How is Online shopping beneficial to Moms?

How is Online shopping beneficial to Moms?

Is Online shopping best for Moms?

Congratulations on entering into the most beautiful phase of Motherhood. And since our cuddly bears demand most of our time, we often find ourselves with the scarcity of time to complete a whole lot of chores. It looks as if life revolves between feeding, burping, and poos initially. Later on, it shifts towards various developmental milestones as kids start their growth trajectory. Being a mommy, we all want to be with kids in their every smallest phase.

But the festive season has hit the doors, Birthday’s are right here. Right from dresses to gifts, return gifts, we opt for the majority of shopping during these months. And the ease of shopping from Online Shopping sites is something which has made our lives much easier. It comes as a big relief from spending hours in the traffic Jam and returning back with an exhausted and cranky baby.

Why are the benefits of Online Shopping for a new mom? If you're a new mum, your life will feel almost sorted if you opt for Shopping Online. Read more to know why #onlineshopping #amazon #myntra #shopping #iloveshopping

After my 4 years of Motherhood, here are a few reasons, as to How is Online shopping beneficial to Moms :

1. Wide Variety to choose from : 

Cuddling baby with one hand, Diaper bag in second, clubbed with the clumsily wrapped shopping bag, is a pain. I was never able to explore the complete range in the offline stores. All that I wanted was to finish the shopping with the first piece / relevant book I loved, be it for the baby or for myself. While in Online Shopping, I love to browse and add to cart those things which I really fancy from the wide variety on the display.

Apart from that, I’m loving the phase of the entrepreneur’s who sell Unique handcrafted, eco-friendly items online, rather than buying their shelf in offline stores. I love getting Novice and unique items as gifts.

2. The Ease of Price Comparison :

No Time! That’s a woeful fact of a mom’s life. I used to enter a store and buy what I wanted, without comparing the prices. It gave me many pocket burns and it is one big reason why I love online shopping. Right from my kid’s clothes, to toys to my Jeans and Shrugs, Online shopping is a big plus as I compare prices and opt for the one which I feel are Value for Money. 

3. Super Deals and Discounts:

That’s the charm of the Online world. With amazing Offers and Discounts, it becomes a lot easier to buy essentials in bulk. More so this Sale season is the time of the year when I shop most of the things online. Even Cashback’s over and above the discounts serve a big purpose. It truly is a huge Money saver and every hundred saved results in a big smile.

One thing I wish to mention here is, go for authentic sites while you are doing Online Shopping.

Why are the benefits of Online Shopping for a new mom? If you're a new mum, your life will feel almost sorted if you opt for Shopping Online. Read more to know why #onlineshopping #amazon #myntra #shopping #iloveshopping

4. Time Management: 

One of the biggest benefits of Online Shopping is, it saves lots of time. Spending hours is something “ just not possible”, after becoming a mom. Usually shopping in a mall takes a full day from your schedule. And not just it is a sheer wastage of time, but after a few minutes, you’re mostly left with a cranky and exhausted baby. Online Shopping is so beneficial for moms, all you need to find is a time when your baby is asleep. Browse, click and place the order at your own sweet time and you’re done!

5. Option to Return: 

Rarely the offline stores give you the benefit of return and money refund. Even if they do, you’ll have again visited the store a second time to do that. The hassles of running from the grocery store to toys to clothes stores make Offline shopping a lot tiring. With the benefit of Return policies (right from the home), it becomes much easier to handle our life as a mom.

Why are the benefits of Online Shopping for a new mom? If you're a new mum, your life will feel almost sorted if you opt for Shopping Online. Read more to know why #onlineshopping #amazon #myntra #shopping #iloveshopping #motherhood

Hey Moms, Don’t you feel that you can get the most exclusive things for yourself, family and kids, at quite affordable prices, saving lots of time? Yes, that’s how Online shopping summarises for me. Truly, Online shopping is beneficial for moms. 


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  1. Shilpa Garg

    I so wish that online marketing was available when I was a young mom. SIGH
    Online shopping is a boon for moms and is truly a win-win situation.

  2. Prerna Wahi

    Very informative article and I agree with all your points. Online shopping is a blessing for moms, especially of younger children!

  3. Preeti Chauhan

    Online shopping definitely has come a long way from yesteryear and I in fact prefer shopping online- the rates are cheaper, the returns are easier and you can browse through many more products without wearing your feet or your wallet down.

  4. Sandy N Vyjay

    Online shopping is indeed a boon. First of all, it is sheer convenience to order anything from groceries to apparel to the jewelry from the confines of your home. Many other benefits like better prices, choices, etc., also make this concept really beneficial.

  5. Seema Wadhwa

    Online shopping is every shopper’s dream come true, and it’s even better for moms. It’s convenient, saves time and offers great deals.

  6. Gurjeet Chhabra

    Even I prefer online shopping more. Easy to choose, discount,delivery at your door step. No need to exhaust yourself

  7. Nisha

    I survive only via online shopping as offline shopping is too cumbersome for me. online shopping lets you have access to amazing product range as well as better price.

  8. Prakhar Kasera

    Online shopping is actually beneficial to all, not just to moms. It is very much time saving, easy returns, discounts etc. also one can have vast options to choose from

  9. Sulakshna

    Offline shopping can be really taxing sometimes. On the other hand, online shopping saves us a lot of time, and more so in case of moms.

  10. Amrit Kaur

    I am totally an online shopping person. I have been doing 80% shopping through online websites. This post totally relates to me except the fact that I am not a mommy. ??

  11. Khushboo

    Online shopping is really amazing for everyone especially for mothers who cant go out for shopping because of thier little ones.

  12. Mrinal

    I find online shopping best for me because I can select something, share it with others and take a decision with ease… Also the sales and price drops and return options are a big benefit…

  13. Snehal

    Moms are so busy being an all rounder. I think online shopping stores makes any kind of shopping easy for moms! 🙂

  14. Prerna Sinha

    I so agree with you. We moms are so busy all the time and barely have time to go shopping Online shopping is super beneficial for moms.It saves a lot of time and I really like the online return policy.

  15. Ms Malik

    Being a working mom online shopping is such a blessing mom for me. Shopping has been made very easy now. I feel it’s more fruitful in terms of options and savings.

  16. Papri Ganguly

    I always prefer online shopping since with a toddler around you can’t really enjoy the shopping. Moreover, we can get some amazing discounts online

  17. Rajshree

    I absolutely agreed on each and every pointer that you have shared in this post. Online shopping not only save time and hassle but also, saves a lot of money.

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