Eduauraa : High quality Online educational app by ZEE5

Eduauraa : High quality Online educational app by ZEE5

Online Education: The New Normal

The current pandemic has utterly disrupted the whole education system, but it has brought some novel advancements in the Ed-tech industry, not just in India, but globally! Across the globe, nearly 1.2 billion children were out of their classrooms, when the pandemic hit the world. And this is the reason why a “New Normal” had to be established, with a shift that is to stay.

The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one ˜Malcolm.S.Forbes

India have a school-going population of ˜310Mn and approx.55% of children opt for private tuitions. Did you know that the fees of private schools offering high-quality education has increased by 150% in the last 10 years? These are some staggering stats, looking at India’s average household income. Education matters for all, but now, it is the time to transform India, with accessible quality education.

This is why, we, the millennial parents wanted a holistic yet affordable platform like “Eduauraa”

Intending to democratize education using technology with the best experience on desktop and laptop and make high-Quality affordable education accessible to millions of students in India, Eduauraa is here to transform the Indian Education Industry.

Eduauraa: An online learning platform by ZEE group

Eduauraa for Quality Education:

Eduauraa, owned by the ZEE5 group is an online learning platform for students from the 6th – 12th standard. The major aim of this platform is to provide a “high-quality education” with a team of highly experienced teachers from India’s top schools to create quality content. It is indeed transformational, as students have the access to learn from the legends in the education Industry.

The best part is that Quality education can also be light on the pockets of parents when we have a platform like Eduauraa. Online learning has proved to be more effective in several ways. Many pieces of research have shown that students retain 25-60% more with better concepts with e-learning and provide kids a safe environment. Isn’t that an eye-opener?

The reasons are the animations and stories make retention better, with e-learning children learn at their own pace, re-reading, going back, skipping, and accelerating to the concepts as per their need. 

Education now with ZEE5 Premium is offering a limited time offer up till 31st Oct. Basically with the Annual ZEE5 subscription you can avail for entertainment and education. And as a parent myself, I have been witnessing these benefits of interactive and innovative e-learning. Just click and refer to the link,

Eduauraa,an online learning platform by ZEE group is here to transform the Indian Education industry. Entertainment and education on ZEE5 app #ZEE5 #Eduauraa #onlinelearningapp #educationalapp #onlinelearning #Ranveersingh #MyFriendAlexa

Eduauraa is here to make learning fun and interactive: 

One of the hustles for Indian students is different boards and syllabus, isn’t it moms and dads? What if I tell you that Eduauraa provides content for 9 different boards (ICSE, CBSE, various state boards), from the 6th-12th standard? Every content at Eduauraa platform is tailor-made to meet the needs of different boards.

Well, not just boards, every piece of content, is available in both English and Hindi so that language does not become a barrier for any child.  Here the content is designed not just to make it interactive, but also to ensure retention, as experts generate the content as per a child’s learning skills innovatively.

How do Eduauraa works?

Eduauraa,an online learning platform by ZEE group is here to transform the Indian Education industry. Entertainment and education on ZEE5 app #ZEE5 #Eduauraa #onlinelearningapp #educationalapp #onlinelearning #Ranveersingh #MyFriendAlexa

Learning should be fun yet conceptual, right? And this is why every lesson at Eduauraa is divided into three steps:

1. Videos:

Kids have great imagination powers, and these video lessons perfectly cater to their curiosity. Well built-in animations with practical examples, vibrant stories, questions, helps in effective learning with better retention of the concepts taught by the teacher. Their videos are in a simple language and are easy to understand, designed for every student of India.

2. E-books:

This is one of the concepts that I loved! Do you remember making notes during school days, for a quick revision? Well, E-books are a much-advanced version of the same. E-books help kids remember important takeaways of a lesson summarizing the chapters defined by the subject experts.

And if you ask me what all content does it has?

It contains notes, questions, solved examples of every topic to help kids grasp their concepts and their application. Every chapter has a specially designed mind map, to help a student memorize important definitions and pointers for last-minute exam preparations! I wonder where was Eduauraa, while I was growing up:)

Well, it doesn’t end here, as it also has extra tips and information section. This section acts as fodder to their curiosity and has numerous add ons to enhance kids’ general awareness.

3. Tests:

Yes, tests are mandatory to ensure that students understand the concepts thoroughly. Every chapter has an Objective and subjective (with 25MCQs) test to measure the progress of students.

Various mock tests by Eduauraa helps children prepare well for their board exams. Not just these tests, you can also refer to the past 10-year board-wise solved question papers, to helps class 10th and 12th students prepare for their board exams efficiently. Also, you have the option of a virtual classroom, where students can learn, play quizzes, and even compete with their friends.

Eduauraa for a tailored learning experience:

Eduauraa,an online learning platform by ZEE group is here to transform the Indian Education industry. Entertainment and education on ZEE5 app #ZEE5 #Eduauraa #onlinelearningapp #educationalapp #onlinelearning #Ranveersingh #MyFriendAlexa

Learning also needs to have the right flexibility and with the Eduauraa app, a child can have a learning experience as per his/her schedule. Well, you can download lessons and watch them offline too. You can skip, accelerate, and move between topics as per your needs, to create your own learning schedule. Isn’t this great for a child’s exhaustive and need-based learning?

“The greatest mentors inspire. A mentor is someone who empowers you and adds value to your learnings”.

With Eduauraa, you can book a one on one session with the best academicians in the country to help you assist and bring more clarity to your concepts. Right mentor at the right time, acts as a game-changer! I feel this is a big support for students right from the comfort of their homes.


When it comes to e-learning, understanding the progress and accessing your child’s learning curve becomes very important. This is why Eduauraa has an analytic metric, EPQ, Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient. It maps the learning curve of each student and provides instant progress analytics. This can help students and parents understand the child’s learnings and monitor their weak areas.

How to access Eduauraa app?

Eduauraa, being an Online learning platform collaborated with the ZEE5 group, can be downloaded from the ZEE5 app/ ZEE5 website/ Google play and app store. All you need to do is download, sign in, and access your lessons immediately. You have the option to opt for a full year subscription (One year ZEE5 subscription + One-year Eduauraa subscription, @Rs999/- per year). 

If not, you can also, unlock the lessons individually, as you move ahead with a nominal fee.

Isnt this a wholesome package for high-quality education with support at every level? I believe its time to start your learning journey with Eduauraa!

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  1. Cindy Dsilva

    Wow ZEE5 is really doing a lot to keep some of us busy during the lockdown. It’s really a blessing that an app has come to educate us too.

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    There is a big shift in the education pattern. The only relief parents and kids have is they are able to finish their school year through online learning. But it has its own plus and minus. I am very glad yo read about Eduauraa. I will let my sister know about it. Her daughter is in 11th grade.

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      Great! This app is offering lots of essential stuff like ebooks, videos, tests and many more. Kids who are in 10th and 12th can veto the benefits of solving their doubts.

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    This is such a good initiative taken by ZEE5. Good they have come up with an education app.

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    This initiative by ZEE5 is really helping many students and my daughter is also learning facts from this app!! It’s a great and easy way of teaching concepts

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    Eduauraa seems like what our kids need in today’s times. I am amazed that it has content for 9 different boards!! And that one can prepare for competetive exams too through this digital learning platform is simply wow. Also that is pretty affordable is a big plus too!

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    I’m glad that ZEE5 has ventured into the education field too with this app. Online education is here to stay and with affordable subscription rates this surely will benefit many deserving children.

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    This app is really very helpful and sessions are so well planned and a great way to take tests!!

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    This year kids study at different levels have been affected. Eduauraa truly looks effective to fill this gap. The best part is they have videos, tests, analysis and more.

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    Finding a good learning platform for kids is not easy. Thanks for sharing your experience with eduauraa. It’s is well designed for providing quality education at affordable prices.

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