How to enhance your Child’s math skills with Cuemath?

How to enhance your Child’s math skills with Cuemath?

Mathematics is an exercise for our left brain! It is not just about equations and algorithms, but about understanding and applying logic. It is a subject that builds reasoning abilities and enhances problem-solving skills. Once you understand math, you’ll be able to apply its logic in your day to day life. The laws of Mathematics govern everything around in our lives, right from grocery shopping, traveling to managing finances. It is all a game of numbers, don’t you agree? To keep up with Math, what a child needs is consistent Math practice in a fun way, similar to what Cuemath provides. 

Why is Math important for a child?

Math triggers various intricate neural connections of our brains. Many pieces of research have proved that higher math skills are associated with enhanced cognitive, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. It also enhances the attention-span(when engaged in a fun and interactive manner).  

How to excel in Math? 

While we were growing up, the quantum of practical activities was less. Then, the focus was more on copying the notes and rote learning. Math often seemed to be a subject in which many students lagged. The reasons were missing out on basics, lagging in practice, and lack of fun activities involving math.

Today, as we witness the educational transformation, emphasizing more on practical aspects, understanding math has become much easier. Math can be so much fun and easy if kids are involved in Math games, and activities, right from their toddlerhood. Various puzzles, games as Sudoku, tangrams, activities as crosswords, are just a few examples, how math encourages kids to “think” and enhance their gray matter in a fun way.  

Today, children need to have access to innovative learning programs integrated with technology, to spark their creativity and imagination. This is when they will experience the real joy of learning. 

How to help your child excel in Math?

  1. Ditch rote learning and try to build experiential practical learning right from the start
  2. Practice, practice, and practice, that’s the biggest thumb rule. Never give up trying to solve math problems
  3. Discuss problems with your academician, if any
  4. Opt for an interactive after-school math program, which focuses on making math enjoyable for students.
One such highly recommended program is by Cuemath. Book your Free trial with CueMath here

Solving the Zig-zag puzzle of Math with CueMath:

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Cuemath has redefined math learning for kids from Kindergarten to Grade 10.

“In their own words, We expose children to a learning system that enables and encourages them to think the Why behind the What of math concepts”

Benefits of getting your child enrolled with Cuemath program:

    • Cuemath is an after-school math program that helps children learn math in a very interactive and fun manner. Cuemath programs go beyond the traditional math, as its programs cover aptitude, creative reasoning, concepts for holistic learning of your child.
    • You have the option to choose Online(Grade 1- 10) program or Offline program (KG -Grade8), as per your convenience. Currently, all the classes are being conducted live Online via their learning platform. 
    • The focus is on helping children understand the reason and logic behind the math problem, to help kids arrive at a solution. This involves lots of fun exercises (for speed and accuracy), tab-based math games (for mental aptitude), puzzle cards (for creative thinking and reasoning), and much more.  
    • The teachers are well trained and certified as per the curriculum.
    • Students get personalized attention from teachers as the programs are with small batch sizes.
    • Their online classes do not have passive videos, but a certified math teacher is taking the live classes, which ensures better and interactive learning, with one on one doubt-clearing opportunities for children. 
    • Cuemath curriculum has been designed by graduates from IITs, IIMs, Harvard, and Cambridge. It has been designed keeping in mind all boards(CBSE, ICSE, State Boards), and hence as a parent you need not worry about the curriculum.
    • Cuemath’s program entails a personalized learning plan for each student, under the supervision of the program manager. 
    • You can get the assistance of your mentor even during the non-class days/hours, which helps students get an uninterrupted experience.
    • A one-hour cue math class usually looks like 40minutes of learning via digital worksheets and math box, 10 minutes working on tab-based aptitude skills, and 5 minutes for puzzle cards.   

Are you looking for Online Live Math classes for your kids during this COVID scare? Then read this post to know various programs by Cuemath and Online Cuemath summer camp 2020 for kids right from kindergarten to class 10. #cuemath #summercamp2020 #liveclasses #onlineclasses #onlinemathclasses #education #learningmath #mathclasses #mathtutions #onlinemathtutions Cuemath summer camp 2020:

Interestingly, Cuemath has come up with Summer camp for kids to ensure that their vacations are fun, but with no learning loss. Starting from children aged 6 (up to 16years), they are having the “Young Coders program” to help children experience the joy of coding. 

This summer camp is being done in 12 sessions of 60 minutes each. The sessions include doing Cuemath workbooks, learning to code, and fun math activities.

The workbooks (now online), have a mix of math activities (as crosswords), games (as Sudoku, Ken-Ken, Tangrams), puzzles and crafts, as origami, posters and much more. Doesn’t this sound super fun to keep kids engaged and enhance their math skills?

Whether you are looking to introduce these fun elements to your kids, or planning to prepare your child for Math Olympiads, or planning to create a robust base for competitive exams, Cuemath covers it all for your child. 

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  1. Roma

    Thank you so much for sharing in such details. I really need to enroll my son in these classes at the earliest I guess. He is good at maths and these can give him an edge.

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    Personalized attention from teachers something I would want from teachers. Math needs to be taught in a fun way then only kids overcome the fear. I have seen many kids don’t like math because they feel its hard. But when taught in an different way, it can become one of the favorite subjects and yes scoring too.

  3. Surbhi prapanna

    Here in USA digital learning options are a big part of my girls education and as a responsible parent, I always try to search different digital ways to make their learning fun. I had heard about cuemath but didn’t know insight, thanks for sharing all details about it. Will check out it for sure.

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    Thanks, Jhilmil for bringing detailed information about Cuemath, I was completely unaware of such a program before this, My son enjoys math, but this info about coding camp really rejoiced me, I was desperately looking for some coding classes for kids will surely check this out.

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    Maths is definitely an important subject kids need to practice and learn. Apps and programs like Cue Maths are gaining popularity. However I have grown up kids so it’s not possible to avail of this benefits.

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    Math learning is essential to a child’s overall educational development. Cuemath’s summer camp seems a worthy place for children to practice and enrich their math skills this summer.

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    I took a demo class with my son for cuemaths once and really liked its concept and the way it incorporated basics into play so that concepts are understood well.

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    This is really great cuemath program that create interest of kids in math and I will really like my daughter to enroll in cuemath program.

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    No matter which field we’re interested in, Maths helps develop our aptitude and also in brain development. Cuemath seems like the perfect place for kids to understand the basics.

  10. Vaishali

    Math is thought to be a scary subject. I did realise that even though I scored 90+ and so did my husband, our set of parents pretty much-hated math. I am only hoping the trend does NOT repeat (skipping a generation). Cuemath is my personal favorite and Harshal is starting soon!

  11. Rajshree Sawant

    My cousin was searching for ways to increase the math skills of my nephew and this seems like the perfect solution.

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    Mathematics has been one subject which has continued to come in use in our daily life – and there is no aspect of life where maths isnt required. This service is excellent as it teaches concepts of maths in a fun learning format which makes it easy for kids to learn (and honestly, get them to sit down and actually learn!)

  13. Judy Morris

    Maths is a subject I was forever petrified of and I can now blame it on the teaching style plus a little bit of silly efforts to learning it rather than understanding the concept. I am surely checking our Cuemath for my kiddo for next year.

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    Maths is undoubtedly the most used subject in our daily lives. I have been hearing a lot on Cuemath and after reading your post planning to enrol my kids.

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    Jhil, just a few weeks ago I was discussing this with a couple of my friends, and believe me, two of them suggested cuemath. Their kids are loving the classes. Math as a subject should be taught in a fun way instead of making it a burden for kids, loved reading the post.

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    I am so happy that I read your article, Jhilmil. I have been thinking about enrolling my daughter in one such Math learning program. I was considering Cuemath and there was one more similar program. Your article cleared my so many doubts. Very informative. I love the fact that Cuemath is in sync with the school curriculum too. I think I will enrol my daughter for the Cuemath online program.

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    This is do helpful for me. My son doesn’t like math and I have to put make him study math all the time. Thanks to you for introducing cuemath ..

  18. Personalised attention is surely one great way for kids to learn better. My child did not opt for cuemath before as Abacus classes were goin on. Can my child take up cuemath with Abacus side by side, is there any foundation clashes of understanding?

  19. Shishu life

    math is really a hated subject, although i am CS and graduated from commerce my child is like his father 😛 they both hate math so much 😀

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