Safety measures for kids at KidZania

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Safety : A prime motive!

Safety at KidZania


Recent instances about security of kids has really placed a question mark on many Play zones, Schools. We, as parents need to be fully aware of the security measures a place has, wherein we leave our kids, be it for fun or for schooling. The world is indeed not a safe place anymore and “Security” is a must for us to audit.

Amongst all the news spreading across pertaining to kids security at schools and play zones, we went to KidZania last Sunday and really had to appreciate the measures they have taken for … Continue Reading

10 tricks to help children relieve Ear pain while in airplane

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How to lessen the ear pain while in aeroplane

Airplanes and the mystery of ear pain

Hey friends, I’m back with  some amazing travel memories which shall be posted on our Travel blog . One thing which pinched me some times before with my 3year old kid was the “Ear Pain” he suffered for small duration while the airplane takes off and while landing. There were some tricks I applied, which for sure reduced the pain to some level and he did not create a panic for those moments this time. I’m sure everyone of us have been experiencing these ear pains, but handling small kids while ascend and Continue Reading

7 tips to help toddler wean off that Milk bottle

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Are you planning to wean off that Milk bottle from your Toddler? Is it getting difficult and your toddler going cranky over this? Read out Ideas of how to help toddler wean off milk bottle. #weaning #toddler #milkbottle #sippycups

When to wean baby off the bottle?

When a baby has crossed a year or so, try to start weaning off baby from the bottle. The longer the bottle phase, the more tedious it becomes to put a stop to it. Day on day, babies really get attached to their bottles and an effort to separate can create a chaos in their lives. The efforts can double up if the phase is extended till 2years or longer. Apart from difficult weaning, bottle also poses some negative impact on your child’s health. Bottles by then no longer pose as nutritional object Continue Reading

10 tips for Money Management : Helping kids achieve Financial Literacy

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Time to introduce Money management in Kids/ Savings!

When I was small I often heard her say “ SAVE TODAY FOR PROSPEROUS TOMORROW”. Its now that I fully understand the reasons & practical implications of Money Management which made us save as little as Re1/-. It was an exciting journey as a child when we had multiple Piggy jars assigned for: Toys; Buying Gifts; Education; Sports. I still remember how every year mom used to redefine goals and re-allocate money. How she used to give small loans to her friends in return of some favour or charge interest. Purpose … Continue Reading

Teaching failures – Let kids succeed from failures

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Let them stumble, let them taste failure to be Successful

As parents or caretakers, we ensure a complete boundary of protection for our kids. A little fall & we are there to pick them up. When in the garden with bunch of kids, we are there to help our child stand out in every scenario amongst other kids. If a child cries his heart out, we tend to give him what he wants or desires. We try to please our kid in every possible manner that we can. We try not to make them walk in the sun, preferring AC Continue Reading

Swimming for Kids and babies

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A recreation, sport, exercise, developmental activity, this is all what defines swimming for kids or babies, yes for adults too:).

So moms & dads let’s have an interesting post below to encourage you to make your baby swimmer early on in the years!  Since its the onset of summers & Summers and water indeed cheer one another. The onset of this season brings smile & a temptation to indulge in water activities not just for elders but yes for the younger kids & even toddlers or babies. After all, its a great refreshing way to beat the summer heat.


Continue Reading

Engaging Kids : Tips to learn and Develop

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Engaging kids differently : Recreate the Magic!

I’ve often seen that mothers and granny’s in the house refrain from engaging kids in any sort of household work. For them, Oh, they are small kids, boys, future generation, why do they need to work or do small things? There are maids in the house & for the worst we the “elders” to cover up the work. Let them just play or eat or sleep now.. So Mommies, isn’t that a real truth?

And why to blame young moms? This has been the “Tradition in India”, more so wrt “Boys”. They come Continue Reading

5 Tips to introduce Drawing and Painting : For Toddlers

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Creativity : Introducing Drawing and Painting to your Toddler!

Painting & Drawing

Toddlers? Oh Yes! toddlers develop special interest for pens, pencils and colours if given an opportunity at the young age of around 1.6years. That’s the age when they start to scribble on the paper or sheet given to them and feel happy about it. Gradually between 2-2.5years, he will easily hold various colours, brushes with his thumb and finger and give you a chance to “objectify” his drawing:)

Creativity and art go hand in hand. It has been rightly said by Sir Ken Robinson “ Creativity is as important as literacy”. Continue Reading

STOP YELLING: Understand Kids

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Stop yelling, start loving kids!

“Looking at my kid making a mess of those cheeselings throughout the room, just made me forget of my basic etiquettes. I shouted at the top of my voice and my kid reciprocated that, not agreeing to listen and stop the mess. I couldn’t stop myself yelling at him. Feeling guilty later on of scolding him, he settled to something else very soon. But then, he was angry with me for the rest of the day. I was remorseful later that day but then…..!!! Similar days pass by many times a week and we just Continue Reading

Potty Training and Elimination Communication

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An Age old Tradition

Want your baby to be Diaper Free? Plan to sharpen his communication to inform the urge to liberate? Wish him to have Toilet and Potty Training before 1st birthday?

We’ll thats what we will turn around in this post. Moms and dads don’t feel worried of it being some technical – EC post, as its just a name given to the years old method which our nani’s and dadi’s used to follow.

Yes, much of the world has seen this glorious phase, when there existed “No diapers” and still parents were very happy. They used to … Continue Reading