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The curious world of Inquisitive Kids : Part I

Curious Kids

“Why is water always wet? Even when it is in sunlight, why doesn’t it dries up? OMG! How to answer that, help me mommies.”

Well, the other day I was bombarded with “n” curiosities by my preschooler, which went on back to back in a loop. Those who are following me on Instagram, would have seen the post. Pondering over where to put a full stop, I was way too puzzled. Few answers didn’t come even with the help of Google search, was it my bad? I didn’t want him to say that mama doesn’t knows … Continue Reading

A healthier you : Tips for a good night sleep

How to improve sleep quality?

It is 9pm, your mind is free of any unwanted worries. You’ve picked up a light read to help you relax. There are lot of early morning responsibilities waiting and you dearly love your 8 hour sleep. But a small ping disturbs that calming rhythm. Not just disturbs, it calls for a plethora of changes in the body’s normal functioning.

8 hours of unhindered, quality sleep is a must for great health and a beautiful life. It’s not just important to help us feel fresh but it is an important biological process playing an important Continue Reading

10 Ways to Improve Working Memory of Children

Working Memory of Children

This is a guest post! Memory is an elemental aspect of learning. A good memory ensures a good life as memory is associated with all the functions an individual performs in his/her lifetime. A good memory can be a great alibi for students and children in their process of learning new and wondrous things. This is a virtue that helps them to remember all the different things that they learn, bear in mind all the new information that they accumulate in their process of learning and recall and apply them whenever required.

Related Read : Memory Continue Reading

Do you believe in Gender Neutral Parenting?

Gender Neutral Parenting ?

[The days have changed so much, you know, I love pink shirts for my son! And I’m so happy that Gender neutrality is seeking attention in India. Mumma! As we turned to see, her 5year old boy fell from the bicycle and hurt himself, crying vociferously. We all rushed to pamper him. “You are a strong boy, my child, it will all be fine in few minutes..Sob..sob! Why are you crying like a girl? See everyone is looking at you.” That child looks around feeling ashamed and hugs his mom!]

Silence, a deep silence struck me. … Continue Reading

Let’s meet BlueTie : A professional networking app

Need of Professional Networking

It has been rightly said that “Networking is more about Farming than it is about “hunting”. It’s about cultivating relationship ~Dr. Ivan Misner

And this sounds a perfect quote for me being a professional working with corporates for 10 long years. We all need the right professional networking for numerous buzzing ideologies, for chartering growth plans and even to advance up in specific roles. For these objectives, we often look out for people, that right connection, all over the web, isn’t it? But, try thinking in the past, how many times have we really found those Continue Reading

Rejuvenate your Home this festive season

Get your home a makeover with trendy interiors

Coming back home to a family, relaxing, feeling loved, grabbing some good bites is indeed the best feeling. And this has been aptly said that “Home is not a place, it is a feeling”.  Home is made up of hopes, dreams and lots of love and that is the reason of this magical feeling.

The basic element of any home is the furniture, decor, electronic appliances that we need for a comfortable living. Being a corporate professional myself, I had to change numerous cities in my stint of 9 years, precisely 3 Continue Reading

All you need to know about Ethnic or Asian Rhinoplasty

Ethnic or Asian Rhinoplasty

Although each rhinoplasty patient has different goals, certain ethnic groups share similar goals when it comes to their goals. A skilled plastic surgeon can work with you to gain an understanding of what techniques need to be administered to help you reach your desired look. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a type of rhinoplasty that is focused on meeting the goals of non-Caucasians, such as Asian rhinoplasty.

What are the Overall Goals of Asian Rhinoplasty?

Although the goal of many rhinoplasty procedures among Caucasian patients is to make the overall appearance of the nose smaller, there are many Continue Reading

5 Best Museums in Delhi : For Kids and Family

Museums are the best way to engage children. Here are top 5 Museums every family should visit when in Delhi #delhimuseums #museums #delhi #delhitravel #travel #soi #sciencemuseum #railmuseum #toiletmuseum

Delhi is a place bustling with lots of fun, activities for all, be it kids, teens, young or elders. Though it lacks the beauty of beaches and vast grasslands, Delhi still has a lot to offer to children much beyond the amusement parks. Childhood is the most precious phase and we have always focussed on making those memories more beautiful as a family. It is always fun to walk around and explore something new, which adds some value and awareness to our budding generations.

This time, I’m listing out top 5 Museums, which pose as a perfect fun place for … Continue Reading

5 Tips For Hosting Your Next Event

Planning to host an event?

Event hosting (be it a birthday party, wedding or large family gathering) can pose a whole lot of worries to you especially if you’ll be hosting many people for a grandiose occasion. While there is need to keep track of expenses, it is also important to set out the objectives you wish to achieve through an upcoming event.

As the host of an event, you’re expected to please your guests through what you’ll be offering them. But again, you shouldn’t do this at your own expense just to avoid headaches when the event is over. Continue Reading

Do children need Downtime? 5 Reasons why Downtime is must for kids

What is Downtime and why do kids need Downtime?

In my past few posts, I have shared that kids need downtime. And I really mean it, they do need, science has proved it. But something strange happened the other day, as a result of which I planned to share my thoughts and some facts wrt Downtime for kids.

Kids are #backtoschool and so their routine is all decked up. With the constant rise in expectations and competition, kids are continuously juggling between school, home, scholastics and co-scholastics. Most of the kids have more than 5 days of extra curricular activities … Continue Reading

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