How to gain weight if you are underweight?

How to gain weight if you are underweight?

Are you Underweight?

Appearance makes Impressions, but it is the personality that makes an impact. 

Agility, credence, determination, fervor, all these are internal factors and we need to find our “Yang” to attain the end goal in our lives. Ironically, somehow, none of us live in an ideal world. There are ample external factors wherein how we are perceived as an individual and the societal outlook shapes our personality. Small things, as in, the way you dress up for the office, 15 minutes of morning exercise, or even a small piece of the appreciation, can give the must need zest towards life.

Are you underweight, with your BMI less than 18.5? If yes, along with natural diet changes, you need healthy weight gainers like Endura Mass. #underweight #lowBMI #BMI #enduraMass #Gainweight

Did you know that being Underweight has its own set of problems?

While Obesity is for sure bane and can be a curse in our lives, but even being underweight holds equal negativity. Here are some issues that Underweight people might face:

  1. Decreased Energy levels, which results in growth issues. It is of more concern wrt growing children.
  2. Underweight people have high chances of facing Osteoporosis (more frequent in women).
  3. Very weak Immunity and more prone towards infections
  4. Delayed recovery from Surgery/Infection
  5. Fertility Issues, Pregnancy complications wrt Preterm birth and underweight baby too.
  6. It is also associated with chances of decreased Libido as well.

Well, that’s for the health-related part. How about the emotions around being lean?

“When you’re named and laughed around as “Skinny”, It hurts!

When you’re shunned from your choices of achieving your passion, it jolts you from the core, right?”

Imagine a person with an ambition of serving the Nation, doesn’t qualify, due to low BMI. Isn’t that a melancholic state? Doesn’t that punches the self-confidence and determinations, we talked about?

Yes, they do! Remember, you can’t photoshop your personality, it has to become from within, all naturally!

Check your BMI:

It is time to understand between being healthy and being underweight. Crash diets, skinny look and being underweight naturally is never the best choice for a Healthy body. The best way is to check your BMI on a standard scale. If you fall in “Underweight category”(with BMI less than 18.5), it is a high time for you to start working towards attaining right weight with proper nutrition. 

One of the best tip to gain weight naturally is to Intake more calories than you burn in a day.

Few Healthy choices towards attaining the right body weight:

Understand, that you need more calorie-rich foods, so eat plenty of high-carb foods, energy-rich foods.

  • Ditch 2 large meals in a day, rather opt for 6 small meals daily.
  • Opt for whole grains, more of nuts and seeds.
  • During summers, go for more smoothies and fruit shakes, instead of any coke/soda based drinks.
  • Go for Whole milk (rich in cream), full-fat yogurts, more of cheese and creams.
  • Avocados, Dark Chocolates are also great options
  • Supplements, Like Endura Mass, are suitable for both Male and Females to gain that Muscle mass and ultimately gain that much-needed weight.

Why Endura Mass Powder for Weight gain?

Are you underweight, with your BMI less than 18.5? If yes, along with natural diet changes, you need healthy weight gainers like Endura Mass. #underweight #lowBMI #BMI #enduraMass #Gainweight

  • It is 100% Vegetarian and can be used by everyone who wants to gain weight, be it sportsmen or any active individual.
  • Has a balanced formula of soy proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins, which gives the vital nutrients along with energy for weight gain.
  • It is available in 3 different Flavours, Banana, Vanilla and Chocolate, so choose basis for your choice.
  • Endura Mass has the ability to construct the nucleus of cells in the body and acts as an anabolic booster. It decreases muscular degradation, helping in building muscle mass.
  • Endura Mass gives ~3480 extra calories per day to your body (apart from the calories you gain from your regular diet)
  • Further, you can take it with milk or even juice, and let me tell you it has No Cholesterol and No Trans Fat.
  • This product also claims “no side effects” and is acclaimed 100% safe.
  • Endura is a GMP certified company, and an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) certified company. This proves the high standards it has wrt Quality measures.
  • Further, it is manufactured in collaboration with Solae LLC, USA. Endura sources its Key ingredients from Solae, which is a world leader in Innovative Soy-based technologies.   

Exercise and right diet along with supplements:

Always remember that any supplement can work best for your body only if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, along with small nutritious diets, it is a must that you exercise as well. Many underweight people oppose workouts, but remember, exercising and Yoga are for a healthy body. Talk to your nutritionist or even Gym instructor. Start with basics like Push ups, Pull ups, tricep dips. Working out also stimulates the body’s appetite, so that’s a win-win situation for you.

It is always wise that diet and exercise are considered diligently, to ensure that you see the results you wish too. It’s time that you have a glass of Endura Mass (1-3 scoops) in full cream milk crushed along with two bananas. It should be taken at least two to three times a day (in between your small meals).

Are you underweight, with your BMI less than 18.5? If yes, along with natural diet changes, you need healthy weight gainers like Endura Mass. #underweight #lowBMI #BMI #enduraMass #Gainweight

Endura Mass has been serving people for more than a decade, in a healthy way. So, don’t let go off your ambitions just because something doesn’t come naturally to you. Take that extra step to nurture your dreams. If your body is one of the demon stopping you, you have the expert, Endura Mass with you, which is #TransformingZindagi for over 20 years now.

Gain weight, Stay Fit, achieve dreams and Be Healthy!

Disclaimer: This post is a collaborative post and in no way can be considered as a substitute for Medical advice. Before opting for any supplements, you should always consult your doctor/nutritionist. Also, workout and correct diet patterns are must to get the effect!



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