Health apps for Android and I Phone for Parents

Health apps for Parents  : Apps every parent should know

For a parent what is most important is his or her child’s health and in the scenario like today each one of us are so busy that it becomes quite a deal to sit back home or take your ward to the hospital if something goes wrong. It does not mean that the parent is not caring; It is just the busy schedule, which makes it difficult for a parent to keep track of what health issues their child might be facing. We understand what you go through, that is why we have bought to your accordance some of the best health apps that you must know about, so that your job is done half way.

As parents we are most bothered about our kids, their health, safety and development. But with busy schedules sometimes we are unable to concentrate on health issues of kids. Here are 5 great health apps every parent should know for their children. #healthapps #healthapp #forkids #parenting #healthofkids #kidshealth

Health apps for Parents :

1. Baby Bundle :

This app was designed keeping the new parents in context and the troubles they face as they have no experience in the raising kids before. Baby bundle is a one – stop place for the people who are looking for help related to issues and health care of the child. This application supports on iPad and iPhone and it is the creation of popular and renowned expert in the field of parenting – Dr Jen. Also knows as – Jennifer Trachtenberg, she herself is the mother of three kids and a board certified paediatrician.

The features of the app includes a monitoring tool, a vacation planner, check – up planner, question and answers from medical experts and more. It also has a sharable stream of live photo journal that elongates the first two years after the birth of a child.

2. 5 – 2 – 1 – 0 Kids :

An app for kids of the age group 4 to 9years, it can be used to find their way towards healthy living. It is an app, which is free for both androids as well as IOS users. It is an app that is the derivation from the house of Henry Food Heath System in Detroit.

In this app, you can find an amalgamation of about 4 games, which teaches the child through fun activities, fun games, and more. It teaches kids to have healthy food habits, to be active and energetic. The games would want the child to pick up all the health food, which makes him score more and more of points, and show their energy. It provokes how the non – screen time could be used for drawing and sketching and many more such activities.

Henry Ford Paediatrician Stacy Leatherwood, who is also an MD once quoted about the application – “our hope is that the app will encourage quality family time. When parents are involved, it really helps reinforce healthy behaviour”.

3. 30second Mom :

Are you looking for an app that could be of great help to you? This is exactly where you should spot. Get this downloaded and then you will have plenty of stuff to read about health care habits, practices, benefits that can help you advance your child growth.

It has a lot of information, blogs and articles that can be of good help. If you are a busy mom and could not talk to a doctor or expert then this is the right place to seek some information in just a matter of about 30 seconds. That is it!

The creator of the app, Elisa All, got into a partnership with Loyola University Health system to produce to its audience topics like – seasonal illness, self – care tips, vaccinations, eating habits, sanitation and more. The content is created by five doctors who are also moms and is delivered to the application for the mothers to read and enjoy the benefits they can seek from the same. The application is available on both iPhone and android and it is absolutely free.

As parents we are most bothered about our kids, their health, safety and development. But with busy schedules sometimes we are unable to concentrate on health issues of kids. Here are 5 great health apps every parent should know for their children. #healthapps #healthapp #forkids #parenting #healthofkids #kidshealth

4. Kurbo :

It is like a health coaching app for the kids from the age of 6years to their teenage years. It offers free as well as subscription – based programmes related to weight loss, healthcare, skincare etc.

The activity trackers which includes personalised training via phone calls, texts, video calls, Whats app texts and more, is a helpful initiative taken up by the digital adaptation of the Stanford Lucile Packard children’s hospital. The name of this programme is paediatric obesity programme.

The app have this unique way of looking after the kids that are enrolled and that is with the way of traffic light approach – that is they have to intake red, yellow as well as green food to reach to a certain weight mark or have a perfect BMI. This helps a child know about his health habits and promotes energy, positivity and disciplined approach. It is recorded that 90% children who enrolled had reached the desired mark of weight or BMI.

5. Doctor on Demand :

Have you wondered the fact that whenever you need a doctor, you can consult him with just a few clicks? If not, it is the time to feel free and download an app, which will make you get you a chance to consult a doctor right away.

It is an app or a website where you can enrol and get to know about a few board – certified physicians and paediatricians on your daily usable like laptop, tablet or smartphone. The application works on a video chat system and you can simply consult a doctor at the leisure of your home or in the free time in office and seek information related to the illness of your little one.

The first visit for the parents will be free and from the next, you will be charged around 40$ per visit. Now without the hassle of carrying your sick child to the hospital, you can simply log – in to Doctor on demand on its website or application and cure the health problem he/ she is facing lately.

The services could be easily availed on both the platforms of IOS as well as android.

Stay Healthy : Kids are our lifelines

The world is running at its pace and we all know how difficult it has become to manage each and every deal with the pinch of perfection. These health apps mentioned above can be of great help not just for the busy parents but for all of us as we wish goods things to be inculcated in our children.

Try on a few of them and stay healthy and wise, taking care of your family, work, personal life aka, Supermom!

“Because if there is no health, the wealth would just be piece of papers, we wish you to stay healthy and sound forever. “

[Thanks Anoop for this informative and helpful post on health apps. Anoop Nain is a content marketer and health blogger and he specializes in condensing complex health information into easy articles that are understandable to the readers of his niche]

Stay Healthy,

XoXo, Jhilmil


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