Easy Valentines day crafts for toddlers and Preschoolers!

Love is in the air..

It is in the heart, mind, and soul!

Love resides in the tears of a mum..

It smiles with the hugs of the dad,

Love is in those hands

Who give support to the blind,

Love is on those shoulders,

Who are lend to crying heart.

Love is in the care given to a family,

It is a beautiful affair for the most beloved!

With these beautiful thoughts, I’m eager to celebrate this years Valentines day with my preschooler. Since it is now that he understands little bit of “separation”, he now differentiates things he love and hopefully, I can help him learn a selfless  and a non-materialistic love starting this year. Love is not just a charm of the youth, it is an ecstasy to feel and a pleasure to celebrate. Rather than searching out for big bangs, I feel this love lies in small happiness that life confronts us. And that’s why I love this day, as it gives me an opportunity to share my deepest feelings for memorable people in my life whom I love in and out!

I’m gonna share the essence of true love with my lil munchkin. And what better than to explain him what love means in an inspired creative manner? His love for art and crafts has made me teach him life’s lessons in an easier way.

So here goes, easy Valentine’s day crafts for Toddler – preschoolers :

1. Hearty Crown :

Cute valentine's day crafts for kids , toddlers and Preschoolers #crafts #toddlercrafts #valentinesdaycrafts #kidscrafts

Love the king and yes his crown as well! A lovely shimmering crown on the head of my lil munchkin on Valentine’s Day will prove him to be my prince. A really simple craft, all it needs is a round cut joined on the open ends with double sided tape, some heart cut outs and shimmer. Heart cut outs – yes I did that for my son and he pasted them meticulously on his crown.

2. I love you “Beary” much :

Cute valentine's day crafts for kids , toddlers and Preschoolers #crafts #toddlercrafts #valentinesdaycrafts #kidscrafts

Yes, Love you “Beary” much, my gummy bear. My son was super enthusiastic to frame out his bear and shoot it with his daddy bear. Quite simple, it just needs colours, paper cut, a pompom and googly eyes. Kids love colouring the cut outs and pasting all the rest things to craft an adorable bear. This can be shaped into form of a card. How beautiful if my son gives it to his dad and I get the chance to click this innocent love on Valentine’s day!

3. Cute Popsicle Heart-sticks :

Cute valentine's day crafts for kids , toddlers and Preschoolers #crafts #toddlercrafts #valentinesdaycrafts #kidscrafts

Aren’t they cute lil sticks? Hardly 5 minute craft and my son was loving his sticks so much. From past one day, he has been carrying it all along and now plan to present it to his favourite teacher. “Love” is indeed in the air!

4. Valentine’s day Heart wreath :

Cute valentine's day crafts for kids , toddlers and Preschoolers #crafts #toddlercrafts #valentinesdaycrafts #kidscrafts

Don’t look at the cleanliness, I’m all over with love , love with which this wreath has been made. My son did try to paste hearts wherever possible to make it a wreath full of love and we are enjoying it truly. We just need to cut colourful heart shapes and then leave it upto kids imaginations to decorate the wreath.

5. Heart shaped Card :

Cute valentine's day crafts for kids , toddlers and Preschoolers #crafts #toddlercrafts #valentinedaycrafts #kidscrafts

What you need is glue, red tissue paper, pink sheet, some sparkles and this beautiful card will be ready.

There can be many more ideas in which you can engage kids with crafts for the Valentine’s day. I also plan to bake heart shaped cookies with a punch of strawberry & cream for the V-day with my son. He’ll be there for decorating the cookies. While they are crafting, help them learn the true meaning of love. It is not a fantasy, but a deep feeling worth to be nurtured from this tender age.

So mama’s, how have you planned to engage your kids this Valentine’s day? Share over your thoughts right here.



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