Shub

    Online seems to be a way to move forward. When countries are in lockdown, online learning has really nurtured our students to a great extent. Thanks for this post.

  12. Rakhi Jayashankar

    Aol is gaining more and more acceptance due to the quality of service they deliver. You have stated their qualities in detail.

    1. blisslife

      This is so appropriate article for parents..And yes, online classes are our unwanted next normal. Your listing can really helpful and thanks for detailed information.

  13. Urvi Kunal Savla

    Online learning has become a part of life for children these days. Its great to see AOL doing some great online classes for kids 👍

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