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A Mommy’s painful confession!Extramarks Toddlers tab for kids

Let’s be very true, how much does that daily time consume? For many kids it comes to more than whopping 2 hours & that too without any significant learning & parental control. Isn’t it dear moms? Jut answer to your inner self !

World is digitising and so are the Kids! This wave cannot remain untouched on our lil ones. While most of us resort to showing cartoons or songs to our munchkins while making them eat or when we want some of “self” time, it may not be termed as “Engaging Creatively”.  Guess, Toddlers /  Preschoolers won’t be learning anything out of those songs except jumping and dancing to some bizarre tunes.

I see that kids are too busy watching “Doraemon” while the output from watching cartoons is nearly nil. Kids snatch their digital time, they are more tactful I vouch! They all are in love with the gadgets, so whether we wish or not, gadgets become an inseparable part of their daily life. Initial years of the life are the “Formative ones”, wherein children identify their interests, learn the surroundings, get to hold onto the vocabulary and spoken language. This is the time which makes a lot impact in their lives.

Engaging Constructively with Toddlers Tab !

In this digital world, we parents, are always looking out for constructive ways to inculcate the habit of learning process in kids. None of us wants them to just stick to the songs or movies or cartoons for the sake of no “Prized Outcome”. What we have been looking for is something which helps in the cognitive development of kids while they have their digital time.

Hence, to tap this gap, “Extramarks” have come up with an exemplary product – “Extramarks Toddlers Tablet” to experience the joy of learning !

“It is first of its kind of educational device for toddlers, having fun filled, engaging educational apps, games, stories for the curious minds. Extramarks Toddlers Tablet is built upon the concept of “Tap, learn, play”, helping the munchkins to learn in an interactive manner. It has different set of preloaded games, learning exercises tailored as per the age groups & requisite developments of kids (0-2y; 2-3y; 3+years)”

The Interesting Unveiling – Extramarks Toddlers Tab

Extramarks Toddlers tab for toddlers

The Digital advantage :

Extramarks Toddlers tab for preschoolers

Have a look at the prodigiously developed content basis kids ages:

Mamas, you’ll love the Kids zone for sure, its so much fun to see, even us trying our hands on most of the suff.

With so many interesting categories and sub categories, your kid will for sure have a gala time with his pre – defined slots! And be assured all these comes with ample learning , ranging for kids from 1- 4 years. It’s diversified and yet appreciative!

1.Rhymes – (repository of more than 20 best rhymes), we all love to sing along with actions to fancy the beautiful childhood. For me personally, Rhyme time is the best, we mama – baby love to sing together!

2. A-Z Chants – Interesting rhythmic infographics will create enthusiasm in your kid, while helping him to learn A to Z of the wonder world with the images, in a story format. “Like with A for apple, it sings along – I am an apple, red juicy green, eat me every day says your mommy” and so on! Kids get to learn the alphabet, related objects, utilities and ample new stories. Doesn’t it sounds great mama’s?

3. Super Shapes – Shapes with real objects amuse kids so much.  All the more, when it becomes an interactive & quizzing session, they’ll for sure rock on their mates:).

Chants about different shapes, related shape objects & use gives me a wholesome package to help my kid learn them in an interactive way. Once viewed, it can then be related with daily viewing objects, Happy shape-ing:) .

4. Colour Splash – Learning colours are so much Fun! Tap & learn colours with creative description associated with real life examples, helps kid relates to the objects [Red colour with Red apple].  Colour Zones, pick the correct colour, gives a widespread sort-of-real-life experience to the kid.

5. Fruit mania – Interesting fruit grooves, Puzzles, odd one out, Smashers Spotting fruits…Lemme tell you a secret, I gotta lot of fun with saying, I’am a banana, yummy and good for your Tummy! And by this, there began my riddle journey with my 2.5years old Kid! It’s a new fun way we’ve learnt from them:)

6. Numbers – Love the bubbles? Why not ask your munchkin to pop them up on the screen when asked that number? My kid loved bubbling and learning. Tracing the numbers, puzzles made it all so much interactive & full of fun!

7. Animal Kingdom Gotcha! My kid learnt what a shadow means! He got super excited matching his favourite animal & getting stars splashed over! Nice way to have Animal Zoo, flip & match, farm animals, their sounds, puzzles, Hide & seek & so much more on one single app!

8. Vegetables – Visuals play a major impact! Initiating a learning from here & then matching with the veggies you have in store or while you shop will so much engage & relate your kid to this gregarious vegetable & fruit world!

9. Hindi Alphabets – Let me be honest, this was a saviour to me. Helping me trace “vyanjan writing” with the bee was fun! Try it out , I’m sure it’ll be a great help when it comes to helping kids with Hindi!

10. Read along Stories – I love reading those short stories! They’re so entertaining & lively, getting me back into my childhood memories:).

All these sections have so much to read & learn as per the child’s age.

Then they have few additional categories for 3+ kids, which seems to be really intriguing for them!

1. Music zones – Forget getting a piano, let the tab help your kid with the Piano fantasies!

Either play along as guided for the selected rhymes to begin with or just tap upon the Free play!

Let the Musical melody start right here! Yes moms & dads, it’s a perfect time to help kid develop that special interest & this tab can help you initiate it! It also has the Karaoke zone, let your budding kid start the love for singing right here with or without instrumental music. Forget any extra apps download now. Record it over & save it to your memory card to send across to friends and family.

2. Interactive Stories – are compelling enough. Be it Pied Piper or Little Red Riding hood, for preschoolers & school kids, it comes with the options of Auto Play & Self Read as well. Read your self, record it, just play & hear for the next time. It can really be fun for kids to read out loud & get it recorded. They love hearing their story in their voices back again! 

3. Tot -Toons – Lots of learnings are here in the form of short stories.. From Long short to lines, drawing cards, family, this section is full of pre loaded videos to allure the curious minds of young children.

Have a look at the specifications to help you sail smoothly !

Extramarks Toddlers tab for toddlers

Conclusion for Toddlers tab:

To me & my kid, I found it a complete package with great all time fun inbuilt “kids zone” along with the “Parental Control”. It is a MUST for me, when my kid is glued to Digital world.

I wish to make it a new compelling learning mode instead of getting him hooked on other modes just for Entertainment.

So, why not visit Extramarks to gain some more insights on “Toddlers tablet and app”? Get your unit from Extramarks site.

About “Extramarks” you need to know:

Extramarks is a new-age digital learning solutions provider that offers the best of pedagogy and technology to create an engaging, child-centric teaching-learning environment in classrooms and at home.

Keeping pace with today’s globalization and technological changes in education, Extramarks offers an end-to-end education support system to learners and teachers alike by combining state-of-the-art technology with best practices in teaching. Its solutions are aligned with the school curriculum and covers the entire K-12 spectrum, equipping learners with immersive and deep learning through engaging learning tools.Today, Extramarks has global presence and has become extremely popular with schools and students. Extramarks empowers young learners with 360o solutions for effective learning inside and after the school. Extramarks’ solutions are compatible with multiple platforms, making it easy to access as per school’s or student’s need.

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