Cheers to the Delicious Cavin’s Milkshake!

Roller coaster ride called Motherhood!

The life was getting tougher, my attempts to provide a complete nutrition were being ignored. Not just ignored, they were being puked out! Indeed, motherhood is a roller coater ride wherein a mum always sails in the boat to ensure that her upbringing has a six sigma effect, with minimum defects.

Well, the comparison might sound little weird, but ask your inner self mama’s. Don’t you try to make your child 100% fool proof? Yes, we all try and kids are there to turn around all such efforts by 360 degrees.

Similar was my challenge for my son, who never actually took up to the processed milk. Since he was completely on breastfeeding, he actually never knew the taste of packaged milk. I was happy earlier, but slowly as he was growing with fast pace in his toddlerhood, the challenge to make him drink milk consistently increased.

Struggle of Kids and Milk!

From giving milk growth powders to home made flavoured milk, now my preschooler son, ensured that all my efforts were in a vain. Any day if I tried to force him, he was ready to puke the whole thing out. Being consistently forced by my parents and in-laws, I could just not find any means to ensure his glass of milk daily. Further, since we are vegans, there are limited sources of Calcium and protein diets and this is the time when kids have a great growth, not just of their body but even of their minds. By the age of 5, structures of the brain which are involved in memory, motor control, learning, and major brain functions are already established. Hence, it is must to have a complete nutrient laden diet for kids.
All these happenings were making me more nervous as a mommy.

Sudden love for Flavoured Milk!

Life was getting tougher as my Toddler did not love Processed milk and the Cavin;s Milkshake came to my rescue. With no preservatives, this milkshake is creamy, thick and really delicious and nutritious for kids #milkshake #strawberryshake #delicious #cavins

It was a normal evening, we went to shop some groceries at a retail outlet. My son usually loves accompanying me to the stores and fill the trolley with all the colourful things he loves. Then its my duty, to agree him on one thing he loved the most. That day, my trolley was filled with 3 tetra packs, of some flavoured milk. Two were strawberry, another Kaju Butterscotch. I looked closely, using my magnifying lenses, lol. But I really was curious to see his recent love in the store. They were tetra packs of Cavin’s Milkshake.

Watch out for our video !

A confused mommy woke up! Does he really wanna drink milkshake? Even if he says yes, is it really healthy? But, then the time span to ponder was too less, I paid for the tetra packs and came home. The first thing my son did as soon as we reached, was jumping like a monkey to grab the tetrapack. Uncertain of the magic, I gave it to him and in next 2 minutes, it was all finished.

Life was getting tougher as my Toddler did not love Processed milk and the Cavin;s Milkshake came to my rescue. With no preservatives, this milkshake is creamy, thick and really delicious and nutritious for kids #milkshake #strawberryshake #delicious #cavins

I was stunned! What, how, why? It called a 404 error on my mind. I quickly read the ingredients and all about Cavin’s Milkshake. This milkshake was made with cow’s milk, procured from farms and processed at European UHT facility. It has no added preservatives, which made me happy. Along with this, it gives 109 KCal energy/100ml of the drink to kids. That seems a great source to keep kids hydrated and full of life with their super energetic lifestyles. Further, it really has a thick creamy texture, that of a pure cow’s milk and hence tastes really great.

It also comes in 5 lip-smacking flavours – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Kaju Butterscotch and Coffee, to allow kids to chose the flavour they love.

To me, it was a game changer, as few days after that my son started drinking home made flavoured milk, that of saffron – Cardamom milk. It was the start of smile for me, as Cavin’s had helped my son love milk’s flavour. Its been close to 6-7 months, and he drinks his Cavin’s milkshake daily, mostly after getting up from the afternoon nap and a mommy finds a happy and energetic kid.

Life was getting tougher as my Toddler did not love Processed milk and the Cavin;s Milkshake came to my rescue. With no preservatives, this milkshake is creamy, thick and really delicious and nutritious for kids #milkshake #strawberryshake #delicious #cavins

As mom-son duo, we both say “Cheers” to Cavin’s Milkshake.

What about you mama’s? Do you also face such challenge of making your kids drink milk daily? If yes, why not try a tetra pack of Cavin’s Milkshake and then allow kids to get accustomed to the milk flavour? I would love to hear you out in comment section.



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  1. Rose

    My kids don’t have a problem drinking milk. My daughter would drink it every meal but I get her to drink water more so. My son will drink it on his cereal and I struggle with him for one glass but Noone has problems with chocolate and strawberry flavors.

  2. Kristina

    I’ve always loved milk since I’ve been little, but it’s so nice that you found something your son likes. Also, he’s such a cutie 🙂

    Kristina |

  3. Vicky

    I love flavoured milk! My favourites are vanilla and banana flavour. Great post!

  4. Sarah Church Carroll

    My daughter took a little while to transition from formula to milk. She wouldn’t do it at first. We had to give her some milk with the formula powder mixed in and wean her off that way. But now she loves her milk.

  5. Th Aristochic

    My boy is decently good in drinking milk…I try making him smoothies, muesli with milk or kheer to up his milk intake and touchwood going fine.

  6. Ishieta

    good to know about this new product. nice review. will definitely check this out when we grocery shop this weekend.

  7. colossalumbrella

    Tell me about it! Motherhood has been a fun ride with lot of adventure for me. I love the way you described your journey.

  8. Prajakta

    Congratulations on finding a milk product your kiddo loves… my parents had a hard time making me drink some milk… somehow i could not develop a taste for milk ever… i am happy that’s not the case with your son 🙂

  9. I was never a milk drinker since young! But I would drink a chocolate flavoured milk down my throat easily!
    Now when I grew up, my favorite is turmeric milk, or any spice infused milk like what you did – add cardamon, ginger, spices, again more turmeric!

    If only my mum found out what kind of milk i liked when i was kiddo lol:)

    You’re a super mum!

  10. preetjyotkaur

    I’m so glad I found this brand here. A flavoured milk without preservatives is such a great option.

  11. Hmmm, I have never heard of this product! I might have to recommend this to a few of my mom friends. Thanks!!

  12. Christine

    Sounds like this is just what you needed–a win-win for both mom and son!

  13. Nicole Caudle

    My children hate hate hate hate hate milk. I have tried everything. It’s like they both woke up one morning and said “EWWWW we don’t like this anymore.” I’ve tried a variety of brands and types and there has been nothing they like.

  14. Charu

    I don’t know about kids but I love a good milkshake lol. And I think I will
    Pick the butterscotch

  15. Mrinal Kiran

    Kids hardly like to drink milk! As a kid i hated milk! So these flavoured ones a Definately a blessing

  16. Sarah Althouse

    Hey – I love flavored milk growing up, too! Strawberry was definitely my favorite

  17. Growing up I definitely had my issues with milk, turns out it was an intolerance. My family and I spent years trying to figure out which product worked best for me that would still give me a good source of calcium. With time, patience, and a lot of trial and error we finally found a product that worked for me. I’m glad you found a product that worked for you and your son.

  18. Michele Dennis

    My daughter was a full on “milkalcholic” when she was little! She would have loved all these different flavors to choose from!

  19. Alison Rost

    It is a struggle sometimes, to find something that they like! I’ve glad your son has finally found a milk brand that he adores!

  20. Snigdha

    The cavin’s milkshake looks yummy and delicious.. My son is a little moody in drinking milk.. I think he would love to have these flavoured milkshakes…

  21. Christie Brown

    I used to drink SO much milk as a child haha. I used to love flavoured milks, too (banana was my favourite). I wish Calvin’s milk was available back then – it sounds much better for you than the sugar-filled stuff that I used to drink haha. I’m glad your son loves it! 🙂 x

  22. Tasheena Nicole Johnson

    I love all of the flavored milk options that Cavin’s Milkshake has. Love the container size, perfect for the kiddos.

    1. Jhilmil

      True so, perfect for one time drink option, even while travelling.

  23. Adriana Martin

    Looks like a great option and best is that comes on a variety of flavors. Your little one is so handsome. Congrats!

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea, they taste delicious. Thanks Adriana!

  24. Sapna Krishnan

    I am glad you found something your son likes. Thankfully, my kid can drink plain milk and she surprisingly avoids flavored milk.

  25. Meagan

    This sounds like a yummy milk for kids to try. My daughter is lactose intolerant so we have to limit her dairy intake because she loves milk

  26. Claire

    Yes milk is so good for them!!!

  27. Nita

    My family is not a fan of milk at all and we substitute this with coconut milk. I’ve also noticed that every time my son has cows milk, his body comes up in a slight rash, so I’m not that bothered that he’s not getting a very limited amount of the white stuff. I’ve read so many reports that says milk is in fact not a good source of calcium and how bad it is for the body, but then there are a lot of reports that say the opposite. So I guess just feed the body what the body says it wants. These milk really does seem to come in lots of different flavours, I think my husband would actually like them!

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh yes actually it varies body to body. Some farm cows milk are really healthy ones while some processed ones aren’t and body reacts negatively and shows intolerance. Happy that my son has shown no reaction to it and these flavours are really yumm!

  28. Shilpa Bindlish

    My son likes flavourful milkshakes. But I’ve not tried these. Certainly checking in the store during my next purchase.

    1. Jhilmil

      Do that, best is they not too sweet and the creamy feel comes while drinking. Even I started drinking with my son!

  29. Jayshree Bhagat

    My kiddo loves all the flavours of this milkshake. They taste amazing

  30. Beola Lawal

    Looks like a product I would love to try for my kids. My 2 boys loves milk though, they always drink it up and ask for more!

  31. toastycritic

    I know it can be difficult to get your child to love things that can b good for them sometimes. That’s great that it helped your boy drink his milk in a way he appreciated and he got the nutrients from it.

  32. oneloveourlove1114

    I don’t have kids yet but I can imagine what a rollercoaster it is. My husband and I are vegan so I don’t know what we will be when we have kids, I can only hope that they will like coconut milk as well 🙂

  33. Cristine

    My kids love milk and it’s great for a post workout treat. Lots of protein and easy to drink

  34. Amber Marie

    I had lactose intolerance when I was a kid so I always wanted milk so bad! Gosh kids can be so picky! That’s awesome that you found something to help him get the nutrition he is missing by being a normal picky kid!

  35. I love that it has no added preservatives. And that’s made from cow’s milk! You’re son is too cute by the way:-)

  36. Allie

    So going to try this! My daughter will drink water all day but not milk from a cup just a bottle!

  37. elenasts

    My niece refuses to drink any kind of milk. We haven`t tried with Cavins Milkshake so I am going to suggest it to my sister in law.

  38. These milkshakes look great and nice that they are in different flavours. My little one still refuses to even taste any, but he may end up coming around.

  39. Akamatra

    Whatever help you can get even if it is in the form of a milkshake I say take it momma !!

  40. kavita singh

    I loved the product t has no added preservatives! I was searching some best things for my kids and this is what i needed. Will also recommend this to a few of my mom friends. Thanks!!

  41. It is indeed difficult to make kids drink milk. I see my nephews and nieces throwing up at the sight of their milk glasses. i’s good to know you found a tasty alternative for your child 🙂

  42. Ami Rose

    Those milkshakes sounds fabulous. My Mum always said it was a struggle to get me to drink Milk (I still don’t now). I can imagine it would have been much easier if these were around when I was a child!

    Ami xxx

  43. Blair Villanueva

    Flavoured milk gives so much appeal to kids and even adults. Gladly at home, we have no issues on drinking milks, both flavoured and unflavored 🙂

  44. Jenine

    I hadn’t heard of this product before. It would be cool if there was a dairy free version as well. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Enricoh

    Omg these flavored milk sound amazing. Great post shared with personalized voice

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