Exercises For Pregnancy

Exercises For Pregnancy

Good Exercises For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special and personal time in a woman’s life. During this time, you are growing a life and so it becomes more important than ever before to take care of yourself. You make big changes to your diet and lifestyle and you may even start taking a supplement for the first time in your life. However, did you take your exercise regime into consideration? Exercise is highly beneficial during pregnancy, not only for your own health but also for the health of your unborn baby. In this guide, we will be taking an in-depth look at some of the best exercises for pregnant women. If you would like to know about keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy click here for more info.

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Exercise is highly beneficial during pregnancy, not only for your own health but also for your unborn baby. Read to know best exercises during pregnancy. #pregnancyexercise #pregnancy #pregnant #exercise #squats #swimming #dancing

How much Exercise should a Pregnant woman get?

Most doctors agree that the average pregnant woman should get at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise each day.

Fortunately, you can break those thirty minutes up into ten-minute increments if it seems overwhelming to work out for thirty minutes at a stretch. It is also a good idea to track the number of steps you take in a day. The average person needs to take approximately 10,000 steps in a single day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keep on measuring your daily steps!

Some Facts About Exercise During Pregnancy

  • When you maintain a healthy active lifestyle for the duration of your pregnancy, you will be less likely to gain a large amount of weight during pregnancy. This is great because there will be a lot less strain put on your body.
  • You will be less likely to experience back pain.
  • Your muscles will be prepared for the rigorous childbirth process.
  • It is safe to start a new exercise regime during pregnancy even if you have never exercised before.
  • Take care to only engage in low impact exercises while you are pregnant.
  • Remember that you should avoid picking up heavy objects while you are pregnant.
  • Stay cool and well hydrated and always take a break if you are feeling light-headed.

Walking during Pregnancy

Exercise is highly beneficial during pregnancy, not only for your own health but also for your unborn baby. Read to know best exercises during pregnancy. #pregnancyexercise #pregnancy #pregnant #exercise #squats #swimming #dancing

Walking is one of the best exercises for Pregnant women. Not only is it something you can do for free, but you also do not need to go anywhere special or have anything other than a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Going for a walk around your neighbourhood is an even better idea if you have never really exercised before. Walking is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that does not put much strain on your body. Just bear in mind that as your pregnancy progresses your center of gravity will change so you should focus on your balance and coordination.

You should also choose to walk on smooth surfaces and steer clear of difficult paths covered with rocks or potholes.

Swimming during Pregnancy

Swimming is a great activity for expectant moms because it takes a considerable amount of pressure off of your bones and joints. When you swim, the water helps to lift you up and gives you a little relief from the extra weight that you are carrying. Find a water aerobics class to join in, swim laps or even walk in the water. Whatever you choose just get into the water and start moving. However, there are a few safety tips that you should keep in mind when swimming while you are pregnant.

Always use the railing when you enter the pool. Not only will it keep you balanced but it will also help to prevent you from slipping into the water. You should also avoid diving or jumping into the pool and steer clear of heated pools, hot tubs and saunas so that you do not overheat yourself.

Yoga during Pregnancy

Exercise is highly beneficial during pregnancy, not only for your own health but also for your unborn baby. Read to know best exercises during pregnancy. #pregnancyexercise #pregnancy #pregnant #exercise #squats #swimming #dancing

Yoga is a wonderful, relaxing exercise that all women should try at least once during their pregnancies. There are classes that are designed specifically for expecting mothers that will help to keep your joints limber while boosting your flexibility. Additionally, yoga helps to strengthen the muscles, improve circulation and it may even lower your blood pressure. Finally, yoga is great for preparing for childbirth as it teaches you a variety of breathing techniques that are great for working through contractions. Just remember that lying on your back during pregnancy is quite dangerous as it could cause some of your arteries to become blocked. Additionally, avoid any positions that require you to be on your stomach as it could be harmful to your unborn baby. However, for the most part, yoga instructors are very conscious of the best poses for both mom and baby.

Squats during Pregnancy

You may be rather surprised to learn that the simple squat is one of the best exercises to engage in during pregnancy. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart on a flat surface, taking care to keep your back straight. Lower yourself to the ground, without lifting your feet or bending your back. Take care for your knees not to go past your feet. Next, you should hold the position for ten to thirty seconds and then stand up again. Additionally, you can even practice squats while you are in active labor. It will open up your pelvis even more and could even reduce some of the pain from contractions.

Squats are great for your body while you are pregnant because they help to open up your pelvis and strengthen your core, both of which are essential for a speedy birth.

Dancing during Pregnancy 

Put on your favorite song and dance like no one is watching you. Energetic dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up and get some extra steps in. You could even join a dance class for expectant moms. It is a great way to make friends and there are no workouts that could compare in terms of the amount of fun you will have. Dancing is also a great way to bond with your baby in your belly. Your baby is able to hear muffled sounds outside of the womb and the rocking and swaying of your movements will probably soothe them to sleep.

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During my pregnancy, I was almost into all of these exercises, but missed on the swimming part. Having a set of workout along with my job always kept me energetic and on the go. And now I feel that due to my energetic and active pregnancy, my baby is a super active child, and I’m loving my Motherhood!

Share with me how did you go on workouts during you Pregnancy?

Cherish Motherhood!

Disclaimer : While pregnant, always discuss the workouts and postures that you should go for in different trimesters with your gynaecologist. Every woman has a different body and hence to have a safe pregnancy, rely on your gynaecologist. This blogpost just shows some good options of workouts available for Pregnant women.


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