Exclusive review: Bebaakee: A grand family drama series by ZEE5

Exclusive review: Bebaakee: A grand family drama series by ZEE5

Exclusive #BebaakeeReview :

I had been desperately waiting to watch #Bebaakee , post its riveting trailer was released. A ZEE5 original series, starring Kushal Tandon, Shiv Jyoti (debutant), Karan Jotwani, this lavish romantic family drama is one of the most gripping series. Read further for my exclusive review of Bebaakee on ZEE5.

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 An overview of the series: Bebaakee :

Shot in the scenic landscapes of Shimla and Manali, with splendid indoor sets, the cinematography here is in direct comparison with the Bollywood movies. The series is set up around two age-old friends(Mohit Chauhan, Sameer Malhotra). Not just friends, they are also business partners of their media house and live together with their wives and sons in a luxurious mansion.

They vouch on their “true friendship”, as they wine and dine together, and their sons (Kushal Tandon and Karan Jotwani) carry forward this legacy. Having all the family drama elements, it turns into a romantic love story as the hate-love relationship evolves between Shiv Jyoti and Kushal Tandon.

Bebaakee web series cast:

Kushal Tandon (Sufiyaan): Kushal, plays a very intense role as Sufiyaan. He comes from a very complicated setup (with his father marrying another woman), makes him a person who doesn’t believe in girls and the emotion called “love”. His focus is only expanding the media house that they own as a family.

Shiv Jyoti (Kainaat): Shiv Jyoti as Kainaat Sahani, plays the role of a very simple girl, with a passion for journalism. Having a loving family, her ambitions and priorities are all set. Indraneel Bhattacharya and Pubali Sanyal play the role of Kainaat’s parents.

Karan Jotwani (Imtiaz): Karan Jotwani plays the role of Imtiaz, a caring, intelligent man, but quite opposite to what Sufiyaan is.

Apart from these three lead characters, we can see many popular faces, like Sameer Malhotra (Aadil Abdullah), Mohit Malhotra (Farhad), playing the role of fathers of Karan and Kushal. Krutika Desai (Rashida), Ananya Bellos (Benazir), Suchitra Pillai (Dana), can also be seen with interesting roles to build up an intriguing story.

The Storyline: Plot 

Sufiyaan and Imtiaz, have been best friends (just like their fathers) and they get along amazingly well. Aadil and Farhad started a Media house, which brought them name, fame, and money. As the seniors enjoy their lives, they’ve left the expansion of their media house in the hands of their able sons, Sufiyaan and Imtiaz.

Due to their common passion for journalism, the paths of Kainaat and Sufiyaan collide. This triggers a chain of reactions, which eventually even threatens their family business and the family togetherness. While Kainaat, a strong-headed woman, respects Imtiaz for the caring and understanding person he is, she has a feeling of animosity for Sufiyaan. But over time their hatred for each other turns into bebaak love for Sufiyaan.

Bebaak mohabbat aakhir kya hoti hai? #dilkihitchki

Gradually friendship of Kainaat and Imtiaz takes the form of love. Ultimately, it forms a love triangle, which takes all three of them by shock. Their lives turn upside down, with these revelations. But whom will Kainaat choose? A bebaak lover or a respectable friend? The events are no longer merrier, as Sufiyaan, unaware of what love means, is on his destructive spree towards Kainaat and Imtiaz, his own best friend and brother.

Sufiyaan is not one who will back down, but you need to watch this series to know if he will win over Kainaat or not.

“Meri aankhon ke saamne sirf meri bebaakee nazar aati hai! Kainaat, meri Bebakee! “ 


Is #Bebaakee worth watching? Read my exclusive honest review of newly released Bebaakee webseries on ZEE5 in association with ALT Balaji #DilKiHitchki #ZEE5 #ZEE5Club #webseries
Image Source:  OTT platform ZEE5

What I loved about Bebaakee?

Though the storyline and the love triangle concept is not something new, I loved the dialogue delivery. The intense look of Kushal, and how subtly the family drama has been intertwined in this story is amazing. The scenic locales of Shimla and Manali make the cinematography all the more appealing.

The beautiful song “Intehaan” stitches up the whole story. I felt this song as the most beautiful presentation in the whole series.

Shiv Jyoti, a debutant, marks a good impression, with her character of Kainaat. The friendship between Sameer Malhotra and Mohit Malhotra has been portrayed beautifully.


The pace at which the story proceeds, keeps you at the edge of your seat. Get ready for a roller coaster ride of bromance, friendship, love, and the pain of betrayal. Bebakee Season 1, has 8 episodes, with an average of 20minutes each.

It is now streaming on #ZEE5Club which brings unlimited entertainment right to your home.

ZEE5 has emerged as a great OTT platform. It has ample originals in different genres in its kitty which have been a hit. They have raised their game with an entertainment series #Dilkihitchki .

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