Guide for Choosing the Right Dance wear for Your Kids

Dancing and Dance Clothing for kids :

When was the last time your child got involved in a physical activity to stay busy? Dancing is a great way to keep your child busy while allowing him or her to exercise. If your child has already picked her favorite dance style, you should start shopping for dance recital costumes right away. Did you know that to maximize the potential of your child, you should choose the best dance wear ? But how to chose the optimum comfy dance wear for our kids?

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Here are some tips that will come in handy while you decide to get that beautiful yet comfy Dance wear for your child:

Dance Clothing

When it comes to choosing the best dance costumes, you need to consider tights and leotards because they are the most common ones. You should choose a style that meets the studio’s dress code and your child’s preferences. Here are some dance clothes that you need to know about:


Your child can wear a leotard for a number of dance styles. This dance wear item covers the torso while leaving the arms and legs uncovered. You can choose from a number of different leotard designs, including long sleeved, tank style, and skirted.

Most studios ask dancers to wear leotards during lessons because they are comfortable, flexible, and durable enough to be used for any dance routine.

Have your child started dancing this summer? Then are you aware of the appropriate dance wear - dance costume and shoes for kids? #dancing #kidsdance #ballet #jazz #danceclothing #danceshoes #tutus #for kids #leotards #jazzshoes #balletshoes


You can get a pair of tights for your child to pair with her leotard. Tights are thin, skin tight, and stretchy, which means that the dancer is free to move in all directions. You can choose from a variety of tights, including footed and footless.


Ballet dancers wear tutus. They come in different styles and sizes, which you can choose depending on your child’s age and style of dance. The pancake tutu, which is the most popular style, has different net layers from the waist down.

Dance Shoes

The type of dance classes that your child is taking should determine the type of shoes that you will buy. Ballet and tap shoes vary greatly, so you should be careful not to end up with the wrong pair. If your daughter wants to attend several dance lessons before choosing her favorite dance style, you can buy her a pair of ballet shoes initially.

This will keep you from spending too much money on dance shoes.

The different dance shoes include :

Tap Shoes

Only tap dancers can wear tap shoes, because the shoe comes with metal plates attached to the heel and toe areas to allow them to make tapping noises during dancing. These shoes are important because they allow you to hone your skills by listening to the acoustic effects. If your child is interested in taking tap lessons, you need to buy him/her a pair of fitting shoes.

Jazz Shoes

Jazz shoes come in a variety of styles, and you can choose from slip-ons, high-rise, or low-rise ones. When it comes to the sole type, you can choose split-sole or full-sole shoes. The former gives the dancer more flexibility and increases the range of motion. For children who are just beginning, you should go with a rubber sole, as it provides more traction and cushions the foot better.

Ballet Shoes

Ballet dancers need to wear slippers when dancing. In the early stages before your child starts dancing en pointe, you need to buy ballet slippers. They are made in a wide range of materials, which include suede, satin, leather, and canvas. Ballet slippers are light enough to permit free movement and soft to the touch. If you want durable slippers, you should go with leather material.

Have your child started dancing this summer? Then are you aware of the appropriate dance wear - dance costume and shoes for kids? #dancing #kidsdance #ballet #jazz #danceclothing #danceshoes #tutus #for kids #leotards #jazzshoes #balletshoes

Buying the right dance costume and shoe for your child is crucial, as it affects the learning progress. Make sure that you take your child with you to ensure the right fit.

Happy Dancing!


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  1. Nice useful article. I wish more children would take up ballet and tap. It has a certain elegance to it.

  2. Shilpa Garg

    Dance is a fantastic activity for children as it not only provides exercise for the entire body thereby helping children to develop strong and flexible physiques, but is also good for their mental development and social skills. While I have two left feet, I encourage my son and niece to learn dance.
    Thanks for an informative post on the various dancing shoes and dresses.

  3. Geethica Mehra

    Yes we ended to understand that there are different shoes for different style of dance. We should never comprise on these. When comfort is the priority hobby becomes so enjoyable.

  4. alpanadeo

    True proper outfit is very crucial in any form of dance. It brings out the grace and sets a mood. Ballet is such a delicate and graceful dance form and when combined with a proper costume and shoes, it takes the overall performance at a different level.

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    Really thoughtworthy, I never paid attention to what I am dressing the kiddo for the dance class. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thats a nice list of things to take care of. Shoes are absolutely important to pick properly while selecting outfits for western dance.

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    I had always been interested in dancing but never really got the opportunity to take it forward! Loved this post… You have shared some very useful information regarding clothes and shoes!

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    Great insights.. i am sure many of us don’t know the difference and this really helps the kids to be most comfortable in the right outfit.

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    Dance is something which many kids love and this is good guide for their clothes. Thanks for sharing.

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    A very helpful post indeed! Small things need to taken care to make sure the kids are comfortable and can carry on with their activities.

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    as a parent, I have never given so much attention to the kids dance dresses, probably because every time they have performed, its only been at school. these are some really good points

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    Am waiting for Tigger to grow up so I can enrol him for hip hop or ballet classes. Can’t wait to see him grooving.

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    Great suggestions, Jhilmil. I also prefer sending my daughter in tights or slacks with a long or regular tee. The idea is to have unrestricted body movement.

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    I agree it’s so important to choose right dance costume for a child. My niece is a ballet dancer and has been getting trained for the past couple of years. Dance training needs comfortable , appropriate and a costume that matches with studio codes. Great post.

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    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tips with us about the selection of dancewear. Sometimes we confused what to select for the particular dance type. Especially when we are new the dance field. Your guide will help to select right dance gear.

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