Daughters are Bliss!

Girls become Daughters first and then Mothers !

Daddys Girl

Just wanted to begin with being a Daughter first:)

Like every normal girl, I was always excited about marriage and fascinated it right from the childhood days. I never thought beyond that I would spend life happily, rejoicing with my prince charming. I fantasied a beautiful world full of enjoyment just as my innocent childhood.

But today, when I am married, I realize that marriage is not a bed of Roses. Its not just about being with your prince charming and have a gala time. There is so much more to it, much beyond that small fascination. Marriage has its own share of responsibilities, duties, sacrifices, compromises and yes happiness.

I can’t wake up anytime I wish to, I have a set of responsibilities to do, off course which I love doing.

I am expected to be up and ready before everyone else in the family to give them a glorified day.

I can’t laze around in my shorts or pyjamas throughout the day.

I am expected to be presentable every time.

I can’t just go out anytime I wish to, I need to work as per schedules of family members.

I am supposed to be sensitive to the needs of family.

It is assumed that I will be active full day and be around the family.

I can’t expect myself to be treated like a princess (like my dad’s place) but I am supposed to take care of everyone in the family now.

I need to love all, despite I get counter love from all or not.

So why did I marry?

And then, my grey matter juggles up and asks to my soul, “Why did I get married after all”? I was much happier at my dad’s place like a princess. I was happy to put my head in my mom’s lap. My soul wants to come back to you mom and dad and get pampered all over again for the remaining life.

I want to come home to relish my favourite meal cooked by you. I want to have that time to get a nice outing with friends and come back home only to be pampered and not to think of the pending tasks. I want to sleep in your lap without any worries of this life.

There’s a realization!

But then, suddenly I realize that how did my life come into this world? Had you, mom not gotten married and made such sacrifices in your life, I wouldn’t have had these wonderful memories to clutch by all through my life. Suddenly, the purpose of life starts getting clear – to return the same happiness, comfort and love to the new family and my kid.

And I’m sure that as the time passes, I would start loving this life just as equally as you do despite the ride being tough. Thank you dear parents for all the compromises and sacrifices you both made for your children. They have given me the counter strength to lead my married life with a new family.

This was just a small note to how a Daughter’s world changes to a Wife’s and then to a Mother’s role! How with every day passing, I’m relating to this world more beautifully.

Girls and Daughters

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