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Read on all of the product reviews. All reviews have been done post my personal experience and are not at all biased. I feel the need to provide a real-life experience for this beautiful world.

Bridging the generation gap with Babbar ka Tabbar: A Hilarious Watch

Bridging the generation gap : Babbar ka Tabbar

Generation gap is quite common as we look around, which is basically a psychological time gap between the two generations. Differences can be due to technological & digital advancements, lifestyle changes and constant comparisons between “their time” and the “current time”. But often, to keep up with the trend and to understand adolescent children, the bizarre acts of parents at times creates amusing scenarios. Many a time, those acts land the complete family in a soup.

Want to know what that exactly looks like? What better than watching “Babbar Ka TabbarContinue Reading

Snacking the healthy way

The need of Healthy Snacking

In this speeding life, we are all propelled to get through our goals. Amidst all this hush hush affair, at times “Health” takes a back seat. Not just to blame the lifestyle, the loss of purity of many natural foods has led to ample nervous and immune reactions from our body. While munching and snacking in the bus, cab, office, is common sight, sometimes, we miss out on the real necessity of snacking. We ignore healthy snacking, which can actually be a powerhouse.

Do you know that healthy snacking at the right time, with right

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Monsoons and Electronic Mosquito Killers : Do they really work?

The mosquito menace!

The beautiful, clean and green monsoons, often become an unhappy party ground for us, when the infections rise on their peak leading to many diseases. And mosquitoes are a real menace around monsoons. With increasing mutations of the viruses, parasites, mosquito bites are becoming more dreadful than ever with so many mosquito-borne diseases spreading worldwide. Starting from Malaria and Chikungunya to the recent Zika fever, Mosquitoes are responsible for more than 15 diseases in humans. These tiny pests and so much of harm to our health! 

Monsoon are here and so is the mosquito menace. HAve you tried Electronic Mosquito Killers launched by Goodknight? Effective, simple and cheap solution. #mosquitorepellent #goodknight #electronicmosquitokiller #mosquitopatch

Just imagine this growing concern. Mosquitoes love the warmer and damper Continue Reading

Monsoon Chai : Ice Brews with Te-A-Me

Monsoons and Ice Brews?

As the trade winds knocked over the windows, a sudden cool breeze distracted me from the abridged writings yet to take a form. I wanted to jump out and see the engulfing sheet of dark black clouds with the tiny drops marking their territory with a haste.
It was the first call of “Monsoon”, and how could have I slowed down for any Monsoon celebrations?
The reflections of the tiny water droplets, the clean green treat in the garden, the music of rain and the swift calmness took me into the memory lanes.

Reviewing the newly launched Teame teas Ice brew (Tea-A-Me Teas) which comes in 5 different flavors of Lychee, wild berry, peac, Mint green and lemon. The goodness of these Ice brews aka Iced Teas is commendable and highly refreshing for all seasons. #Icebrew #

I picked up … Continue Reading

When the best of Ayurveda comes home : Amway Nutrilite traditional herb launch: India

As we move in the 21st century, the technology, modernization, learning, nutrition, all of it has marked a great change in the past few decades. And an exponential transformation is in the progress when it comes to Indians wrt these parameters. While these tech driven innovations have eased out our lives, but what we tend to ignore is our “changing lifestyle”, for the sake of extra comfort. Not just the stressful and ever juggling life has taken a front seat, even the adulterated nutrition, have left us abandoned on this journey. We continue to have an unhealthy life, which impacts … Continue Reading

Must Have Baby Earrings for Fresh Spring Fashion

Cute baby earrings , earrings for babies with online shop #onlineshopping #babyearrings #earrings #cuteearrings

As the cold winter season finally comes to an end, spring emerges with great thrill. Everyone seems excited to get outside and take an exhilarating stroll through the park. Pulling cooler clothing from the closet for your baby probably escalates your elation for spring. Not only is it a time to change the wardrobe, but also a time to look for fashionable baby earrings that would enhance your child’s new spring outfits. Baby Earrings add both style and elegance to her baby charm because they are dainty and create a finishing look to her apparel.

Locating High Quality Baby Earrings

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Getting lustrous hair styles with new age human hair wigs

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

The tresses , curls or ringlets are some of the most prized possession of women hair. Rather, I would say that hair are the most beautiful trinket a women possess for her beauty and confidence. Hair locks are something that every lady wishes to flaunt, be it at home or in gatherings or even in professional life.

Numerous surveys have been done and have reflected they way modern day women is experiencing the hair thinning. Blame it to lifestyle or motherhood or menopause or any medical condition, the challenge has been Continue Reading

Precious Pregnancy :  Be Aware About Pregnancy Tests & Infections!

Must know tests during pregnancy, trimester wise #tests #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancytest

Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

Finding out that she’s pregnant is the most joyous moment for any mum-to-be. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, a journey towards nurturing a lovely life in her womb is about to start. With the onset of pregnancy, it is a must for every woman to be informed at all stages to make it a blissful experience. This includes diet, hormonal and physiological changes, infections to take care of and important tests and scans that need to be done during pregnancy.

There are so many changes taking place in your body during this time Continue Reading

When the lost friend was found again with new friends !

[This is a story of a much younger friend of mine, whom I have known for close to 10 years now. She has been amazing in her life when it came to friends, relations and carried them beautifully. Penning down, her thoughts by my words!]

Life was beautiful, there were friends all around, be it school or at home. It was an amazing bunch, in her complete teenage years. The pressure of performing in opted subjects and at the same time certain outbursts of emotions, they were all a part of teenage life. Sometimes feelings were too personal and at … Continue Reading

Protinex – The best source of Hydrolysed proteins

Protinex - get to know all about proteins, Hydrolysed proteins, are they better than Intact ones? #proteins #hydrolysedproteins #protinex

There are enough discussions around the Macro and Micro nutrients these days, but we find that protein’s are lacking that awareness amongst Indians and our diets. We might plan to fulfil Vitamin D deficiency but what about the building blocks of the cells? What about a component which is there in every part, every cell of the body, aka, Protein?

Numerous surveys have been conducted on our diet patterns and results have always been shocking, when we get to know that 9 out of 10 Indians are deficient in Proteins. It is more so amongst North Indians, wherein the major Continue Reading

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Reviewing the newly launched Teame teas Ice brew (Tea-A-Me Teas) which comes in 5 different flavors of Lychee, wild berry, peac, Mint green and lemon. The goodness of these Ice brews aka Iced Teas is commendable and highly refreshing for all seasons. #Icebrew #teameicebrews #teameteas #icedtea #icetea #refreshingdrink
I'm not hungry mama, Is that your child says always? Here are some ways to help you improve the appetite of your child with good healthy and nutritious foods and small changes in routine. #appetite #hungry #weightgain #childgrowth #growth #development #nutritional #goodfoods #ironfoods #zincfoods
Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder caused by a non-progressive brain injury or malformation that occurs while the child’s brain is under development. Cerebral palsy affects the  muscle tone, movement (voluntary and involuntary), and motor skills (coordination). Lend a helping hand for one such child Viraat to help him with advanced therapies. #helpchild #cerebralpalsy #neurologicaldisorder
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With the surge of social media, depression and anxiety is surging in women and affecting mental health. Did you knew that women are 2-3 times more susceptible towards depression and anxiety? Read why and signs associated with these mental illness. #mentalillness #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #suicide #selfharm #women
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