How to make Coconut water Mint detox drink?

How to make Coconut water Mint detox drink?

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This post in my endeavor to share nutrient-dense detox drinks is my utterly favorite, Coconut water Mint detox drink, with small chunks of tender coconut meat (the white flesh inside the coconut). As I’m writing down I’m enjoying every sip of this freshly made drink. In the last post, I had shared about the Coconut-Pineapple detox drink and the immense benefits of individual fruits as well. Now that you know I’m in love with this tropical exotic fruit, which is low in calories and carbs, but rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, lemme share one of the simplest detox drink, Coconut water Mint. Chilled Coconut-mint-lemon, is also a perfect cooler during those hot summer days. Not just a cooler, it is also a great hydrating and refreshing drink for every other season, just that, don’t add ice cubes and enjoy once you freshly prepare it.

Thinking what are Detox drinks are and should you include them in your daily regime? Then check out my post on, all about Detox drinks. You can also read and watch my Youtube video on varied Cucumber detox drinks here.

Coconut-Mint-lemon Detox Drink:


Tender Coconut, Coconut meat, mint, lemon, honey (optional), grated ginger (optional)

How to make Coconut water Mint lemon drink?

Here is my YouTube video for step by step recipe:

With minimalistic ingredients, here is the easiest way to make it.

  • Break the coconut and put one glass of water in the jar
  • To it add the coconut meat, after scraping off from the coconut (I love those small chunks in the juice)
  • Add the coconut meat, 6-7 mint leaves and some lemon juice to the blender (you can add Ice cubes too, depending on the weather)
  • Blend it for around 2 minutes
  • You can drink it up immediately or sip it throughout the day.

For kids, you can simply freeze it and make healthy popsicles out of it (we love making during summers).

Why should you add lemon and ginger to this drink?

When it comes to taste, adding lemon and ginger makes it more refreshing. Lemons have flavonoids, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, and ginger is rich in important minerals like potassium, magnesium. it also has many therapeutic properties like relieving gastrointestinal distress and has anti-inflammatory effects. Together with coconut water, they make a highly nutritious drink that can be consumed before or after your workout and even for any other time of the day.

Have you tried this Coconut water Mint Lemon detox drink? Do share in the comments section.

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  29. Swati Mathur

    Nutrient-dense detox this not just sounds good but I am sure will taste heavenly. Would love to try this extremely healthy drink for sure. thanks a lot for sharing the recipe.

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