DIY Hanging Planters : Easy craft with Kids

DIY Hanging Planters : Easy craft with Kids

DIY Hanging Planters

There are ample ways to create beautiful homes for our plant babies, don’t you agree? E-commerce is buzzing with stunning ceramic, metal, macrame, clay plant-stands, Glass Terrariums, which adds to the indoor beauty immensely. The choices of indoor plants have diversified, with ample low-maintenance Indoor plants to choose from. You can easily take advantage of the walled space and design DIY Hanging planters (for indoors or even for your garden).

Making an easy DIY Hanging Planter with kids is fun and this way you can also revamp up your interior game #decor #indoorplant #hangingplanters #DIY #artandcraft #craft

Here are some 5 best Indoor Hanging Plants we love:

1. Arrowhead Plant:

These vines grow beautiful with time. As babies, the leaves have arrowhead shape which grows into “fingers”. They are available not just in the green shade, but their pink variant is also easily available. Suspend these plants on your plant hanger as they grow long adding to the indoor beauty.

2. Boston Fern:

Boston Fern is also an air purifying Indoor plant and is a perfect addition for the bedroom or living room. It is one of the most common indoor plants that can be housed in a hanging planter.

3. Golden Pothos:

Golden Pothos, is a variant of commonly called Money Plant, with variegated golden-yellow leaves. Give it moderate light and you’ll see its beautiful golden-yellow colored leaves, spreading happiness all around. Pothos also purifies toxins in the air and hence it is apt for bedroom. There should be more leaf surface area for plants to improve the indoor air quality significantly. Don’t expect a single Pothos in your hanging basket to do wonders in improving Indoor Air quality. Read more about it here.

4. Spider Plant:

Another commonly available indoor plant, they fill up a lot of your blank spaces as they grow horizontally and vertically. Also called a ribbon plant, their leaves grow long really quickly. They are safe for pets and even very easy to care for. Use wide planters for Spider plant to keep its leaves from hanging too low.

5. Trailing Jade:

Succulents are always an interesting addition to your indoors, due to their special adaptations. Trailing jade is an immensely beautiful succulent for your hanging planter, as it trails over the basket with its beautiful green leaves. Let the water dry out completely before you water it again and hence clay pots are the best for trailing Jade.

Crafting DIY Hanging Planters (Best out of waste):

Making an easy DIY Hanging Planter with kids is fun and this way you can also revamp up your interior game #decor #indoorplant #hangingplanters #DIY #artandcraft #craft

Now that these plants are easily available in India, and we have ample time while at home, why not indulge in some creative craft with kids? Ditch the idea of buying hanging baskets for your plant babies, instead, look around your house for the waste items and design Hanging planters at home with kids. Sounds interesting?

Here is a video of DIY Hanging planters we made out of waste jars. You can use any Jars available, even the recyclable PET Jars, as a base. Though we started with smaller ones, the bigger and broader the jar is, the better it will be to accommodate any of these indoor plants and you’ll witness them bloom fully.  The best part is, designing is all yours, do it the way you and your child would like.

To design Hanging planters at home, all you need is:

  • Jar
  • String
  • Acrylic colors
  • Fevicol (Optional, basis your design)

And you’re ready to make one! It’s an immensely happy activity, full of colors and vibrancy. Hang the planters & allow kids to nurture their plants.

Did you like the small DIY Hanging planters we made? For now, we have accommodated Golden pothos and the Arrowhead plant.

Stay Safe!



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    Cool! The Spider Plant is also said to fight indoor pollutants! Great hobby ideas for kids!!

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    I saw this video of yours and loved this simple idea. Earlier I have seen a couple of videos for hanging planters but they all looked confusing to me. yours seems clear and easy. Joot gives the planter an earthy look.

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