Post-pregnancy days are not easy ones for new moms. Right from weight-loss, to anxiety, to Postpartum depression, the struggle for a new mom is for real. Read more and get smile post-pregnancy.

10 tips to lose baby weight post Pregnancy

Weight gain while Pregnancy(Baby Weight) That's very Normal! During and after Pregnancy, body changes are expected. Forget the aspiration to continue with that figure and cut on the diet as suggested by the doctors.Weight gain is one of the prime important factor during and after pregnancy(for…

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Being Mommy-My experience

Continuing my Road to become Mom. Finally ,I welcomed the D-day ,receiving good luck wishes from all dear ones ,& pretty confidently approached the Maternity care .But hell ,just a look & thought of the operation theatre swung my BP to 160+. I had never been…

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My road to Motherhood- New Mom

Can I define Motherhood? Well who could have explained Motherhood in this world? I believe this emotion, this word “Motherhood” is impeccable & a divine word in the Oxford! All the adjectives: beginning with the Pain (a mother takes during labor) ,to the tears of happiness…

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