Guava Fruit, Guava Bars and Salad

Guava : My delicious healthy fruit

Guava Fruit benefits

Yummy, delicious, when topped with some black salt it tastes amazing. This is all what I knew when I was small and crazy as a child to eat Guava’s in the season. I was so damn crazy that once I had put its seeds in my granny’s garden thinking that a tree laden with guava fruit will come out and I may get a chance to have a seat on top, pluck and eat non stop. Lol, innocent minds then. Didn’t knew that they propagated via cutting and layering method. They are mostly tropical fruits, found in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world as western Indian ocean regions, Bahamas, Southern Florida, Caribbean regions.

Guava nutrition facts:

  • They are super rich in Vitamin C, Dietary Fibres, and even Folic Acid. More Vitamin C, more resistant and better immunity, must for growing children.
  • One guava has 4 times the Vitamin C an orange has, think it can be great for health.
  • They reduce the risk of various cancer causing toxins and chemicals due to its high fibrous content, polyphenols and beta carotenes
  • They are Potassium rich, important for regulating Blood Pressures and Heart rates.
  • Presence of Magnesium helps as Stress Booster, after a hectic day have one or 2 guava’s and let your muscles relax.
  • It also has ample Vitamin A, antioxidants, must for skin, as we all know. Did you know that Guava is also considered as Queen of the fruits? Well, yes, we all will agree to it now.

Making of Tropical Guava Bars:

Why not let’s get into making some really healthy and delicious Guava Bars for snacks this weekend?

Things you need :

  • All purpose Flour : 2 Cups
  • Light brown Sugar : 1 cup
  • Baking Soda : 1/2 tea spoon
  • Salt : 1/4 tea spoon
  • Rolled oats : 2 cups
  • Butter (prefer non salted): 1 cup
  • Guava paste, as in slices : 500gms

How to bake Tropical Guava Bars :

  1. Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees, grease the pan and set it aside
  2. Combine Flour, Sugar, baking soda, salt, rolled oats and add butter to this dry mixture till it turns crumble.
  3. Making Crust : Add half of this mixture to the pan
  4. Put the sliced guava paste on the top of the crust just made and press gently.
  5. Add the remaining mixture on this sliced guava paste and press it gently with the spoon.
  6. Bake for next 40minutes, keep on checking till the crust gets light brown.
  7. Let it cool, cut into pieces.

Serve the yummy bars as evening snacks to your kids full of nutrition and taste they would love.

2Min Guava Salad:

Guava Fruit Salad

You can even make Guava salad for your kids as a quick nutritious meal, which I relished as a kid.

  • Simple, just wash and cut it into pieces
  • Add little black salt , grounded cumin, little chaat masala, pinch of red pepper, cilantro for topping and slight lemon for the taste. Cilantro is optional, I personally love the fragrance and taste it imparts.

Just mix it and it is ready to be served. Kids will relish both the items for sure. Do give them guava fruit to make kids strong and resistant.

Guava Juices are another kids favourite, but the packaged ones have ample sugar which not good for kids health. Soon, I will share the guava juice recipe as well. Stay Tuned:)

 So what do you think of this? Have you tried before any such Guava recipe? If yes, how did it come through? Share me which fruit you love and what special do you make out of it?

  1. Menaka Bharathi

    I am a fan of guava, infact I never miss having them when I can, however this was the first time ever I have come across a guava bar and your recipe for it is super cool. WIll try this for sure. Loved your site Supriya.

  2. Blair Villanueva

    Wow, your post perfect reminds me of my favorite fruit back in grade school. We have a guava trees at home and my friends always visits us and requests for some guava fruits. Its a nice fruits, very healthy.

  3. babyhenrylikes

    I’ve never had guava before. I’ll have to look for it! I’m also really intrigued by the black salt. I’ll have to look for that too!

  4. Familyearthtrek

    Ohh I greew up with Guava! It grows everywhere in Thailand! We usually slice it and then dip it in a salt,sugar and chili flake mixture! So good! Never tried as a spiced salad though…it is really a good idea and it looks delicious. But I would perhaps try to do in a more thai style kind of taste.
    Ahh this just brings my childhood memories back!

  5. pamjammer

    I bet these guava bars would be a great fuel source for running. I would like to make these and try them when I am out running. I prefer to use real food rather than Gus and Chews because those upset my stomach. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  6. homeboundbuthopeful

    We don’t typically eat a lot of guava in our home, but your post has inspired me to try serving it more often, in a variety of ways. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Monique

    I love guava! What an awesome recipe. I’ll try this, but substitute the butter for coconut oil and see how it turns out. Thanks for sharing!

  8. DrKLeeBanks

    I didn’t know about all the nutrition facts related to guava – amazing! It’s so strange to think I grew up (and raised my own kids) eating mostly the common fruits – apples, bananas, oranges, and occasionally pears, peaches, and different berries – but didn’t really try many of these more “unusual” fruits (to us, anyway) like kiwi and guava. Now that I’m older, I have been exploring more of these, so the guava bars look like an interesting recipe to try.

  9. Ana De-Jesus

    I love Guava but I had no idea that it One guava has 4 times the Vitamin C an orange has. I brought oranges today for my monthly shop but maybe next time I need to get some guavas into my diet instead x

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